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We have our (only?) 2014 QB, first reported by TomVH ($).

Michigan Football class of 2018

— Wilton Speight (@WiltonSpeight) February 6, 2013

We won't have to wait long to see the coaches' plan for QB recruiting: Michael O'Connor and David Cornwell are supposedly getting phone calls from the coaches this afternoon.



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Denard regressed as a passer? Denard was never a great passer. RR did a better job of getting guys laughably wide open. That was the biggest difference. Bellomy was a late offer in a partial class that you're throwing under the bus after one bad (admittedly very bad) outing. I don't think there's reason not to trust the coaches. 


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So, are you saying that anyone who disagrees with you is a dolt?  Or just that any position that disagrees with yours is "doltish?"   Or that trust in someone hired to do the job is "blind?"

I am going to trust that the coaches know what they're looking for.  Would I rather have dual-threat QB's and a spread option?  Of course.  But that's not how it's going to be under the MANBALL mandate handed down by DB.  

Part of me thinks Michigan will regress to their 21st century mean of 4.1, their median of 4 losses per year during the same time, or what I feel is a more reasonable 3.5, which I got by taking their historic 9-3 ratio and adding a projected .500 record in future bowls, for a  rough13-game estimate.  

Nonetheless, I want to see how well this staff makes their offense work with their own fifth-year seniors before I stop trusting them.


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It isn't "blindly trusting them".  It is simply a matter of a lay fan showing deference to experts that have been evaluating talent for a very long time at an elite level and who get paid really good money to do this, and have had much closer access to these kids than you (or the recruiting sites for that matter at this state in the evaluation process). 

Benoit Balls

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The possibility exists that Denard never was and never would be a good passer. The possibility also exists that Bellomy was brought in as a late addition to a class they had about a month to cobble together. Furthermore, the backup QB debacle was precipitated by a certain receiver who left the team hanging out to dry due to his poor decision making. There weren't really a lot of good options, and I'm sure the decisions were not made solely by Al.

I'm not on the Borges bandwagon by any stretch of the imagination. The playcalling was unimaginative, and whatever happened in Columbus was nearly deriliction of duty.

But to try and heap the QB problems all on him is not at all accurate, imho. If Devin comes out this year and struggles, then we can talk,


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This isn't a knock on our receivers at all, but our best receiver is like 5'8. I don't think anyone will disagree when I say we clearly don't have the best receiving group out there. It's not easy to develop a quarterback that is throwing to small receivers.

SC Wolverine

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I thought the same thing.  Nothing like Shane's velocity.  But he sure is hitting receivers in stride and dropping the ball right into their hands.  And it's not like he was throwing ducks -- they just didn't have that great velocity.  You have to think, as well, that the coaches are valuing intangibles.  This is a pretty exciting pick-up.  It should help with the vitally important receiver recruiting.


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I think that the slow lofty passes are just his style. When he needed to he zipped the ball right into the receivers' chest. Also, you can easily tell from the long bombs he threw that he has the arm strength. He is a very impressive young quarterback, great fundamentals and instincts.


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in fairness UM struggled as navarre had two mediocre seasons. but to his credit he kept his head up, worked hard and had a great senior season.  it wasn't his fault henson left a year early.  i have nothing but respect for navarre, though i would have liked to see other guys get some reps while he struggled early on.


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I hope Hoke contemplates take 2 in this class. Need to build depth. This kid looks good! That makes 2 commitments for 2014! Go blue!


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In 2014 we should have Gardner, Bellomy, Morris and Speight. As long as we take one QB a year, depth should be fine.

Of course, if Gardner leaves for the NFL, or there's an injury or a transfer, before next year's signing day, we should consider taking two. The depth chart will be a concern this year, but not any other.


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Gardner could also not get his medical redshirt.

Also, I seem to remember the coaches mentioning at some point that they'd like to take a mobile quarterback every couple years as a project to see what they can get. I like that idea and hope they take one next year.

Maize.Blue Wagner

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I'm positive it's the first time a 2014 kid has committed on signing day. It's never happened in the history of the program. 

But seriously, the timing is interesting. Perhaps the coaches were waiting to see what else developed before today with the 2013 scholarships before deciding who and how many 2014 QBs to offer?


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The other thing is that he reclassed after he got hurt his first junior year (he played every game this year without injury) He also was on varsity his freshman year and started his sophmore year. So he's been starting for three years and he gets one more. Geuss who gets to protect his blind side this year. 


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I believe he had 24 touchdowns and 17 interceptions this past season, so I wouldn't say everything else is good...  That's a lot of picks.

EDIT: By comparison, Cornwell completed 57% of his passes for 27 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.


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Will never be confused with an elite district in Texas, but it does include FUMA's high school team (not to be confused with their post-grads, but very strong) and Woodberry Forest (Doug Randolph, CJ Prosise, Ed Reynolds, Aramde Olaniyan).


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Wilton Speight - QB - Richmond (VA) Collegiate: The 6'6", 217-pounder has no offers at this time.  Speight might be the sleeper of the group.  I like the way he throws the ball under pressure.  Sometimes it's unbelievable how accurate he is with guys in his face, but to be honest, it seems like he's in a habit of throwing off his back foot because of a porous offensive line.  He barely has a chance to breathe before two or three defenders are in his face.  He's a little too stiff in the pocket for my liking and will struggle to avoid college rushers; he lacks great arm strength and has a little bit of a hitch in his delivery.  He just looks very unpolished.  I could see him going somewhere like Texas Tech or Washington State and lighting it up a few years down the road, but I don't think he's a good fit for Michigan.


EDIT: not trying to call out TTB or Magnus, just saying that's where I'd seen a similar player evaluation.  additionally, Magnus does offer some explanation as to why his tosses might be off the mark, or not as impressive (the poor O-Line.)


Benoit Balls

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that he can handle pressure and throw accurately with people in his face (and at his feet, ostensibly). Anyone can sit there with a clean pocket and look good, like its a 7 on 7 drill. Unfortunately, opposing teams have plans of their own and they involve rushing, hitting and otherwaise maiming opposing QB's (especially the upper echelon teams. The ones we REALLY want to beat). As a result, I'd rather have the guy who can handle the rush who may not have all of the measurables over the guy with a million dollar arm and a ten cent head.