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More informational post:

6'4 225lb TE from Fairfield, OH. Rated a 3*, #22 in both composite (.8776) and 247 (88)

Notable offers: Michigan, Michigan St., Notre Dame, FSU, Wisconsin

Reported 4.7 40 yard dash, 4.27 shuttle, and 36" vertical


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Exactly. On a staff full of guys with tons of experience coaching at both the college and NFL level, I fully trust them to evaluate and find the guys that best fit the schemes that we are running.

As much as Bluey wants to cry about recruits like Velazquez, I trust nobody more than Don Brown to find the best possible fit to play the most important position in his defense. Which is exactly why recruiting rankings do not matter. 


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Oh, and someone saying our coaches are so god damn smart that recruiting rankings don't matter is the funniest shit I've ever read on this blog. They matter. The data says the matter. And no matter how badly you want to convince yourselves they don't because UM is recruiting like shit, they do. BTW, those same coaches lost 5 games last year and are 1-5 vs MSU and OSU.

Tell Nick Saban and Urban Meyer recruiting rankings don't matter. Still waiting for Rueben Jones to turn into a first round pick and see Rashan Gary bust. Yeah right.

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Oh good! Now you’re at the stage in which you continually say our record against our rivals and let us know recruiting is the reason why. This was your last resort before Beilein shut you up and made you stop posting under Maizen’s account. I look forward to Harbaugh doing the same because it is just a formality at this point, being as you are wrong about everything you post


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First of all, I said our coaches are smart enough to know who the best players are to fit their own schemes. 

Don Brown had back to back #1 defenses in the country, lost 10 out of his 11 starters, and still finished top 3. He’s the guru when it comes to the VIPER position, so I’ll take his word for it when it comes to recruiting the position, especially when the recruiting sites evaluate the kid as a safety.

Jim Harbaugh’s track record with the TE position speaks for itself. If he wants a TE, I’m probably going to side with his evaluation. His track record with TEs has proven he deserves that.

”those same coaches lost 5 games last year and are 1-5 against MSU and OSU.” Yeah. That’ll happen when you are the youngest team in the NCAA and you lose 18 starters, not to mention your starting QB and top WR get knocked out for the year. Plus 1-5 is a dropped punt snap and a shit show officiating crew away from being 3-3, and many would argue we’re an average QB away from being 4-2 or even 5-1 in those games. So don’t sit there and act like Michigan is getting blown out of the water in those games or something.

Funny, the only two schools you can use to back up your theory are OSU and Bama. You’ve used those time and time again. That’s it?

You wait for Reuben Jones and rest on the laurels of Rashan Gary all you want. I’ll sit back and watch Khaleke Hudson and Karan Higdon year it up while we wait for players like Kareem Walker and Derrick Green to do something.


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Blah blah blah, excuse, blah blah blah, excuse, blah blah blah, excuse.

Meanwhile, four- and five-star recruits were 995 percent more likely to be drafted in the first round of the NFL than 2 and 3 stars Mr. recruiting rankings don't matter guy. Get bent.

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Yup, of course the problem is, those rankings you trust so much are WRONG 33% of the time even with the 5*s. And their "hit-rate" drops off a cliff from there.

Recruit evaluating is hard, mostly because there aren't enough qualified eyes to go around to all the players. so to trust completely in anyone else's rating is just as foolish as not caring about them at all.


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You mean the Rich Rod recruiting that led to some of the best offenses in recent Michigan history?  Or the one that helped Hoke have the one 11-win season Michigan has had in over a decade?  Or the classes that helped Harbaugh net back-to-back 10-win seasons for the first time since the early 00's?

I get that you think you know a lot about football; I'd accept that you know more than the average person who calls into talk radio.  But due to your complete inability to remain consistent in your message, any kernel of knowledge you have is drowned by the rest of the bullshit you spew.


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Oh wait, I thought it was the offenses who couldn't do shit when they played real defenses. Everyone knows you can put up gaudy numbers in a spread and you don't need a lot of talent to do it. Look what happened when he played PSU and MSU and OSU. And don't get me started on that putrid ass defense. He went 3-9, 5-7, and 7-6 for a reason. You don't know shit.


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So wait, spread offenses don't count anymore?  You have this thing about spread offenses that I don't get, since you seem to conflate an RR-style with, say, Clemson's, even though they are different in a number of key ways.

As for the record, going from 3-9 to 7-6 over 3 years with basically a whole new offensive system and a pretty barren cupboard at a number of key spots shows positive growth, especially since the year after he left Hoke basically ran a version of the same offense and put up really good numbers.  It's almost like having upperclassmen at key spots makes your offense better.

As for the 3 teams you mentioned, Michigan averaged about 18 points per game against MSU and PSU.  Not great, but 2008 and 2009 PSU were the last "great" PSU teams before the sanctions cratered them, and MSU's defenses over that time weren't particularly good (around 20 ppg), and Michigan scored about that many.  They lost those games for a number of reasons, but I'm not sure you can pin any of them on the offensive system.  Not that you care - you're in a bad mood.  


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Right,  but what's funny was that before the season,  2018 was going to be the best class Michigan had ever signed.  And possibly the best of all time.  But the season happened,  and it proved that winning matters. Look,  I'm a little concerned right now too,  but i truly believe this year will be a complete turn around. Once the wins start piling up, some of the bigger names will start to have interest again.  All it takes is 1or 2 big names to commit and the snowball will happen.  It's coming.  Right now,  college football has no idea what's about to hit it.