Hello: Taybor Pepper (walk-on LS)

Submitted by BiSB on February 15th, 2012 at 6:08 PM

Per Allen Trieu, we've landed a long snapper to the '12 class:


AllenTrieu Allen Trieu

#Michigan lands preferred walk on long snapper Taybor Pepper from Saline (MI)
Scout has him as 6'3.5", 160 (!!!) pounds. Welcome to Michigan, Taybor. Now eat a sandwich... quickly.



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Amen to that. Pomarico snapped every punt for what, three years, and offhand I can only recall one bad snap (which I believe was snagged by the punter anyway). Lack of a consistent long snapper can just about ruin a season. Let's hope Glanda or whoever inherits the job lives up to the excellent standard set by the unsung hero TomPom.


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In the scheme at Michigan the long snapper is assigned a man to block on his own. Most schools have the snapper simply help one of the guards, but here he has to account for a man on his own.


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He's listed elsewhere at 185 or 195 lbs, which is reasonable for someone his height (if he were a normal, everday guy).  That said, your larger point is correct - I see him bellying up to the training table for the next few years, if he hopes to get on the field.

Good luck to him.  Hopefully, I will never hear his name again b/c the only time you hear about long-snappers is if they goof up.




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I try to hit the gym as much as the next guy, and I'm at about 6'1 185.  This dude has 2.5 inches on me and 25 pounds off me: that's pretty trim.  Not just one sandwhich is needed, but an extra italian nightclub from Jimmy Johns (1000 calories) every other day.  That should put on about a pound a week.  By the time he's a redshirt freshman, he'll be 240 pounds, which is fine!

But, if we want him gaining good weight, I'm sure our strength and conditioning staff can do it up.

Looking at the last 5 threads I posted on, I'm really longing for spring practice news where we heard how Wilson Bolden and Ringer are receiving great hype, BWC is emerging as the beast we know him to be, and several other names are receiving great hype a la Jake Ryan last year.


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You're gonna need to put on some weight, son. Long Snappers at Michigan wear number 54, and they wear it over their beer gut.

I want to be able to see your navel through your jersey, son! If you want to be skinny, you have to be a linebacker and disappear from the team by accidentally turning sideways when they were taking headcount.

(Still sad. I wanted to see Davion Rogers kill an opposing running back by fitting himself between two ribs like a blade.)


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impressive the website for just special teamers and longsnappers in which he went to camos for. Had nothing but praise for him and rated him as a 5 star which in his star system means a division 1 player who deserves a scholarship or prefered walk-on so with his time of speed on his snaps he sounds like a diamond in the rough. Plenty of time to put some weight on him also. Welcome to U of M sir and enjoy your time here in Ann Arbor.

Mr. Yost

February 16th, 2012 at 1:39 PM ^

Whatever happened to George Morales? Remember, the highly rated 2* long snapper from Las Vegas?

Remember how hyped up he was and everyone thought he was going to be a 4 year starter?

Then it turned out he wasn't that good and there was the scholarship situation with him.

Then it was rumored that Coach Carr offered him to "stick it to" Rich Rod and use up a scholarship.

Anyway, whatever happened to THAT guy?