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It's officially official. Per UMHoops, the 6'1" 180 lb Crown Point / Northfield Mount Hermon (Mass.) PG has committed to Michigan. He is the fourth commit that Wayne Brumm, head coach of the SYF Players AAU team, has sent Beilein's way (GRIII, Bielfeldt, McGary).

Also, not mentioned on this board much, but I think he'll be 19 or 20 when he steps on campus since he did a year of prep school. So, while we'll have 4 freshman coming in, three of them will not be true freshman from an age perspective. That's a big deal when it comes to muscle/size  for college athletes.




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Spike Albrecht is declaring for the draft tomorrow.  His dad wants him to stay.  Rivals says he's staying.  Sam Webb has him going.  Beaver writes something vague without actually saying anything.

Stay Tuned..


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This is a good point by m1817.  The Fab Five proved that five freshmen could get you to the championship game, and UK won with three freshmen and two sophomores who might all be gone this year.  

I know about tradition and all that, but so did dinosaurs.  If more teams start having success with one and done players, it might end up being a trend.  If it does work out that way, it would be a lot better to be a team that wins championships with one and dones than a team who loses to them.  

John Beilein is honest.  I can't imagine him telling a kid who is going to be a lottery pick that it would be in his best interests to stay in school another year.  It obviously doesn't appear that Albrecht is going to be a lottery pick, but GRIII or Mitch McGary could turn out to be one.  

JB and Michigan could do a lot worse than have a reputation as a school that is friendly to one and dones in today's sportscape.

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not being all bad and a by-product of recruiting good players.  But the other side of the coin in regards to the Fab Five in particular, was that they never won any championships as a group - Big Ten or otherwise.  The fact is that it's very hard to win championships with mostly or all freshmen and sophomores.   Kentucky this year is really the exception.   They were able to do it by being able to get GREAT players and Calipari dong a good coaching job with forming them into a winning team.  That's not easy to do.  


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I know it means nothing but will any of the major sites rank him (obviously not espn since their final rankings just came out) now that he has committed to a major program?

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You have to remember that he played AAU ball with McGary and Robinson so JB has watched him many times.  Even if he ends up as Trey's backup next year the AAU experience should benefit he if he's on the court with those two as they played together for a while.

From tapes I've seen of him it looks like he has a nice shot, is sneaky quick, makes his FT in the clutch, and distributes the ball well without TOs.  I'm not saying Spike will turn out to be John Stockton, but that would be a perfect description of how Stockton played the game.


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He doesn't seem to be ranked on the major sites, but I wouldn't stress on that. The high school that he is playing at, Northfield Mount Hermon, is prestigious academically, but I don't know if they are thoroughly scouted or not.

When I was a senior in HS myself, I had good test scores, but my grades weren't as good as they could have been. An advisor suggested to me that if I wanted to attend an Ivy for university, I might want to think about a 5th year of HS. Andover and Exeter were suggested, of course, but NMH was as well. I mention this just to emphasize that NMH is about academics, and sports come in lower on the list of priorities.

I don't have anything even similar to insider information, but Spike may be a lower profile player because he's been doing some studying in his free time, not just playing basketball. I'd say let's wait and see how the young man plays. He could be another example of Beilein finding a gem in the rough. After all, he saw something special in GRIII long before his bandwagon got rolling.

Welcome, Spike ! You already won the cool name contest. Win the three point contest and you are my new hero . . .

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I've always been curious as to what people hope to expect when they posts comments such as yours.  Do you actually expect the person you're replying to to change the way they write?  Do you actually expect the person to consider what you said thouughfully, instead of ignoring you?  Or do you just want other people on the board to recognize how smart you are?  What do you honestly hope to gain by posting a comment like that?  Just curious.



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Ok, MGoNazis.... I've seen N posts get lambasted for being duplicates.  "Use the search tool" cry the bearers of torch and pitchfork.  Probably the same nazis who for all intensive purposes are morans and/or pre-madonnas who cry irony at things that are not ironic, and are punctiliously punctual with their punctuation.  And speling.

Where's the outrage?  Hello:Spike was already on the board.  Where are the police of all things inconsequential?  Why can I not read through posts and posts of hue and cry?  Why must I, instead, provide such pedantic lunacy myself, thereby becoming that which I despise?  Oh the horror.  Oh the humanity!

<curtain drops>


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Because when the info was posted yesterday, it hadn't actually happened yet.  It was assumed that he would commit, but the actual act happened today.  This post actually confirms this.  I don't get why this is so confusing for people. 


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had not yet officially committed at the time of the previous post.  It was expected that he would today and looks like he finally has.


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Hello: Spike is gonna commit FRIDAY!


Hello: Spike committed FRIDAY!


Y you no c redundancy? Y u no c no need for separate thread?  


Avast, I further become that which I despise:  champion of the insignificant, pedantic detail.


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I understand that Spike's committment lacks the luster of some of the more well known commits (specifically thinking about McGary here).  But the kid committed to play for Michigan, he is filling a position of desperate need (hopefully not too desperate though..I'm looking at you Trey), and he could be a good player for us.  I think he deserves at least two threads over the course of these two days if they are different information.

Think about how many threads most commit's get?  It's usually at least 2 or 3.  One that says "Hey, Insert Recruiting Guru Here says we will be getting a commit soon!" another saying "Hey, we got this commit!" and maybe a third saying "Hey, where are we going from here?"  By your reasoning these threads should be replaced with one single thread, which is not in the spirit of actually getting commitment.  They should be about excitement and exuberance! Not a semi-downtrodden footnote to an earlier statement that said recruit was going to commit.

Over the last week I actually pretty much did this exact thing myself.  I created two threads, both with the title "Joe Mathis to Visit This Weekend" (however, the second did have a "(again)" added to the end i guess).  One was a report that he was planning on visiting, the other was a report that after cancelling his visit on tuesday, he had another change of plans on wednesday to go on his visit again (OT Note from what I've heard so far, went spectacularly for us).  They were two seperate pieces of information, however, I guess I could have tacked the other one on the end of my old thread, but then no one would have known, and then whats the point?