The Wolf

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Welcome Patrick.  This is a great pickup.  As a few others have said above, we have heard via sources (commits, sam webb, etc.) that the coaches PLAN to take 5 OL.  What happens with a situation like Pocic, for instance, now?  Do you turn down a commitment from a player like him or do you (as a coach) shift your recruiting numbers a bit.  I would be very interested to hear answers from of the knowledgeable football members (who know far more than me), such as Magnus, etc.

Every Roh Has …

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I would guess it depends on what happens with attrition. If numbers open up to where the coaches can address all of their needs and still have room for an elite OL like Pocic or Tunsil (please?), then maybe they take him. This is purely speculation. I don't think that the coaches would take Pocic if it meant Ty Isaacs spot would be taken, but if they have room for everyone they need plus 1, then they do it? Magnus?


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Agreed.  The staff will continue recruiting the kids who commit all they way until signing day.  They will also keep up their relationships with guys like Tunsil, Pocic and McGovern in case one guy does decommit, or we have more attrition or an open slot comes available by February (2013).

The Wolf

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I think your point about attrition is probably more important than a lot of us consider initially.  The coaches have much more information (obviously) on the state of each player (who is coming/going, injury, motivation, etc.).  I agree that I think they would first make sure all of their needs were filled (or able to be filled, number-wise), before taking additional spots at any given position.

I think I am still unable to comprehend that perhaps, just maybe, our OL depth issues of the past 3 years may be put to rest (moving forward).  We may again be looking at a situation where the OL (even the most talented) are able to take that redshirt year to bulk up and learn the offense before (hopefully) getting in a rotation, then the 2-deep, and then eventually start.

EDIT:  Intended as a response to sak2351 above

Moe Greene

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And somewhere in a dark place, Coach Dantonio cries himself to sleep....

Welcome to the family, Patrick!

/ 4 star mafia

/ My granny could lead the B1G running behind these guys.

/ and she has a walker....


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when I think about how we punted right to Tim Dwight before halftime and he did his thing on us.  Why didn't we just kick it out of bounds?  ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!  That really pisses me off.  The rest of the season only sort of makes up for it.


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 i would venture to say we now have one of the best o-line classes in history over the past two recruiting cycles.  And, to me, the crazy thing is all but one are from the midwest and they are all guys who are legit D-1 starters on pretty much any team.


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Rivals #54 player in the country....too sweet.  Dad the Steelers OL coach...too sweet.  Sparty Jr. day having one less attendee...too sweet.


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This is my favorite:

Somebody please let me know when U-M and OSU have everyone they want so that I can start paying attention to the kids we have a chance of actually seen playing for the Green and White.


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"Wow. This is unbelievable I try to refrain from posting in such threads, but this is looking bad. It's like USC recruiting against Little Sisters of the Poor. Hoke is absolutely having his way with us right now. Even when Lloyd was here and we had JLS, we at least got these kids to give us a look. What Hoke is doing to Dantonio on the recruiting trail is absolute murder."


Hoke uber alles.

Geh Blau

February 25th, 2012 at 12:27 PM ^

I almost like the Schadenfreude more than getting the recruits themselves, almost.

The disgust on the RCMB is rich, decadent you could say.  And seeing Jon L. recruiting comparisons get worked into the mix...well this is a symphony green and white pain.