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Hello Mgoblog,
I am posting because I would like to thank you all for your support on my art project and everything else that we are working for by connecting my Michigan community and my Pahokee community.   We are making a lot of positive progress

I just wanted to take this time out to thank you all and let you know that I really appreciate it and it means a lot to be able to participate in this opportunity with you all and C2C painting, football, #EATING and the garden . 
I will continue with more events and more updates on wats going on so follow along with us as we connect together, Pahokee and Michigan and do some great things.
I also want to do an AMA for mgoblog because it was fun on Reddit my first time and I was considering to do it once again because I had a great time with the last one.   So maybe I'll post that next.
For the Spring Scrimmage I wont be able to come because of my NFL training schedule but I would like to see how the tailgating experience really is and was thinking about that it would be interesting to walk around to all the tailgates and give our wristbands and let people know about #EATING at the Big House.
We want to still give out wristbands at this game, the spring scrimage one, so does any one have suggestions or ideas on how to make that happen, where to set up because we want an #eating spot so people can know where to find us.  
Thanks for all your support.    #EATING  GO BLUE AND CONGRATS TO MENS BASKETBALL
(I am posting from TAE ODOMS account because he has enough points to make a post)



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for being such a positive force in your community while carrying that Michigan banner.  Alumni like you are the definition of the Michigan Difference.


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Reason # 89,659 it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine:  we've got great football players both on and off the field.  Keep representing our university to well, it's nice to see all of the positive impacts!


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I'm going to go WAY out on a limb here Vincent and say that if you want to make a post on your own one of the Mods can and will override the "100 point rule" so that you can.

Thank you so much for all you did for the team while you were here.  

An Angelo's Addict

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That sounds like a great idea Vincent. It would be a great idea to canvas more people and promote your program. I just have one questions that I don't think you answered before, what did your finger guns mean! Or were they just fun to do before a play started?

ND Sux

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vs. the Irish under the lights...I could watch that on a continuous loop for hours. 

Thanks for the memories and best of luck in the league. 


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If you want to create an account, I'd suggest emailing Brian ([email protected]). If you don't want to do that, you can go ahead and make an account and I can give you more than enough points to post, just reply here and I'll take care of it.

Brian would be able to set up anything you'd like to do on the site, though, so that might be the better approach.


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Mods can see email addresses, which need to be valid to open an account. If Smith replied (or some other notable person posted) with "[email protected]*" as the email associated with the account, that can be cross referenced pretty easily online and he'll get a point bump. Conversely, if someone had the account "RealDenardRobinson", posted that he hated smiling and the email was [email protected], that's going to raise flags pretty quickly. I've never encountered that, but I would assume Brian would take care of it before it became an issue, or we'd just get rid of the account if it was full on troll.

As for getting a little icon like on Twitter, that's been brought up before.

*Just in case, that's absolutely fake and made up on the spot to make the point.


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than tailgating! not sure what the day will be like or if the golf course will be open or not.

keep up the good work, i will keep my eyes open for a wrist band...


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Hi Vincent!

It's funny, we never think of things like the fact that the players never get to do things we take for granted like tailgate at football games.  A whole new world awaits.




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It seems like Vincent wants to know the best place to set up around the stadium..maybe we should give him some actual advice... I know the the golf course and behind the stadium where you guys get dropped off at before a game would be great spots. Lots of foot traffic and many many tailgates.


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Vincent, if you want to have your own account for posting, set one up and then email Brian or Seth and the or one of the moderators (JustinGoBlue, LSAClassof2000, ZoneLeft, profitgoblue, BiSB) can set you up with enough points to create your own threads.  You earned it!!!!!


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would be a great spot, a ton of traffic from the Blue lot and State St. parking.

(who will be negged to death for posting a spelling correction?)