HELLO MGOBLOG It is Brandin Hawthorne

Submitted by MrSmith on May 31st, 2013 at 11:36 AM

I am new to mgoblog and I am looking to have a fun time on mgoblog with all of my fun friends. 


I am hoping that being on mgoblog is a way to connect my commmunity in Pahokee with my Michigan Community.


Feel free to ask me any questions about football and other topics.  I am open to all questions.

Thanks for your time and go blue.





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thanks for all your hard work during your time at Michigan. hopefully running through that tunnel and touching that banner was as amazing as watching you guys do it.

just a few quick questions:

are there any players from opposing teams that you had a relationship with on the field or from high school days or looked forward to playing against?

do you think you or any of the other pahokee guys might get into coaching?

were there any opposing team's stadiums or bowl stadiums that stood out as being better or comparable to Michigan Stadium from a crowd noise or intimidation standpoint?


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yes there were alot of players that i knew form high school that i was really excited to play against too many to name so i will put schools 






some might get into coaching but want be me no time soon dont allow you to have a life or family time 


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You flat out BEASTED in the UTL ND game.  M doesn't win that one without you!

We missed you against South Carolina.  (I bet you'd have stopped that punt return.)

I always told people you should have played more.  So glad I had the opportunity to tell this to you directly.

That is all.

Good luck, sir!

Louie C

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Your hit on Wood during the UTL game man...game changer. I have said to Tay and Vincent and now you: what you guys are doing is awesome and speaks volumes on the character you guys possess. Way to to rep the university, and your hometown. Go Blue!


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Hey Brandin, thanks for all your hard work as a Wolverine when you were here!

I know you signed with the Rams, but I'm not sure how much the NFL preseason has been underway. If you've practiced yet, how well did Greg Mattison prepare you to contribute to a defense at an NFL level and could you describe the transition at all?


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Coach mattiison and the staff  prepared us in a NFL way from the day theat staff was introduced to us so coming to SLT wasnt to much of a major adjustment just a few termnology  changes our defense at michigan was a NFL style Defense  so that made the transition that much eaiser 


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What was your favorite play to run on defense? Why? What was your least favorite? What was your favorite offensive play to run against in practice? What was your least favorite offensive play to run against in practice?


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This is awesome that former players are joining the MGoCommunity here. Welcome, Brandin!

Thanks for all that you gave to Michigan and Michigan football during your time in Ann Arbor. 


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1.  If you could just pop an opposing college player in the mouth, and you knew no one would see it...who would it be?

2. Favorite class at Michigan

3. Favorite place to eat in Ann Arbor

4. Favorite movie(now) and favorite movie(childhood).


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First, congrats on graduating from Michigan! I hope you are still on MGo.

My question is about Pahokee and the current staff. Are they recruiting the area as much as the prior staff was? I don't know the talent coming out of the area, but is Hoke's staff building/ maintaining that pipeline?


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Mgoblog alot? Understandably they cant interact during time on the team, just curious if any of the memes/shirt/conversation ideas find their way to team conversations?


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Welcome Brandin. Thanks so much for everything you did at Michigan. Also good luck with the Rams and may you have many successful seasons in the NFL and all your other ventures.


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to you immediately after the final UTL touchdown, as he kindly walk you back down the sideline? He look a just a little upset.


May 31st, 2013 at 3:05 PM ^

Glad to see some former players interact with MGoBlog, any responses to these questions would be awesome. We'll always love your contributions to the university and THE TEAM, THE TEAM, THE TEAM!


May 31st, 2013 at 3:25 PM ^

When I was friends w/ a few players, they had a hard time dealing w/ the pressure of having the fanbase and student body on their shoulders. Specifically, students' happiness/sadness on Mondays was the result of game day wins/losses. Did you feel that pressure, and was it ever discussed between teammates?


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Loved your attitude and the way you play the game. I also appreciated the way that you use eyeblack but most of all I LOVE the way that all of the Michigan Men, from Pahokee, have represented UM and their community.


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Brandin, will the Pahokee pipeline continue?  I hope so, for the good of Michigan and Pahokee.

It's not an area that Michigan traditionally focused on before RR, but I hope we've established enough of a presence for it to live on.  You guys are certainly doing your part.




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It's Vincent Smith's account; if a guy like Smith wants to post and can be verified as real he doesn't go through the same waiting game to post like you or I did, and 500 is the minimum that allows you to do everything possible as a poster.

It's not common, but it does happen occasionally. Same goes if someone posted awesome original content without enough points to post it as a forum topic or diary.


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I'm curious about the #eatin logistics.  

How will you distribute the food?  Can qualified people just come and "shop" in the garden, or is there some kind of harvesting and distribution system that is already set up, or needs to be set up?

It's cool what you are doing.  They need to give you additional/bigger lots if you show continued success.



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Glad to see another recent player come aboard.  I have a fond memory of you taking a picture with me along with some of the other Florida contingent on the team at the time.  Vincent Smith, Tae Odoms, Denard Robinson all in the same shot...I have it prominently on display on facebook during football season.  Go Blue!https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151446914341729&set=t.674571728&type=3&theater


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Question:  When it was all said and done, was the cold ever actually an issue?  Did playing at Michigan help you prepare for playing in cold-weather NFL cities?




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Hey Brandin,

Congrats on the degree!

Can you talk about the community of former players that you've just joined? I'd think sharing experiences like being student athletes, wearing the helmet, etc puts you on an exclusive club along with Woodley, Foote, Trent, Edwards, Graham, etc. Is it a tightknit group?

Buck Killer

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Favorite uniform......... 3 ............ 2 aneurism ....... heart attack....... 1.... Author:MrSmith Date:2013-05-31 at 12:16 NEW

the Under the lights uniforms


June 1st, 2013 at 12:33 AM ^

Hi Brandin

Congrats on graduating! 

It was a special time in Michigan watching all the Florida kids making a difference.

Any we should keep an eye out for the future?