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Hello Mgoblog


I  finally made my own account and I would like to thank everyone who supported my Art Day.   I did our first art class at my old elementary school, Pahokee Elementary, and it was a success and I wanted to give a special thanks to my backers.  I wanted to do something for the kids to show them that there is different things they can do and have differnt ways to be creative.  They liked the day a lot, created some paintings, and I think it went really well and is something I would like to continue because its a good way to give the kids something to take their mind of the Florida State Testing and also to give inspiration and for me to be a positive role model to the community.


One of the things Tae and I are doing with our project is connecting my community with my U of M community and thats why Mgoblog is helpful because theres so many resources and its a new way to connect us and working together we can change things like we have been working towards.


You can ask me any questions.


I also have a question about if anyone is able to help me out with my paperwork that could direct so I can set up more Art days and it would be a great thing and big help [email protected]


EDIT1:  I would like to give a shout out to Steve Adams who first linked us with mgoblog


EDIT2:  The article in Palm Beach Post  http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/sports/college-football/pahokee-high-…





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Vince, thank you for all you've done for Michigan, Florida, & the people around you.  It hurts when you want to root for guys on your team that don't "play" in life as well as they do on the field so it is awesome to see so many current & former UM players like you & Tae who make it so easy to root for you.  Keep it up & Go Blue!


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Is it bad that I read the subject/title as "Hello: MGoBlog"? I'm way too strung out on waiting for the next commitment. Thanks for the update, Vince! Go Blue!!!!


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After a season, someone asked Alonzo Stagg if that was the best team he'd ever coached.  He said, "Ask me again in 20 years when I can see what kind of men they've become."  He wouldn't need to wait nearly that long for you.  You are a good man.

My silly question for you: it's pretty rare that we get to pick the brain of a guy with your knowledge and insider status.  What are you most looking forward to seeing from our 2013 team?  Thanks in advance and thanks for your good work.


May 10th, 2013 at 11:42 AM ^

I am looking forward to seeing the team accomplish their goals of winning the Big Ten championship this upcoming season.

The team really looks good.  The team looks balanced from the offense and defense and the guys are really working hard.

I am looking forward to beating Ohio.




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"I am looking forward to beating Ohio."

Mods, please give this man a million mgopoints.

Also, do you and Tae have a link for donations beyond the Kickstarter you guys had?  I am not proud to admit I missed that one and want to make up for it.

Frito Bandito

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Congrats on all of your success on and off the field. It's tremendous the way you've devoted yourself to Pahokee. We can't forget who we are and where we come from. Stay true Vince.


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How cool is it that former players are on our blog? I mean seriously? When I try to justify my obsession with the Mgoblog to other people this is definitely going to be one of my first points.

By the way, best of luck on your project to you and Tae. I hope it really goes well.


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As a high school art teacher in a pretty blighted area of Detroit (Brightmoor) I know what a difference the chance to be able to MAKE something really gives the kids a chance to be themselves. Many of my students only come to school so they can participate in art class/art after school activities.

You delivering a positive message paired with a much needed break from the unfair rigors of state standardized testing is such an incredible thing.

Continue your good work, the kids need it.

Thanks, and Go Blue!

Dancing Big Will

May 9th, 2013 at 9:57 PM ^

You were my favorite player over the last 4 years.   Couldn't be more proud of what I've seen out of you and Tae'.  Ever consider working as an art teacher after football? Seems like you have a knack for working with kids and passion for art. 


Wish you the best of luck!


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And thank you! Great job of representing Michigan and a favorite player of mine. Glad things went well and that helped were happy to.


May 10th, 2013 at 1:48 AM ^

Great job, and thanks for your efforts.

I teach physics, chemistry, computer science, some engineering - so if you ever want to reach out to the kids with anything along those lines, I can share some lesson plans or ideas.

UofM Die Hard …

May 10th, 2013 at 11:52 AM ^

V. Smith, you are a strong dude.  You came to work every game, didnt matter what the team asked you to do, you put 175% everytime, thats why we all loved you.....and you help make Notre Dame fans cry when you scored on that swing pass


Last time I had a one on one talk with a Michigan player was Jerret Irons so I need to update my resume




May 10th, 2013 at 12:31 PM ^

Michigan players, due to his toughness, work ethic, and class. A Michigan Man who showed what a Wolverine is and should be. May the Force be with you Mr. Smith, et al.


May 10th, 2013 at 9:58 PM ^

You know, I wasn't lucky enough to attend UM when I was younger. But this is why I have been and will always be a UM fan and supporter. It is guys like Vince, Tae,Denard, Woodson and countless others that captured my support. Not only do ya'll rip shit on the field, all of you are stand up guys off the field. Some people only watch football as pure entertainment and don't understand all the time, preparation, effort, and sacrifice it takes just to play those 4 quarters. If you put your heart and soul into helping these kids like you did truckin' dudes, the outcome will be tremendous I am sure of it. Keep doing what your doing Vince and that is making all of us proud. Go blue