Hello Mgoblog I wanted to update you

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Hello Mgoblog


I  finally made my own account and I would like to thank everyone who supported my Art Day.   I did our first art class at my old elementary school, Pahokee Elementary, and it was a success and I wanted to give a special thanks to my backers.  I wanted to do something for the kids to show them that there is different things they can do and have differnt ways to be creative.  They liked the day a lot, created some paintings, and I think it went really well and is something I would like to continue because its a good way to give the kids something to take their mind of the Florida State Testing and also to give inspiration and for me to be a positive role model to the community.


One of the things Tae and I are doing with our project is connecting my community with my U of M community and thats why Mgoblog is helpful because theres so many resources and its a new way to connect us and working together we can change things like we have been working towards.


You can ask me any questions.


I also have a question about if anyone is able to help me out with my paperwork that could direct so I can set up more Art days and it would be a great thing and big help [email protected]


EDIT1:  I would like to give a shout out to Steve Adams who first linked us with mgoblog


EDIT2:  The article in Palm Beach Post  http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/sports/college-football/pahokee-high-…





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First rule of the internet; Pics or it didn't happen!

Heh, seriously though, pictures of you and the kids during the Art Day would be awesome, and would probably tug at the heartstrings/pocketbooks for future donations for your endeavors.

And a sincere thanks for your time in Ann Arbor!

PS Have 0 skills in paperwork, sorry.


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NOT beleive that it's really you, but i'm just sayin'... Anyon has access to this link and can post, doesn't really probe nothing haha. But i'm just saying that's all. Someone would be going through alot of trouble for a whole lot of nothing to be settin this up if it wasn't you so


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I just delivered too; another small donation for H.O.P.E.  Have to ask the boss (Mrs. Gopoohgo) about any larger donations..haha.

For those who originally donated through Kickstarter, Tae has set up his own website. 

Was going to donate to the EDSBS charity drive, but am going to divert my planned donation to H.O.P.E.:  Hit link below to donate!




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This is seriously really awesome that you guys are doing this, thanks for posting that article.  

Is there a way we can continue to give to HOPE for Pahokee now that the kickstarter is done? There are many of us that would love to keep helping you guys out (and M grads are certainly famous for their generosity).  I'd be happy to chip in for some art supplies too since I think that's a great thing for young people.  

Vince - lots of poeple have the opportunity to make a difference and most don't act on it.  What you guys are doing is the pinnacle of what a Michigan Man should be and you make the rest of us proud to call ourselves Wolverines.  Seriously, thank you.  


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I really appreciate it and it is good to know that others look at what we are doing and can feel proud.  I am trying to put my degree and what I am educated on to use because apart from football there is a lot to life and more then just a sport.   Pahokee is important to me because it has made me who I am today and gave me the ambition I have so I want to help   my community become more self suficient.


We plan on continuing our Art and Gardening and we will update you.


We still have shirts at our store online and we are working to organize more events to network both of my communities.


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Thank you for your support I sent you an emai to youl and I wanted to let people know its not just about money that can help its also about time.

Being a role model or spending time can make a big difference in peoples life.

True Blue Grit

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You're true Michigan Men who are making a difference.  That's what going to Michigan is all about.  And thank you for all your hard work in the past.  Go Blue!

Six Zero

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First off, just want to say thanks for 4 great years in the winged helmet. Tough as nails and you always came to work, and it showed.

Just curious, from one fellow artist to another... What's your favorite medium, and whose work are you passionate about? I know I've seen pics of you working in acrylic before, but do you do pencils, pen & ink, oil, etc...?

Keep up the great work and God bless Pahokee


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You're a contributing member of society! Giving back is the first and foremost for a role model such as yourself. Keep doing your thing, Vince!


P.S. Don't ever rule out the CFL if a career in the NFL doesn't work out! I live up in Canada and I can definitely see you being a big time player up here! Go BLUE!


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Great to see how you guys rep Michigan on and off/after the field.

Proud to have had you as players, prouder still as alumni.

Keep us posted on HOPE and where we can contribute. 



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First and foremost, welcome to MGoBlog, and thank you for the update.

It is great work that you are doing  - seeing players who gave so much to their school on the field give so much to their community in turn is definitely at the core of "the Michigan Difference". 


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Thought you were saying you wanted to date us. I felt both special and a little bit weird. Updating makes more sense and more awesome than weird.

Crime Reporter

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Keep up the good work.

Glad to have you a part of the Michigan family. You brought it every Saturday, and you and guys like Tay and Denard are what make this university and sport so great.


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Awesome work, Mr. Smith.  Very proud of you and the path of community service you've chosen. 

If you ever feel like painting a portrait of Coach Hoke, I'll open the bidding at 200 bucks! 

Perkis-Size Me

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Thanks for the memories, Vincent. You were one of the toughest guys I've ever seen play the game.

If you ever make some self-portraits of you flipping the finger guns, I'll start the bidding at $100.