Hello: Max Bielfeldt

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on March 25th, 2011 at 4:40 PM

Said he made his decision based upon athletics and academics and is fulfilling his dream of joining the Big Ten. Did a fake for the Illinois and totally Novak'd the Michigan hat.

Players, coaches during the visit solidifed it for him.

Coaches have said PT will not be a problem. Offense matches up with his style.

"This whole process has been so incredible."




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Are you sure he's very good? Seems like everywhere I've checked, some respected sources and some not, think he'll be lucky to be a role player on the court especially if Michigan continues to become a stronger program. Always happy to see another person choose Michigan but my expectations of his basketball contributions are certainly limited. 


Here's hoping Max proves me wrong. 


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When it comes to evaluating under-the-radar talent, I defer to Beilein's wisdom in all cases.

From what I've read, he isn't the greatest athlete but can do pretty much everything you ask, whether it be shoot (from anywhere), rebound on both ends and he can play both post positions.

To me he sounds like a bigger version of Novak which no one should have any problem with.

Maize and Blue…

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He was a four star recruit who was highly thought of.  Just because he had a bad freshman year in which he probably didn't meet expectations doesn't mean he's exceeded them this year.  Until he develops an outside shot he'll have a hard time exceeding expectations in my book.

I'm not sure how Stu has exceeded expectations either. He was a dead eye shooter coming out of HS and now he's streaky at best.  Lights it up one game builds a house the next.

Morgan and Novak I would probably agree though both have games where they disappear. I expected great things out of THJ because I remember how good the original was.

As a team they definitely exceeded expectations this year.  Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen that happened two years ago when we were coming off a season of dancing and had almost everyone back.


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You realize that only 4 players in the entire nation averaged more assists than Morris, right? And you also realize that he played much tougher competition than the 4 players in front of him, right? And you also realize that he averaged 15 ppg, right? And you also realize he is only a sophomore, right? And you realize that on Rivals there were about 30 guards ranked above him and on Scout Vogrich was ranked ahead of him, right? It is absolutely absurd to say that because he isn't a great outside shooter, him possibly discussing going pro and being one of the better PGs in the nation as a sophomore means he hasn't exceeded expectations.


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Do you have links to this?  He was a finalist for Mr. Illinois Basketball.


"The 6-foot-8, 230-pound senior is the most imposing player in central Illinois, maybe the entire state.

He is averaging almost 24 points, 12 rebounds and five blocks per game. He has led the Irish to a 21-0 start, two tournament titles, the Mid-State 6 Conference championship, the No. 1 ranking in Class 3A and a No. 35 ranking nationwide."


Webber's Pimp

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This is a great get imho. The kid may be under the radar but he's been described as a banger and a bruiser with a high motor and basketball IQ. The player that comes to mind is brian Cardinal. This is exactly what the doctor ordered....


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A multi-purpose retort to the negative comments:

He is, admittedly lightly regarded.

For one, Beilein clearly values production over scouting reports - Novak, Douglass, Hardaway, and Smotrycz were all somewhat lightly-regarded guys (to varying degrees) that had huge high school numbers.

Second, I think it's clear that he keeps his own council in regards to scouting. He doesn't offer anyone until he's watched them in person, and they've come on an official visit - he's extremely thorough.

Third, roster depth didn't really force our hand here. We have the same team coming back, with Horford, McLimans, and Christian - all little used post-players in their first year of action - theoretically more ready to take some minutes. We didn't NEED a post guy here, so if Beilein took him, he clearly sees some value.

Fourth, while I doubt his HS production completely translates to college ball, look at what people say his strengths are - most people feel like, with his size, motor, and effort-level, he's ready to bang in the Big 10 now. Can't we use a 6'8" kid who can mix it up under the pain tomorrow? Maybe he becomes nothing more than a 2 ppg/4 rpg guy off the bench, but that's still something this team lacks.

Fifth, it's extremely possible we are trying to fill as many as four scholarships next year - Douglass', Novak's, Morris', and Hardaway's. That's a ton of kids to bring into a single class. getting a kid here, to avoid a five man class, seems like a decent idea.

Blue boy johnson

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I think Douglass' HS numbers were modest IIRC. Mclimans, Morgan and Christian did not have outstanding HS numbers either

I think we need another big body down low, more necessity than luxury. Belien has already said Christian needs to learn to play on the perimeter. Mcliamans? I have doubts he will ever earn more than spot duty. Horford has a ways to go but is very intriguing.

Bielfeldt is a classic space eater and we need this. The way Belien likes to have his bigs box out and his guards crash in for defensive rebounds is tailored to a guy like Bielfeldt.

Lastly, while Bielfeldt does not appear explosive, he does appear pretty damn fluid for a 6'7'' 240 pound 18 year old. I think he contributes early.


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especially. I look forward to defenders coming away missing parts of their bodywork after his hard picks, and to seeing him play some nasty D. If he can move outside, drop three, and completely demoralize teams that are already suffering a Michigan blitzkrieg from outside, all the better.

Beilein and Novak have proved you don't need to be bigger than the guy you're guarding, just take great angles and fight on every play. Beilfeldt's said to have a sure grasp already on D and to never take a play off. . . 


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Graham Brown with outside shooting any day.

But as for recruiting...in Beilein we trust.  He has a knack for finding players that will fit his system.  We needed more inside presence, and we got it.  




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umhoops.com has full overview on Bielfeldt.

Guy blew up his senior year and played extremely well against other D-1 talent.

Sounds like the perfect amount of grit we need.