Hello: Maurice Ways

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WR Maurice Ways has committed to Michigan

— Allen Trieu (@AllenTrieu) April 25, 2013


RT @moeways: IM A MICHIGAN MAN! JUST COMMITTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN!! I'm sooo blessed and I'm thankful… bit.ly/17ZZNko

— Kyle Meinke (@kmeinke) April 25, 2013


The instagram picture Moe linked:

Gotta like how mom and dad put on a suit for the visit!



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I just saw a a few clips on Rivals from a field-level view of some plays from 2 different games where Ways dropped some balls that should have been caught. They hit him square in the hands. I am not saying this is indicative of his ability to catch or saying that he will not be a contributor, but it concerned me a bit. As we all know we base our expectations on highlights, for we don't have access to actual game film. I hope what I saw was just a couple of miscues and nothing to worry about.

Otherwise, he looks to be somewhat fast and he does make some pretty nice catches in his highlights. He is not shifty, but he seems to fall forward all the time. For 185-195 lbs he is a pretty strong kid. Not a game-changer, but a solid possession guy. His size and leaping ability will be assets that will be used for jump-balls and redzone shots for Michigan. I didn't see any blocking in his highlights, but if he adds weight and takes to coaching his size will be a huge asset there as well. I love the fact that Michigan is recruiting players with a lot of size. It shows that we are moving to a smash-mouth style of football that Bo would be proud of.


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How is the Hello post not on the front page yet? I don't care if this is two minutes old, that thing has been sitting in the queue to be posted for weeks, now.


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I'm all for grabbing 4 and 5 start studs, and I sure as hell hope Mo turns into a NFL caliber player, but beyond the "guru" rankings, there's something pretty awesome about kids who grow up Michigan fans, work their entire lives simply to receive that Michigan offer, and commit (almost) as soon as they get it.  Congrats kid, welcome to the greatest University in the world, and can't wait to see you prove why Hoke & Co. know their stuff better than the guys that hand out the stars.

Victor Hale II

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Wow, dude is ripped and looks like he could add even more muscle. Please allow me to irrationally project him as our future Anquan Boldin in my excitement over this commitment!


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A little digression.  Was wondering what other athletes came to us from Country Day besides CWebb, so I checked it out.  Lo and behold our very own Kenny Demens went there.  I had no idea.  Also a 6'5" 270lbs TE named Chris Eddins?? That's a good sized TE.  I wonder why we never hear about him with all the TE depth issues we've had.  Oh well, these days we'll have TEs coming at defenses from Moe Ways than they can handle.  (Aaaand we're back on topic).

Exciting pickup. Sounds like we might see him shoot up the rankings.