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Love that this kid also played spot RB for his HS as well.  Really athletic for a DT.  Also love that he visited Sparty yesterday and committed on the spot when he made it to Ann Arbor today.  Already trolling Mark Dantonio and Sparty.


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Hello Goal line fullback!  Decent ball skills for a kid pushing 290.  

Kinda wish he had a bigger frame if he's going to play the 1 tech or 3 tech.  Looks like he's maxing out at 310.

I like his attitude, good shoulder control on shade blocks, needs some technique cleanup out of the blocks and we'll have to see how he deals with blockers that are significantly bigger than him.  

But all in all, a great pickup for a position of need.  These recruiting coaches.... they killing it.  And it's barely JUNE. 

no joke its hoke

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just another 4*. Just kidding! Great pick up and seems like a great young man from a great family. One word of advice tho,when Urban starts sending you recruiting mail now,dont burn it.


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I don't expect any malting over at the Red Cedar Message Board today. Especially not with hot topics like "Hoobastank - Are they any good?" taking up their time. 


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Michigan State isn't exactly... what you'd call an institution of higher learning.  Back when I went to school, it was still called Michigan State University of Agriculture and Science.  I'm pretty sure I remember friends telling me there were still classes offered in which you stuck your hand up a cow's toosh to manually impregnate it or something during the final "exams".  Mind you, this was back when I was reading the classics and studying Aristotle and Plato; gave me quite the chuckle and still does.



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"I thought he looked good, but his height and adding better weight was a question. 
OSU passed. 
What Worly is reporting with Ohio State is not true, Hurst had a non committal offer, he tried to commit at the spring game and we said no. Hurst even reported recently OSU cooled and both teams went there ways. OSU even asked him to camp. 
I will tell you this, if Penn State would have offered, he was a Lion. Hurst grew friends with Greg Webb and Sickels, and as an east coast kid wanted to be a Lion, they passed as well. 
I think Munger is in, I would take Munger over Hurst as a DT in a second. Munger is bigger, more explosive and has more upside. Compare Munger's offer list with Georgia, Auburn, Penn State, Notre Dame and others to Hurst, no comparison. 
OSU is no waiting for DT Mike Hill from South Carolina, he is the big prize to close 2013 DT recruiting, and maybe one more WSDE added, if it is an elite kid, because OSU has an embarrassment of riches there. 
I liked Hurst, I love Munger and Hill more, OSU did the right thing passing. Penn State did as well after grabbing Gregg Webb."

Young John Beilein

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It is well documented that Meyer was recruiting Gedeon hard and when he commited, some buckeye poster came over and offered some congratulations (seemed patronizing but whatever)  so any of them with a brain conceded that as a Michigan win.  It is perhaps even better documented that McCray did not have an Ohio offer until very recently after he picked Michigan.


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There's really no point in even listening to Bucknuts. No matter what happens, posters will always justify what happens as exactly what Ohio wanted. Hurst did try to commit to Ohio as far as I know, but who the hell cares. Our coaches were clearly happy to have him. And honestly, the dude also plays RB and busts 60 yard runs; that's just insane raw athleticism for a DT. Don't pass on that.