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Class of 2017 RB!

After Speaking with my Parents and Coaches, I am blessed to say, I have committed to The University of Michigan pic.twitter.com/nZa5jQELtD

— Kurt Taylor (@KurtTaylorRB2) October 16, 2015

Edit: With more information! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2930388/highlights/ http://www.scout.com/player/196459-kurt-taylor http://sports.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/recruiting/player-Kurt-Taylor-171002



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I didn't think coaches could comment whatsoever on recruits until they've signed a letter of intent somewhere. Not being argumentative, just seen a few people in this thread say Harbaugh coined Taylor "Gore 2.0" and am curious as to how it wasn't an issue. I remember signing day during Rich Rod's first year and a reporter asked him about TP and all Rich Rod would/could say is "we're still recruiting the quarterback position" because name-dropping TP before he signed a letter of intent was against the rules. Someone who knows the rules better than I please educate me.

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I love the picture just above it.

You can sort of peek inside Harbaugh's mentality: that picture was probably not of a happy moment - Bo looks...not happy with him. He could have picked one of the many times he was congratulated after throwing a TD. But it's obviously a cherished memory.


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It says "I've been there" literally. He has been the guy getting ripped by the head coach. See how that turned out? He's now the guy doing the ripping after a long pro career. Not like Harbaugh needs this, but it is instant credibility.

"Well if I just do what he is barking at me to do, maybe I can turn out like he did."


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I guess we've got to take his word for it, but "explaining a play" could easily be a euphamism. And I seriously doubt that Bo's explanations were fit to be overheard by small children :)


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i hear you and agree its great.

but harbaugh seems like the type of dude whod have a sparsely decorated office unless call sheets, breakdowns, scouting reports, markers, etc count as decorations - the idea of wall decor probably never even occured.

im guessing his wife or assistant or someone else in the building "personalized" the office a bit for him while he hit the ground running (and obviously has not stopped)