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The second of three softball recurits for the recruiting class of 2014 is Kelly Christner.  Kelly is a left handed hitting outfielder.  She plays CF for her high school team (Victor J Andrew located in Tinley Park Illinois) but can play any of the outie positions.

Kelly is one of those rare kids who can hit for power or hit for average.  She has decent speed too so that will help a little.

She stands 5 foot 8 inches tall.  She plays for the New Lenox Gold for her summer team.  She came on to the big stage two years ago while participating in a tournament in Colorado.  Then she was lights out at the DeMarini Invitational in Chicago this past summer.  Coach Hutch had the opportunity to watch her in the High School State Tournament.  She was impressed.  Coach Hutch said, "Kelly Christner is a great athlete who will really add another dimension to our team."

Kelly batted .526 with 6 HR, 5 triples, 43 RBIs and 49 runs scored. She is a two-time Illinois Coaches Association all-state first-team honoree and earned all-state second-team honors from the Chicago Tribune in 2012.


Kelly has an older sister Katie who is a Freshman softball player for Wisky.  It will be nice to see them compete against each other.

Welcome to the M Family Kelly.  We hope you have an awesome career here.  Good luck in your studies, stay focused and try to catch a football game or two.  You might have heard that we have a fairly good FB team and our stadium is rather nice.

Its great, to be, A Michigan Wolverine.  Go Blue!






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the people who comment on/read softball posts are generally the people who care about softball. Saying "who cares about softball" would probably play much better on a football/hockey/basketball thread than it would on a softball thread, since people with more varying views on softball would post there, or at least read the thread.


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we get it, you don't care for softball, that's fine. What isn't fine is trying to derail an on-topic thread for the people who do.

If you have anything new to add to the thread, please do. If you're going to reply to every one of the other posts while adding nothing, that's simply trolling and against board rules. Please consider that before posting on this thread again.


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I went to Michigan, and while I was there, I knew athletes who played many of the different non-revenue sports.  So yes, I care about Michigan softball, and I've watched a number of their games start to finish.  SB is one of the most successful sports at Michigan, and it often gets time on this blog. 

That's fine if you don't like it, but this title was very clear.  You're making yourseld look like an ass.


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we get anti-softball (or LAX or volleyball) haters.  I wish these guys would just leave.  We dont need punks on here. 

A true Michigan Man would root for any varsity player regardless of the sport.  Maybe his guy doesnt get it that we are a family.  We pull for each other.  Hell we even continued to sell out a 110,000 + stadium when the football team had only 2 wins. 




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Well they were the first team east of the Mississippi to win it. The game its self was won in extra innings on a walk off HR so ya id say it was kind of exciting to see as a MICHIGAN MAN!!!


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Truth - you know what is really puzzling?  You've made about 35 posts in the last 4 years, and five of them are in this thread.  Did the softball team burn down your house or something?


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No just forgot my password for a long time and didnt feel the need to figure it out till i got the new driod. I had a flip phone untill about two months ago. Smh


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Apparently there was a softball hating troll in this thread before being caved? Just once I wish they'd mix it up and hate on football instead of the usual softball or soccer. "No one cares about the Rose Bowl, I just want some damn rowing coverage!"


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lol I almost spit up coffee while reading this. 


Not a big softball fan myself but I try to root for the Michigan teams when they're doing well, which goes against my general philosophy of rooting for teams just because I went there/am from the area [I don't care about the Pistons for instance because I don't care about the NBA].

Clarence Boddicker

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and love the hello posts for softball, baseball and lax signees. What better way to show we care, haters aside (or, removed)? Women's softball is fun to watch--and especially M softball, since we have the legacy of a National Championship.


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know any of the coaches in that system.  However, they must know Hutch very well.  NH Lightning have many State and National Titles to show for their hard work.

Next year Hutch will be back in Orange County bringing in some more recruits.  We have some early committs from out there.  More "Hello:" posts to come.