Hello: Joey Hewlett (Walk-on)

Submitted by Michigan Eaglet on April 1st, 2014 at 10:25 PM

Per his twitter and retweeted by Steve Lorenz, Joey Hewlett, QB/Safety out of Northville High in Michigan has accepted a preferred walk-on spot, most likely at QB, and will be a part of the 2014 class. His Hudl film can be found here. Post game interview from a great comeback OT win this season here. I couldn't find much more than a paywalled Freep article so any more info is more than welcome. Seems like a good kid and leader and Michigan is his dream school. Welcome to Michigan Joey!

Extremely proud and excited to say I will be walking on the University of Michigan football team come this fall. Dream come true man



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I believe he is actually. Rich Hewlett is active in diabetes charities (he started one, I think) in SE Michigan mainly because one of his sons (not Joey) has juvenile diabetes, or so I recall. I have seen pictures from charity events with him and Joey, so I am pretty sure that's his dad. I believe Brady Hoke has participated in the annual golf outing for Swing To Cure Diabetes since he came back in 2011. 


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Question about walk-ons: Has there ever been a former walk-on QB of note anywhere? Might he want to stick with safety if there's a better chance of blossoming into the former walk-on status there?

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BTN says Griese was a walk-on*.  That's good enough for me.



*(BTN, just a couple of hours ago, again aired their special on the 1997 National Championship Michigan Football Team.  The piece, which chronicles the 1997 team and what went into putting it together, also puts the spotlight on 3 particular '97 Wolverines:  Griese, Charles Woodson, and Glen Steele.  The segment on Griese walls him a "walk-on"...)


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Joey comes from a great family, and take it from someone who knows him well: his dad Rich is a good dude.

Many congratulations to Joey on joining the university and its football team.


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article is behind a pay wall.  I won't go to the free, Free Press.  So I most certainly will not go to the PAY Free press which make it no longer free press. I will read his official MgBolg Hello post when it is ready.  Best source of Blue info. any where.  Almost forgot.  Welcome Joey happy for you.

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