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That's not the perception around here. At least for undergrad. The smartest kids in Georgia don't typically put Georgia at the top of their list.

Emory and Georgia Tech get significantly more respect at the university level, not to mention colleges like Morehouse and Spelman that attract better students.

It is better thought of than all of the regional universities like west Georgia, Georgia state, Kennesaw state, Georgia southern and maybe Mercer. 


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I like the wordsmithing.  Yes, "admissions" can me considered close in terms of percent accepted.  As to programs? Not even close.  GT and Emory are on par with Michigan.  UGA....is not.  GT's engineering program is better than Michigan's, and so is Emory's medical.  Your thoughts about college rankings aside, we are talking about comparing the best programs in the country and their respective specialties. Georgia is...not that.

The comparison of Georgia Tech and Emory to UGA is not that far off from the comparison of Michigan to Michigan State in terms of academics. It's an SEC School. 


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I'm not saying you're wrong, but this stance just feels like a built in excuse in case a, seemingly, block-headed SEC school beats our ass on the field. Do you genuinely feel the same satisfaction when UM is named one of the best educational institutions as when the team dominates on a Saturday? 

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Totally agree LSA, the problem is it's the same handful of posters who derail threads with the "Maizen" crap any chance they get. Perhaps timeouts to those who do so are in order because as we've discussed over email in the past it's getting old. I used to find it funny these idiots thought I was Maizen, now it's becoming increasingly annoying because as you pointed out it's taking attention away from the topic at hand. Guy has been gone for over a year and people are still talking about him, I mean jfc get over it.


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I'm not.  As long as UM keeps recruiting and developing the D-line like it has, the CBs will be fine.  Watching Michigan play defense this year, I think both current corners are a bit overrated by their insane advanced-PFF stats.

Don't get me wrong, I think both Long and Hill are all-conference type players, and Long might be a borderline 3rd-team All-America type of player.  But the PFF and other advanced stats say those guys are 2 of the best CBs of the past 5 years in college football.