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Jackson Lamb of Bedford High School has committed to Michigan. He will be a senior this upcoming spring and thus begin his career at Michigan during the 2014 season. In the article it says that he'll play both the field and pitch. His fastball touches 90, but he has the potential to add more velocity according to his coach.

Good to see that Bakich is wasting no time on the recruiting trail and is targeting the instate guys as well. This is a local recruit for me as I live 5  minutes from BHS, so I'll definitely be rooting for him.



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Arent the field and the pitch the same thing? Oh wait this isn't soccer or futbol.

I know nothing about college baseball but a commitment is great. Do they come in pairs?


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Didn't he get a few sniffs from Beilein and Company for basketball? Says on ESPN that he's 6'7".

EDIT: If he played baseball primarily, would this be one of those instances where he could play basketball as well without counting toward the scholarship limit?


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This article says he had basketball offers from  Toledo, Akron, Central Michigan, Ohio, and Oakland. So he seems more like a mid-major talent in basketball.

On the baseball side, Michigan Baseball Prospects has him ranked #3 in the state of Michigan for the 2013 class.

EDIT (in response to EDIT above): Basketball ranks higher than baseball on the NCAA scholarship hierarchy, so if he played basketball, he would have to use a basketball scholarship, and that's not going to happen.


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The article said that he chose baseball over basketball, patially because he likes baseball more, partially because he has bigger potential in baseball than in basketball.

You can't really play both in college, since basketball season doesn't end until the middle of baseball season, and then he would have to condition his pitching arm for a few weeks after that before he could play.  He would be left with only 4 or 5 starts in the entire baseball season.  I recall a hockey player (Matt Herr) pitching on the baseball team, but only in some short relief appearances.



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Oh, yeah.  I forgot about Robbie Reid; good point.  There are of course plenty more exceptions if you go further back than 15 years--Dave Winfield at Minnesota being the most obvious example (regular starter in football, basketball and baseball).

I suppose it's still possible today, but if a career in professional baseball is a possibility, I don't think missing half the season each year would be a good career move.  Lamb seemed to think that he had to make a choice before picking a college.


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(if he's primarily going that route).  You could easily throw bull pen sessions on the side during Hoops season, and make a start or relief appearance on non Hoops game days.  There are a number of kids that do that.  Travel with Baseball is the only real issue, you're pretty much a home-only pitcher until Hoops ends.

Jack Daniels

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I watched him play basketball a couple times. He is definitely talented, but I don't think he would've been offered by Michigan or another high-major schools. Maybe like a Virginia Tech or a Penn State, at best. He is athletic, uses his size very well, and has a decent jumper. I would say he needed to assert himself more, especially when his school played Huron for the league championship. He disappeared in that game.

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He played only Baseball and Basketball at U of Minnesota. He was also drafted by the Vikings, but did not play football in College.

However, he was both a starting pitcher and an outfielder for the Gophers, playing everyday.