Hello: Garrett Moores (2013 Catholic Central walkon QB)

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Per TomVH. Teammate of Wyatt Shallman who QB'd Novi Catholic Central to back-to-back state title game appearances.

Michigan is making an unofficial pipeline in the Catholic League. Godin, Ross, Wangler, Morris, Shallman and Moores.


Michigan added 2013 QB Garrett Moores as a walk on today. From Detroit Catholic Central


Officially a Michigan Wolverine football player



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I had a 32 back in 1998, best friend had a 35.

I got offered about 12k/year to go to UM (woulda been a walk-on to the tennis team, so that may have factored in.. ) Nothing that would blow me away, but not average HS student either..

I do believe the scale has since changed.


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That doesn't mean that a 30 is a bad score. Bravo, on taking the opportunity to  brag about your score, btw. I'll take the same opportunity and mention that I got a 31 when I took the ACT in 1990 and that put me in the top 1% of all who sat for that exam. That is why I think a 30 is probably a pretty good score.

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Given that this is a Michigan blog and many of us are alums, a pretty high percentage of MGoPosters had an ACT above 30.  Which means that unless the scale has changed since I took the ACT in 1978, then it's a score that will get you into UM under normal circumstances.  Therefore, pretty darn good.


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a reprise of the top story, as told by our corespondent for the Hard of Hearing, Garrett Morris... Michigan picks up walk on QB, Garrett Moores!!!


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Is there a category for scouts for a Roll Out passer?

He has good size, decent wheels and is tough to bring down. Glad he's willing to walk on. Welcome!


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Kid is really smart, made the good, safe passes.  Tucked it under and ran when he needed to and can change directions pretty good for a QB his size.  Having trouble understanding why he's a walk on.  Curious to know who else had offered him.  Seems really solid, just not flashy.  


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I'll ask too, and maybe it's just my untrained football eye, but why wouldn't a big kid like this at a winning program even get some MACtion love?


The ball got there on time with touch, and when under pressure made the right throw. 


I didn't see a ton of zip and it looked like he threw off balance a lot, but hell...it got there.


A perfect walk-on QB I guess?


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Word is he had some D2 offers.  Was a player that just wasn't sure if he wanted to play college football for his career and being at CC didn't get him a lot of exposure with that "welcome back Kotter" offense.  Comes from a pretty smart family and was thinking academics all the time.   When the Michigan coaches contacted him I guess he thought about the opportunity.  According to Twitter he was with Morris, Wangler, and Shellman all day up in A2

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.....that APR is about to go up a little bit more. And I'm not talking refinance rates either.

Looks like he can sling it around pretty well. Good height, smart kid, doesn't take up a scholly.....like it.


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big, smart, aggressive player.  Absolutely no training outside of the school program which isn't really a passing team....  Moores might really bloom with some coaching and may prove to be an asset to the QB squad and who knows - might save our keesters in the future if one of the starters gets banged up.  Nice find Borges.

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Hopefully we never see him in a game, as the other QBs are obviously better prospects and have more upside, but this is a solid get to have on your team without giving up a scholarship.

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Nice pick up as a back up option. Looks like he has a good arm and a good head on his shoulders. Plus he had nice touch on the screen pass at 4:35 of the video, not many high school kids have an option besides THROW IT AS HARD AS POSSIBLE!!!