Hello Chris Maye (Preferred Walk-on DB)

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I did a search and haven't seen this posted.  My best friends nephew Chris Maye from Union  City Michigan is enrolled and will start classes on June 24th.  He is a prefered walk-on and will be competing at DB.  Kid rushed for 4000 yds in High School and was the number one track recruit at Umich this year.  He is trying his hand at football first, and i gotta say.. kid is lightning.

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My fellow hugh school alum wrote that article which prompted me to post this. He (the reporter) was asking me about our prospects at db before the article and i told him to go to ttb and tremendous. He is a big msu guy and so im happy he had to write that article.


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Also a really good kid. Its a small county im from and when i go back home i run ino his buddies who's brothers i know well and they are all good guys too. Hoping chris does well. He is 180ish right now and looking to work his ass off over sunmer. From a small school (under 300) so his comp was so so but he proved himself. He will be playing in the mich high school all star game very soon prior to enrolling as well. Keep an eye out for this dude


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Holy crap, a kid from Union City is playing for Michigan?!! That's crazy. That is a small town. He's a stud track runner though. Let's just say that his high school competition was not good. He played against a lot of small country kids. Best of luck to you Chris

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Someone help me with the name, but there was another kid out of Union City back in the late 90's that played LB at Michigan.  Unfortunately I remember him more for busted coverages in a ND game I believe, however I think he actually got some starts @ M.

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...without someone like me reminding everyone like you about the disgraceful episode involving Mayes and some other football alums of his generation at the gathering involving Rich Rodriguez and described on pp. 93-94 of Three and Out.

An incident for which some real Michigan Men, like Bob Chappuis, Jim Conley and Don Lund personally apologized to Rodriguez.


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I would need ten minutes to run 200 yards fantastic. I guess he won't get winded from running one end of the field to the other. Yeah I know 0 pts 


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I don't know what the monetary value of a typical track schollie is—is it full-ride?—but this kid is motivated, to say the least.


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Regardless of the sport, I think, you have to be impressed with a kid that would turn down a scholarship in one sport because he wanted to play another at the same school. That sounds like someone who really will be dedicated to the team and give his best to it, not to mention a genuine passion for football. I admire that sort of drive.

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How tall is he?  All I have heard about is his speed, yards and TD's as a RB.  I'm assuming he is undersized, else he would have been a know commodity to this site.  This morning Sam didn't know anything about him.


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Did a basic Google search for a highlight video of some kind on this kid and came up with nothing....would there even be one?  Surely he was recruited by MAC/FCS/DIV2/3 schools? 


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60m Indoor (official):

Denard Robinson: 6.81 http://www.youtube.com/watchv=l0UU_MY8xzw&feature=related 


Chris Maye: 7.03 http://dyestat.rise.espn.go.com/search.jsp?athID=165318


It is 60 meters, so I imagine a .22 difference is pretty significant(?).....Admittedly, I am not very knowledgeable on the subject, though, so some caveats apply.  It is worth noting that Denard ran the 60 meters after being in Michigan's S&C program for nearly 6 months, while Chris ran his 60 meters as a senior in HS (a very small one at that).  While I do not know the extent to which Chris received training outside of his HS Track and Field program, it would be silly of me to think that it was anywhere near D1 training, especially that of the University of Michigan.



DISCLAIMER:  I realize this isn't a very insightful post, and it really lacks substance.  However, I am new to posting on MGOBLOG (been stalking the crap out of all of you otherwise lol) and just trying to get my "feet wet", so to speak.


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I disagree with you, I think this post has plenty of subtance.  You found a 60m track time (which is about as good of a football indicator as you get in track) and you compared it to a time of someone we all consider very fast (understatement, I know).

Interpretation:  As an ex-track guy, I can touch on this and his other track times.  Any time a high school kid runs under 7 seconds in the 60m he's incredibly fast.  As you said, Denard ran a 6.81 as a freshman in college, after having an incredible HS track career.  Maye is probably not going to be dropping 2 tenths in a year, but it's possible he could drop one, making him only slightly slower than Denard over 60 meters. 

As for his outdoor track times, at the state finals last year (his junior year) he was the D3 state champ in the long jump (22'8"), 100m (10.83) and 200m (21.95).  His long jump distance would have won in D1 last year, and is very good.  Shows a lot of athleticism.  His 10.83 is also very impressive, considering on the same day (at a different meet, but in the same city) Berkely Edwards failed to make the finals in D2 after running 10.99.  His 200m time is also blazing.  Terry Richardson was a state qualifier but didn't make it past the prelims in the 200m, and Juwan Lewis (the RB we looked at for a while from Muskegon) finished 8th in D1 with a 22.24.

It will be interesting to see what his times are this year, but he's clearly a burner, and will likely be one of the fastest guys on our team (especially on defense) the second he shows up.  I don't know anything about him as a player, but speed will not be an issue.


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Maye is 5'11" 180 lbs. He is built like a brick shithouse and his best 100 this year was 10.54. He has also run a sub-22 second 200 this year and jumped 23'6" in the first meet this year.

I wrote the article, have seen him play for several years and watched him run track. A three-time state champ in 2011 and will definitely do the same this year. His times are right there with the top runner in the 100 and 200 in outdoor competition for U-M this year. 

Do all the googling you want, this kid has been under the radar for years. He had official football visits to U-M (obviously), MSU and Army (who wanted him bad). A very unique story and individual. His humble ways and work ethic will carry him through, and he will play. He is a hitter too in the defensive backfield.