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Submitted by SchrodingersCat on June 20th, 2012 at 11:18 PM

According to Tremendous via facebook we have another!


Our first broken commitment. I just got off the phone with Channing Stribling who informed me that he will be committing to Michigan tomorrow.




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I think this would be a fine choice definitely if the coaches think he deserves an offer to come play at THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. If we only have two spots left I would rather them go to McQuay and Bailey that would be a great little package. I know everyone is like what about Treadwell? but if we were to get bailey and already have Dukes, York we should be fine for next season. The 2014 class is going to produce some great receivers and we are in on some BIG names like Cory Holmes, Damon Webb, and Drake Harris and I'm sure there is more who will want to come play with sugar shane!


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Good size frame and looks pretty fluid in his movements.  So if I understand this correctly, he camped at Michigan and then we offered him?


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This is interesting. I really can't wait until we get some more info about him. As of now all I know is what's been in the recruiting post yesterday and what a quick google search came up with.


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Of course we could.  Rankings are often very good tells of player quality, but they're not everything.  Sometimes great players are very underrated.  Mike Hart was a three-star on Rivals, and ended up being one of the best players in Michigan history.  Braylon Edwards (although he was being recruited in the very beginning of the Rivals era, and thus was not ranked), would likely have been a low three star or a two star nowadays judging by his offer list at the time.

Stars are great, but if the coaches see something they like, and the scouts see it too, then I like the call.  I could see this very easily becoming another situation like Conley's, with Stribling flying under the radar for the time being.


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I wonder part of the coaches' reasoning is to incentivize future lower rated kids to come to camp so they can get a look at everyone.  If there aren't going to be any offers and everyone thinks our class is full I can't imagine many kids without offers would show up going forward.  

I'm sure the kid can play as well it's not all incentive, just maybe part


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Welcome Mr. Stribling. I'm confident the offer was earned and look forward to see him suit up in the maize and blue. Let 's not become ND and base our greatness on the number of stars in our class. I have a feeling Stribling brings some major weapons to Ann Arbor.


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Staee'ers say that "stars don't mean anything, we're getting guys Mork can coach up and be great" to excuse the fact that they're getting their butt kicked on the recruiting trail by teams that have been down compared to them the last few years (UM, PSU, OSU).

With how good the rest of our class is, I don't think saying "The Coaches have a sleeper here" is a problem on Commit 22

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So let's combine the two... Get some quality 4/5 star recruits who many feel are can't miss, and get a few sleepers here and there. I am no football coach, if Hoke, Borges, and Mattison say we need a long snapper, I support the decision. Mark Ingram, Mike Hart, Matt Ryan, Sam Bradford, David Harris, and Darrelle Revis were all under 4 star recruits.

What if these new recruits were reading mgoblog because they are excited to be committing, and all they see is "ugh, it's not "insert 4/5 star recruit name here." I say welcome aboard, and if they show the same passion about the university that Hoke and staff have, I want you more than someone who may not have the same passion. Go Blue


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  • I am absolutely thrilled with this committment for a number of reasons... 1. the kid must be something special (or at least comparable to other prospects) if he is offered a scholarship in light of the fact that we still have other highly ranked kids on the board...2. the kid came up and earned his scholarship in person.. in front of the coaches. There was no 'hype' surrounding the kid... he just came up and played football...3. he is a 6'2" corner that joins the number 1 class in the nation...


    Congrats Channing Stribling...you'll be a player I personally root for in the years to come.






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Signing unless we are out the running for Fuller, Mathis, Treadwell, Green, And a host of the other highly rated guys, looks like we are pretty much done w the high 4 and 5* guys IMO


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We've been pretty much out of the running on Fuller, Green, and Mathis for a while now. Have you been paying attention to the recruiting at all? Ace (and others) have said quite a few times the only big star guy we're really *in* for is Treadwell