Hello: Brian Cole

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Enough said.  BBQ off to a great start!



LeBron style "@Young__Kid__: Proud to say im a Michigan Wolverine! 〽️



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I'm surprised at how quickly but had a hunch that good things would happen with him hanging out with Malzone yesterday.

Welcome to Michigan!


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other receivers we have. I hope he can come in early.




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Malzone says that Cole plans to enroll early. This is from a 247 article Malzone Pumped about Cole Addition, which also touches on Malzone's plans tomorrow:

"I've seen Brian's tape plenty, and with him and Chris (Clark), there are no real excuses for us not to succeed at a high level," he said. "It would be even better if the three of us all enroll early, which we're planning to do right now. It will give us time to develop and work together at winning games. I'm really, really excited about this."

Malzone will now return to Ann Arbor tomorrow for the BBQ at the Big House, where he'll continue to work on targets that are already on campus, and ones who will show up tomorrow.

"I already talked a lot with Darian (Roseboro) and ran into Marcus (Lewis)," he said. "They were both around when Brian committed so I think they could feel the excitement. I know there's gonna be some other guys I've run into that will be here from both the 2015 and 2016 classes, so we're ready to get to work. It should end up being a great weekend."