Hello: Brady Pallante

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DT from Florida.


The wi-fi has been SUPERB in my neighbor's hut down in our village!!! 



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OK, that's funny, but that was sort of my reaction when I heard a positive comment coming from you about the recruit.  

Not that you are always negative, but it seems that you usually at least cover the negative aspects first.

Which is all good, b/c we love your insight.

But still, funny.


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Basically, his scholarship is delayed one semester and starts the winter semester, or January 2015.  So he is like a 2015 early enrollee.  With a redshirt year, his final season would be 2019.

He can choose to pay his own way for the Fall 2014 semester, but the guy in that thread said his eligibility clock starts when he enrolls, not when he first participates with the team.  So even if he doesn't participate, enrolling in Fall 2014 starts the clock and basically automatically counts as a redshirt year.  In that case, he would be done in 2018 instead of 2019.


Space Coyote

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As I think that's too broad. I think the coaches already got their top priority at that position (Mone) and are after great prospects like Hand (could play 3-tech) Brown (5 star out of VA). They don't want to fill up at this position at this point, but think Pallante is a good enough player to warrent an offer typically.

Basically, Michigan is happy with Mone and will only go after very high level guys. Next year they can now repeat that process with Pallante in the mix. There is a chance if the numbers shake out and Michigan doesn't get their top prospect that Pallante ends up with an offer as well (as Clark did previously).


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Yeah, I think that makes the most sense, especially since he can't train with the team in the fall if he were here. If he stays home, he can get better training with his HS facilities and coaches and show up in January ready to go. Will save his family like 25k too.


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As an incoming freshman, he's listed on the UM FB database at 6-2/275. He then apparently shrunk an inch, since as a soph he's listed at 6-1/269. By the time he was a 5th yr Senior, he's 6-1/288, although I could swear he was described as being closer to 300 by the time he graduated.


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Very nice indeed. It looks like he has some pretty good control and the strength to take 1-2 offensive linemen for a nice 5-6 yard drag behind the LOS as it is. Apparently, we can have all of the Bradys as well as all of the Devins. 

Welcome to Michigan, Brady Pallante!

Space Coyote

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"I don't think he is going to be a 5 star recruit, because his ceiling is somewhat limited by his athletic ability, but he has a very high floor. The kid consistently maintains low leverage, shoots off the ball pretty well, has a strong base, and uses his hands well. He has the technique already that is often the most difficult to teach many of the guys in the trenches. Now he isn't going to be chasing down WRs sideline to sideline, but if he has always dreamed of playing for Michigan, he camped at Michigan, and decides to commit, I would be happy with the pick up. Would be solid as a penetrating 3-tech or be able to hold his own at the nose. He won't be a star of a class, but would be a great foundation to build around because you would know what you have in him."

I stand by these comments. I think the coaches liked him enough to offer him, but simply don't have the numbers this year (and already have one DT and are in on some others). This essentially takes care of at least one DT position for the 2015 class. I think he is of that caliber and like this pick-up.

FWIW: my guess is they bulk him up to around 310 and have him play the nose.


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I agree he'll be a nose. Mattison and Hoke seem to like taller, athletic guys at the 3-tech, and that's not this kid. But assuming he can put on the weight, and I think he can, he could be the perfect fit at the nose. He's stout, strong and has very good leverage and technique. He might be a less athletic Mike Martin, which is totally worth a scholarship.