Hello: Brady Hoke; or Who Is Brady Hoke?

Submitted by M-Wolverine on January 12th, 2011 at 1:02 AM
This is not for those with their chicken heads, running around while holding them. Continue PANIC (though of course, comment away). This is more for those on the fence, or those who would just like some reassuring. Or maybe just hear something to cheer them up. Well, there was a lot of new today. And *SHOCK* some of it outside of MGoBlog wasn't negative! There are a lot of people, around football (not those nasty columnists) who think pretty highly of Brady Hoke. Some of that, and other tidbits, to be had in the news today.

"Most people don't know that Hoke is a great recruiter," Lemming said. "Hoke has more ties than someone like Les Miles in the Midwest. I would imagine (he) would keep Fred Jackson.
"Hoke is a disciple of Bo Schembechler, Gary Moeller and Lloyd Carr. He's a great coach. He knows what he's doing. He's a good Xs-and-Os guys. But they have to keep Fred Jackson. Jackson knows Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama. He's probably the most respected recruiter in Houston. When I'm there the (high school) coaches all ask me how Fred's doing."

For those who thought LSU coach Les Miles would have been a better choice, Lemming questioned that, and, in the long run, Helmboldt said Hoke could be just the person for the job.
"Short-term versus long-term, Miles would have been better to salvage this recruiting year," Helmboldt said. "Long-term Hoke will do a better job than Miles as far as winning games. That's my opinion. It will just take Hoke time to get the players he needs (to win)."


Lots of player reaction- this one worth the read-

"It's awesome," Martin said of Hoke's previous coaching experience at Michigan.
"That's a great start. I think he has a good feel for what's going on here at Michigan so I'm excited about that."


"He's a Michigan man. He coached here from '95 to 2002. He (Brandon) talked to a lot of former players, former coaches, people who know him and they all said he's a great guy. He's a player's coach and he's a great pick.
He's a great fit."

Black -

"Everyone was waiting to see what the meeting was going to be about and the AD (Brandon) just came in and told us Brady Hoke was going to be our next coach. We were very excited about that when he made the announcement. Everybody got up and gave a big cheer. We've been waiting for a new coach and we've finally got one. We got a leader back.


"We know that he's a defensive guy and that just struck me right off the bat. I'm happy. From this past season, the past three, the defense hasn't been doing good and with him back on staff that gets the flavor back in on us."


"A couple of guys I know who've coached with him say he's a very terrific guy, a very genuine person," said Bielema, who was attending Tuesday's session of the American Football Coaches Association convention. "I just know he's a very good football man,

Jimmy Burrow, an assistant coach at Ohio University, was among the hundreds of coaches who were either taking in seminars Tuesday or talking with colleagues in the lobby of the Hilton Anatole Hotel.
"We used to play some crossover games," said Burrow, referring to Ohio U. and Ball State, "and our staff always felt he did a great job there.
"You could tell he had really built a nice program. And he did a great job of recruiting."


"I don't think you can find anyone better," said Steele, who had a long NFL career with the Cincinnati Bengals. "When he and Coach Carr were in charge, if you didn't play well in a particular game, you felt bad 'cause you felt as though you let them down.
"The players' reaction to him — and it's a quality that you don't see a lot of — is that he's all about coaching interaction. He's a guy who cares about his players, about them getting a degree.
"If it goes that route with Coach Hoke, it would really be a treat for Michigan," said Steele, who spoke before Hoke was formally announced as athletic director Dave Brandon's choice to succeed Rodriguez.

Former BSU AD-

"He's intelligent, and a really good defensive coach," Collins said, "and he also knows how to build a staff. And he's a terrific motivator."
Collins had one more compliment to pay Hoke — and he didn't mind if it sounded repetitive.
"I can't stress enough how good of a person he is," Collins said.


"Everybody started smiling," Koger said. "We didn't know what to do. But somebody started the slow clap and we all just followed in."
And then . . .
"Everybody got up, round of applause," said Jibreel Black, a freshman defensive end.
"Big cheer. We've been waiting for a new coach, and we've finally got one. We've got our leader back."

"I don't believe you have to be a Michigan Man," defensive tackle Will Heninger said. "But I want the best coach here. And if it's both, then you really lucked out. … "I mean, I grew up watching Charles Woodson and Steve Hutchinson and Brian Griese play, and all those guys called Dave Brandon on their own behalf and said that this is the best coach. Steve Hutchinson said this is the best coach he has ever had. So how could I argue with that?"

Asked what's next on the Wolverines' to-do list, now that they'd found a coach, Fitzgerald, for one, didn't mince words.
"Just everybody buy in," he said. "I think everybody realizes that.
"The first time (in 2007) it didn't go as well, because everybody wasn't really buying in. People were looking out for themselves a little bit. But the chemistry is real good right now. And everybody's excited, everybody's ready to get started."


"This is what he's worked his entire career to be able to do," Brandon told The News on Tuesday. "He is determined to be successful here. I've always believed you never underestimate the power of someone who has something to prove."
Al Borges is expected to come with Hoke from San Diego State where he was offensive coordinator, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported on Tuesday. Borges was at Auburn as offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach before joining Hoke at SDSU.
Also thought to be joining Hoke from SDSU are offensive line coach Darrell Funk, running backs/recruiting coordinator Jeff Hecklinski and strength coach Aaron Wellman.

"I wasn't out looking for a toastmaster general," Brandon said. "It isn't important to me that somebody is out there with a PR machine cranking stuff out about him. I was looking for a football coach. This is not a guy who says, 'This is all about me.' Brady is, "It's all about my players."

"But the reason I wanted him to be prominent in this process was simply the combination of turning around two programs, being know as a terrific recruiter, and being a defensive-minded coached with a lot of experience. Everybody that I ever talked to just raved about the quality of person he is and how much he loves Michigan."

"The funniest thing was when somebody decided because there was an airplane with a Block M that went from Scottsdale (Ariz.) to Baton Rouge (La.) two or three days ago, and that we were having secret discussions. It was unbelievable. I was sitting in a different place in the world laughing my (butt) off. It wasn't even close to the truth."


“He’s just a very passionate, very enthusiastic guy,” former Michigan linebacker Jarrett Irons said. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody say they don’t like him. He knows his stuff, too.”


WARNING: Freep material. Just a few highlights, no need to click. Link provided for fair practice:

Miles said in a brief meeting with reporters before hopping into a waiting car in Dallas. “Certainly can’t confirm it. I know his background is as a Michigan assistant. Shoot, I tried to hire him at Oklahoma State, as I recall.


Via text

• “I’m excited for Brady Hoke and even for Michigan. I’m glad this process is over and we can begin to restore the tradition and respect that was once Michigan.” -- Charles Woodson, former Michigan Heisman Trophy winner, to the AP

On Twitter

• Jon Jansen: “Coach Hoke is a great hire for Michigan. He loves Michigan and understands what it means to be a Michigan man. He’ll do a great job.”

• Rich Eisen: “Very excited to hear excitement surrounding Michigan FB again...go blue Brady Hoke!”

• Desmond Howard: “Brady Hoke will be Michigan’s next head coach! I’ve heard nothing but positive things about him since midseason.”

• Brandon Graham: “Let’s go Brady Hoke!!! I can’t wait to hear the teams slogan for next year!!”

• Jalen Rose: “Congrats to U of Michigan AD Dave Brandon & the entire football family...the hire of Brady Hoke to be HC is a great one.”

• Braylon Edwards: “I want to congratulate #BradyHoke on getting the UofM job, he coached there my 1st 2yrs, he’s a good friend of mine & a great coach”


And if you're still reading after all that, and have the time, I highly recommend checking out this:


If you couldn't tell from the link, past columns that featured him, before anyone even knew he'd ever be a candidate at Michigan; how he was thought of, and how he handled the early years at Ball State. No agenda possible with these.

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January 12th, 2011 at 3:57 AM ^

M-Wolverine, thanks for being an ardent supporter of Hoke and backing it up with links.  It is always easier to be a critic/pessimist, either you are always right or pleasantly surprised.  Stay positive in the face of negativity.  Victories and morale will improve. Go Blue.


January 12th, 2011 at 4:43 AM ^

My residual concerns: the players quoted as positive are Carr recruits (Stonum, Demens, Martin, Koger) or defensive players (Black). I want to see more positive input from Rodriguez's players, particularly on offense. If this is going to work out, the talent that we already have on offense will be key. I want it to work out.

Moreover, Steve Hutchinson is an offensive lineman. Brady Hoke, a DL coach, is the best coach he's ever had? Harsh on his OL coach, or dishonest?

Also, I know who Hoke is: Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm (uh, weirdly apt title?).


January 12th, 2011 at 6:29 AM ^

we didn't hire Miles or Harbaugh. If this guy is a players' coach, gets the kids through school, and competently runs the program, we can get OCs and DCs in here. Success at a real high level may not come all at once--and I have seriously questioned fans' demands for 10-win seasons annually, given our position. But I am ready to see what Hoke can do. . . 

and desperate to get back to work!


January 12th, 2011 at 7:52 AM ^

Thanks for the post. I'm in for Hoke. Lots of good there. I do worry about a few things though. First, while there's plenty to admire about the past, Michigan can't just return to the Carr era philosophies and expect to win championships.

It's clear that elements of the spread (in some version or another) are critical to winning in college. People were very critical of rr for installing his brand of offense in at Michigan without regard for the players on the field. Brady Hoke would be remiss to do the same. I hope he surrounds himself with good football coaches who can adapt to the personel on the field. The oc he's bringing sounds good, but he was the oc at auburn when Tommy tuberville was the coach. IIRC, it was their offensive ineptitude that got TT fired. I hope that was a fluke and this guy has an offense that can score points with the weapons that Michigan has currently in the arsenal.

Additionally, by all accounts, Hoke is a good recruiter. DB didn't do him any favors with this coaching search in terms of timing. However, if hoke can add to the current class with some solid talent, that would be huge in minimizing the time it takes for him to be successful here at Michigan. Again, surrounding himself with top coaches would be helpful, and keeping barwis and Jackson would probably be a good idea.

Hoke is our coach (the iPhone is finally not autocorrecting hoke, so it must be true). I think everyone wants him to win here. I wish there was more buzz around his hiring to help with recruiting. Currently that's my biggest worry, but i think if he can get top talent in the coordinator positions, it will help get everything off in a good direction.


January 12th, 2011 at 8:59 AM ^

But Auburn's offensive problems came when they went to spread and back in like one season. This OC had an undefeated season with Auburn. Really, Tuberville was a victim more of ongoing politics. I mean, in the end it worked out for Auburn, but they had a lot of good seasons it seemed like they were throwing away.


January 12th, 2011 at 8:21 AM ^

Thanks for all the background on BH.  Even though his overall record isn't spectacular it sounds like he's got it together.  Let's see what he can do at a once-elite program.  

I like DB's quote, "I've always believed you never underestimate the power of someone who has something to prove."  If he doesn't work out, life goes on, but he could turn out to be a big hit...just give him the support he needs!

Speaking of DB, he played us all didn't he?  Sounds like he was laughing his "ass off" in some nice cozy office while we all thought he was traipsing around the country getting on his knees for the "popular" choices. Well played DB..well played.  Do we all feel like fools?


January 12th, 2011 at 3:32 PM ^

wow, so a coach that didn't ask about any details of the job and that would have been in ann arbor before the start of the second half of the bowl game was the #1 choice hired a week and a half after brandon had already made up his mind. you can smell that garbage at stanford, lsu, and back across the whole country.


January 12th, 2011 at 9:15 AM ^

Glad the players are excited. Don't really care how Braylon "University of Lloyd Carr" feels, but it's great to hear that our current players are buying in already. I have no doubt that Hoke is a decent fellow and a decent coach. I still worry about our offense though.

Thurman Merman

January 12th, 2011 at 10:18 AM ^

The term "player's coach" had me a little uneasy to hear it because it just seems like such a negative thing at the NFL level, where you only ever seem to hear it.  I then reminded myself that this isn't the NFL level and that Pete Carroll was always viewed as a "player's coach".  Not that I expect that kind of results, but it shows it can work and be welcomed within a successful team.


I'm all in.


January 12th, 2011 at 12:45 PM ^

Gives us some hope especially for those who don't know him and hate the hire just because of the unwarranted negativity presented before this.