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The second of two players ranked in the top-10 nationally in this 2017 class, Alexis Allan goes by her nickname "Lou"

She HAILS from Hesperia, California (35 miles North of San Bernardino) and plays for Oak Hills High School. 

Allan batted .600(!) last season with 51 hits, 43 RBIs and 15 bombs. Her career batting average is also .600 with 33 home runs. 

Her travel team is the Firecrackers-Rico Club whom she won the PGF 18U National Championship with in 2016. The club has finished in the top-5 nationally in each of the last 4 years.

Previously ranked #22 in the FloSoftball Hot 100 National Rankings, she elevated her game and it was noticed as is the #8 ranked player nationally in the final update to the Flo rankings. 

The #1 ranked primarily 1B in the country. Michigan is in need of 1Bs for 2018 and beyond because, um, the depth chart is little scary right now.

The 1B depth chart in 2018 by year-

Player (Primary Pos.) Year.
Aidan Falk Sr.
Tera Blanco (P)^ Sr.
Taylor Swearingen Sr.
Lou Allan Fr.

Now of course this doesn't mean that other infielders can't slide over to 1B. That chart is just going by who has played 1B during this past Fall exhibtion season. Falk looks to be the starter this season with Blanco filling in sometimes when she's not scheduled to be pitching.

FloSoftball ($) on Lou Allan-

Alexis has taken her game to another level. She was already dominant before she starred on the Tony Rico Firecrackers team that won PGF 19U Premier Nationals. Nicknamed "Lou," she hit .600 with 43 RBI, 15 home runs, and compiled a 1.931 OPS in the spring to earn Riverside Daily Press Softball Athlete of the Year honors. The day after winning Nationals, Lou began a hard-core training regime that helped her lose 20 pounds in the last few months and gain even more strength. It's going to be fun to watch how much better she's going to be. The Hesperia, California senior is already wired with great DNA-- her grandmother, Sheila Cornell-Douty, played on the first USA Olympic team (1996), won two Gold medals (1996, 2000), and has been inducted into the National Softball Hall of Fame (2006). Lou has the advanced mental tools to know how to hit at the college level and she can effectively drive the ball based on where it's pitched. A three-time All-Area pick, she committed to Michigan in May of her freshman year.

Hutch on Allan from MGoBlue.com-

"Lou Allan is a highly-talented and highly-sought-after player," said Hutchins. "She has an outstanding background in softball; her grandmother was one of the greatest ever to play the game, Sheila Cornell, a two-time Olympian. We expect her to come in and make a significant impact. She's already been invited to be involved with USA Softball before she even leaves high school, so that speaks volumes. She comes from a premiere travel ball program, so she has great experience. My hope is that she'll come in and not miss a beat."



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I grew up in nearby Victorville (home of the Victor Valley High School Jackrabbits!) and that was pretty much a hellhole. Hesperia was the same or worse.

"Lou" will think she has died and gone to heaven when she arrives in Ann Arbor!


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I'm struggling with Math here.....If her grandma was an Olympian in 2000, and she's presumably about 17-18 years old right now, that would have made her 1 or 2 years old when her GRANDMA was an Olympian, right? I dont know the average age of an Olympic softball player, but that just seems odd at first glance, no?

Big Blue in WI

December 20th, 2016 at 10:59 PM ^

I was wondering the same thing. Even if Grandma was at the tail end of her softball career when she was an Olympian...that would put her in her mid-fifties on the high end. Definitely quite young to have a grand daughter about to embark on her college days. Nevertheless, she appears to come from great stock. Welcome and Go Blue!


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and see them compete with the best in the country...  You'll end up a fan.... Women's softball is a great spectator sport with lots of action and Michigan is a terrific team.  If you miss that, watch the College World Series in May-June.  We'll most likely be there.

South Bend Wolverine

December 21st, 2016 at 12:14 AM ^

Great write-up, WD - this is some great stuff!  Beaubien & Allan could end up something like the Sierras, twin stars that define an era.  If they both live up to their sky-high potential, then UM softball is in great hands for years to come.