The hell does Wiltfong know?

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he has Ekiyor going to Bama now.  A recent crystal ball as of tonight.  I know Sam said last week that he expects the good guys to be ahead in his recruitment even after his official visit to Tuscaloosa.    



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2018 recruiting class has been a major disappointment. Harbaughs Oline recruiting has been severely underwhelming as well. Drevno needs to go this offseason. Seeing Isaiah Wilson and Deverey Hamilton suit up for UGA and Stanford hurts.


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Oh no, somebody said something negative, that must mean they think everything is terrible and bad! Its must be literally impossible to recognize flaws while still being able to enjoy and support something!  Things are good, the 2018 recruiting is bad, nuance, how does it work?

And fans pay for Harbaugh's contract, I feel a connection to the team and pay money for a cable subscription that includes btn and pay hundreds of dollars to go back for a game becaues of the emotional attachment I have from attending the school and being friends with players.  Whats the point of supporting a team if you don't feel a connection to it?  Of course I'll use we and I'll never feel bad about it, its literally what makes college sports better.


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nice classy post mom. he's right the OL recruiting under harbaugh is the biggest issue. we'd have a shot at the playoff if this team had OTs. but this team isn't going to do anything with the offensive line sturgles. 10-3 again? yay.


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When you don't like my post, I know I'm ok.

And even if recruiting under JH is "the biggest issue" ... we wouldn't have a shot at the playoffs without all the other pieces that are there... so? What do you want to do about it? Let's go hire someone to fix it...and let's go back in time to do it?

And, on a bigger point? When have I ever been classy? Coming from you (king of class) that's a real burn. Ouch.


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with Michigans recruiting know more about the players UM has and needs in future classes and who Michigan should recruit to fit what they want to do in the future. I'm sure Harbaugh would love to have this knowledge so send him a list of who in the country he should recruit, because he obviously doesn't know and neither do any of his coaches who actually see these players in person.


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How much are you in for? I mean really? How much money do you personally donate every year to Michigan Football or the Athletic Department? 

How do you rank the current coaching staff? What are your metrics? Does Don Brown satisfy your criteria? 

Do you boo the team when they don't perform to your expectations?

How much recruiting experience do you have? Ever been in the home of a prospective recruit and discussed Michigan Football with them? Learned about their family, their situation, and adapted a gameplan for why Michigan is the right choice for them? No? Shocking. Keep you hot takes to yourself. 

Better yet, go root for Alabama - Michigan is obviously not the right "fit" for you.


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Drevno has had a good career track record as an OL coach. Coordinating the offense seems to have taken him away from that more narrow focus. He's better suited IMO for that position. This isn't about denoting a guy and putting him in charge of OL for no reason other than keeping him on board.


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Does he really though?


Outside Stanford it doesn't really seem to be the case (well, maybe the 49ers - but he was the co-OL coach there with Mike Solari)


Comparing Drevno years vs. the average of 2 years before and 2 years after Drevno:



Before/after: 4.1 yards per carry

Drevno: 3.6 yards per carry



Before/after: 4.0 yards per carry

Drevno: 3.6 yards per carry



Before/after: 4.4 yards per carry

Drevno: 5.3 yards per carry



Before/after: 4.8 yards per carry

Drevno: 4.0 yards per carry


October 4th, 2017 at 7:42 AM ^

Before only -



Before: 3.6 yards per carry

Drevno: 3.6 yards per carry



Before: 4.3 yards per carry

Drevno: 3.6 yards per carry



Before: 4.0 yards per carry

Drevno: 5.3 yards per carry



Before: 4.8 yards per carry

Drevno: 4.0 yards per carry


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Let’s face it, if Drevno wasn’t cool with Harbaugh, he should be handed his walking papers this year! He hasn’t recruited that great and the OL on the field have been average at best. Greg Frey is a proven OL coach so he should take over the whole line. Let Drevno go, and we can find a bright young mind out there to be the OC.


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Underwhelming. It is over half full and not one consensus top 100 recruit, nor are we leading for any consensus top 100 players. You would think with this small of a class they would be able to focus more efforts on the top players. This looks more like a Hoke class rankings wise. The good news is that Harbaugh has shown a much better eye for talent but I still expected more top end players in year three


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I at first thought these kids would stick, but realized the two programs we are dealing with. Saban and Smart will lure them with insentives Michigan does not offer. Ekiyor is picking out his slightly used vehicle right know. Reese will be getting his also. I can't believe these fucks get away with this shit. They are both pitino's or worse. If Michigan wants to win NC's they better take the gloves off or they will get Isiah Wilsoned everytime. I wonder who offered Gary ten grand?. Michigan knows what happened with Wilson. Hope they learned there lesson. It is not right , but it sure is the way it works in today's college football. All of Alabama's NC's are bought and paid for so if Michigan wants to keep it's recruits they will have to ask what is Alabama offering at this time. Ditto for Georgia.


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Would also look like sour grapes and a sore loser.  Harbaugh's rep would take a ding as in the end those accusations are ultimately unprovable right now.

Throw in the FBI with their subpeona power I'm certain something will turn up but you can't come out as a coach saying those things unless you have hard proof.  Witnesses, a signed document, picture of Wilson shaking hands with the booster handing over cash both with big smiles on their faces with their ID's out, recorded conversation where the parties involved all state their full names, addresses, and SSN's.

Short of that we're not gonna see anything come of the bag men with the power the NCAA wields currently.  


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You have a point about speaking up only when you have something concrete.  However, I don't lose much sleep over Harbaugh's rep.  The national media has already decided he is eccentric (true) and therefore overrated (false).  He can't even raise a concern about an uncalled targeting penalty knocking Michigan's starting QB out for most of the season without some jackass trying to draw a false equivalency to preseason depth charts.  Harbaugh ain't winning a popularity contest with people who already find him annoying, so stop caring.


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I agree. In the wake of the basketball world being exposed, this would have a better chance of going over well. Harbaugh is just the guy to do it, too.

I'm always amazed that we can recruit as well as we do without going quite so far as many of the other schools (especially in basketball). 

This is why every Michigan fan should, in my opinion, be in favor of paying the athletes. We are currently laboring under a huge disadvantage that would disappear, or perhaps tilt in favor of us, if paying athletes was legalized, for lack of a better term.


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Even if the players get paid legally there would still be shady under the table stuff going on.  There is just too much money being made by the NCAA and dumped into the system by boosters to ever be totally clean.

I don't really have a problem with players gettting a little something more than tuition, room and board but I don't believe that getting paid is going to solve these problems.


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Do professional teams have bagmen, boosters, and alumni?

College vs Pros is more complicated than just "pros pay players."

Pro players get endorsement deals and sometimes the endorsers influence where a player signs. There are other things that figure in as well.  The state tax rate probably influences more than a few players. Team ownership. 


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Really no need to. You can just tell someone in LA that they can make more money off the floor in endorsements or film & television than you would be able to in most markets. Florida and Texas teams can sell no state income tax. So there are ways NBA teams can appeal to a player’s pocket without giving them money under the table.

Harlans Haze

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especially SEC schools for "possible" recruiting improprieties. I'm not saying it's out of the realm of possibility, but I don't believe that saban has ever drawn any looks from the ncaa, as far as recruiting goes. And, it's not like the ncaa hasn't gone after alabama before. Also, it's not like it doesn't take two to tango in these situations, as we're finding out with the basketball probe. But, it's THREE months before these kids can even sign a LOI. I'd recommend letting it all play out before you go accusing Ekiyor and Reese of being cheaters, because that's basically what your post does.Up until Dec/Feb, they're allowed to change their minds without consequence. Just because they change their mind doesn't mean that they're on the take. Not to mention that you want Michigan to abandon the ethics in which we all take enormous pride. We're all breathing a sigh of relief about having Beilein as our Bball coach because we know the standards that he upholds. I'm pretty sure that we expect Harbaugh to uphold those same standards. Are you advocating that we don't? Oh, and by the way, he is 24-6 so far. And, P.S. grammar man, grammar.



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For the six that negged me, please tell me anything about my post that isn't 100 % accurate. Hey if you feel Michigan is clean and should remain that way, I feel that is fine. If you feel Georgia and Alabama don't have boosters hooking recruits up you are flat out delusional. Calling them out is not going to do anything, everyone allready knows. Look at ole miss. That stuff was flat out obvious and the ncaa took for ever to even look into it. What's funny is Alabama as foul as they are were probably screaming the loudest because they were losing to them. As Michigan continues to lose players like Wilson, Reese and Ekiyor you are more than welcome to neg me for calling teams out, but don't come on here and bitch about are recruiting and call for the heads of our coaching staff. You can't have it both ways. Fan bases all over the country name Georgia and Alabama as the biggest offenders. I am sure thousands upon thousands of fans are wrong. I don't know if Reese and Ekiyor are going to decommit, but I am more than positive they are being offered some serious incentives outside of the football field.

Harlans Haze

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as dirty. That is not 100% accurate. And, despite what happened with Wilson (none of us know), you imply that he is dirty as well. I know not every school plays cleanly, but sometimes kids change their minds. Reese lives in Georgia, it's not unfathomable that he would change is mind, even after a year+ and decide to stay close to home...especially to play for another winning team. And, despite Ekiyor's affinity for Michigan, no recruit can be blamed for ultimately choosing Alabama. No one knows that there is anything sinister going on. Did other schools think something sinister was going on when Michigan plucked Asiasia out of the west coast 2 years ago. What about when they flipped Gentry out of Texas at the last minute? Did anyone think Michigan's bagman was on the prowl? Maybe in Texas. How many 18 year olds do you know that can hold out on a career/life-changing decision for well over a year, with elite schools knocking on their door every day. It's not a reasonable expectation.


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Harbaugh's "Oline recruiting has been severely underwhelming?!"


Oline by Year

2015 - 1 Four Star and 2 Three Star (Can't blame him, as he had 1.5 months to assemble this class)

2016 - 2 Four Star and 1 Three Star. (Both four star players were in the top 5 nationally at their position)

2017 - 3 Four Star and 2 Three Star. (#1 Rated Center)

2018 - 3 Four Star - thus far.

2019 - 1 Four Star - thus far.


How on earth is this "severely underwhelming?"  2016 should have had 1 more Olinemen in it, but he has done well over all so far with recruiting prospects - the problem is, his guys are still young.  Ideally, Olinemen are red shirted and don't become a starter until their 3rd year or so in the system.