Hearing it from OSU fans today

Submitted by JClay on November 27th, 2010 at 7:32 PM
Just had a shitty Ford Festiva full of drunken truck drivers pull up in front of my building (I fly a 6x4 block M flag) and blast Hang On Sloopy and chant O H I O for fifteen minutes. I went outside after ten or so with a baseball bat and threw ice water at their car and told them to get their illiterate hillbilly asses off my property and they did after another five minutes. This is getting fucking old. What OSU bastards have you heard from today?



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I don't think so. I think today the defense at least flashed SOME potential. I heard from some idiot on the radio (this was the only semi-intelligent thing he said) that so long as we get from a dreadful D to a bad D, we're easily in the 9-10 loss team. If the O had executed like it could today, I don't think more than 37 points is unreachable 


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I completely agree..


Could anyone seriously have thought if they knew how bad our D actually was gonna finish statistically this year that we would have won 7 possibly 8 games this year?


I think you might hear cricket chirps..

I for one am glad this team busted their ass out there, specially for how young we are on defense.  We are def making more plays than we did earlier in the season on D, although we have been playing much better teams.


We lost to 3 top 10 teams, people can bitch all they want, but in 3 years and RR only really having 2 full recruiting classes i didn't think we would be a top 10 team at all in year 3


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Could anyone seriously have thought if they knew how bad our D actually was gonna finish statistically this year that we would have won 7 possibly 8 games this year?

OK, so I should feel better knowing that we eeked out seven wins despite probably not even being as good as that record indicates?


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I felt it was apparent I was being sarcastic, but apparently I needed a /s tag.

I took a baseball bat because I had four drunken jackasses I had never seen before running around my house and screaming O H I O. If they thought that was a good idea, it was not out of the realm of possibility one of them would have a weapon or want to throw down or who knows what. It's not like I went outside trying to start something.

Kilgore Trout

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I've been to every UM/OSU game since '88, and this was by far the least amount of crap I have taken.  I rode a COTA bus full of Ohio State fans to the stadium, milled around in the stadium, watched the game, rode a bus back and literally not a single person said a word to me.  That's the biggest indictment yet.


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I live in Ohio and I can tell you without question they are the most awesomest spellers in the freaking world.  The fact that this crummy state only has three unique letters makes it somewhat easier for them to nail it but give them credit.....they hardly EVER screw it up.


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Not heard much. Don't have any OSU acquaintences actually, I avoid them (in all seriousness I will be an asshole to someone just for being affiliated with that place). Also live in Michigan.


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OSU has a big GIS department.  I bet 1/4 of the people I work with went there.  I have a lanyard for my work badge that has Michigan Wolverines and Block M's all over it.  Everytime someone gives me crap, I always throw one of my dad's 2 favorite lines at them:

"Oh, you went to OSU?  I'm sorry.  You should have tried harder in high school."


"You know what the first thing a girl from Ohio State says after having sex?  'Get off me dad, you're crushing my cigarette'".



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One of my good friends happened to graduate from OSU.  She sent me a nice text asking what I was doing and if I was watching any TV around Noon (CST).  My only response was, waiting until next year...sad.


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I was in the OSU student section wearing maize and blue...yea, I heard a lot from OSU fans. I learned a lot about myself today:

1) I apparently look like piss...a lot.

2) I'm going to hell for being a Michigan fan, and Jesus doesn't forgive that sin.

3) I live in a cess-pool.

4) I'm a faggot.

All joking aside, the best thing to do is just shut your mouth, avoid eye contact, and mind your own business like my buddies and I did.

I honestly smiled through a lot of it, because I know that the day we beat them again, it will feel so good to just celebrate with class and high five and hug my friends for all the years of anguish we've endured. It will happen again.


November 27th, 2010 at 10:10 PM ^

I went to the Toledo Zoo today in my Michigan wind-breaker to see the Christmas lights. I saw a lot of osu stuff, but nobody said anything to me. I guess people were more civil and sober. Other than that, I just ignored old friends and put my facebook wall on lock-down, so I'm doing well.


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It is sad for us, but it is also sad for them. 

They beat their existential nemisis and nobody even cares.  It did not warrent any more of a highlight on SportsCenter than Missouri beating Kansas.

Beating us is something that defines them, yet it means nothing. 

Urban Warfare

November 27th, 2010 at 10:39 PM ^

I only stayed for the second half to see whether Tressel would go for one more touchdown to set a new record for biggest win in The Game.  I hoped he would because I think we need a '68 type blowout to get Michigan going again.   Other than that, this could have been a Sisters of the Poor game.


November 28th, 2010 at 6:21 PM ^

You can't be serious. The Sisters have a pretty solid defensive front and fly to the ball. They don't take shit from anyone and their helmets have angel wings - which are even better than ours!

In all seriousness, it's sad how far the rivalry's level of competitiveness has slipped. Since 2006, I've actually dreaded this game because I've never thought that we really had a winning chance. I hate Ohio State, but I hate the current state of UM football even more.

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