Heads up - TJ Oshie about to be interviewed on NBCSports by Dan Patrick

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Title says it all.



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It was a quick interview.  Seems like a very humble kid that doesn't really realize that he will probably never buy a drink in the states again.  He said that he has a plan going into every penalty shot and that his teammates are already busting his chops.  He also made sure to mention that Johnny Quick was just as good as he was in the moment and that the entire USA team deserves credit for a great win.  

Bando Calrissian

February 15th, 2014 at 1:48 PM ^

Why? What's so unforgettable about this?

Not the medal round, teams of millionaire professionals who are all at basically the same skill level, needs 8 shootout rounds to complete after Russia's game-winning goal was taken off the board on a pretty weak mooring review...

Sorry, but this was a pretty good game, but let's curb the hyperbole. Miracle on Ice this is not.


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If you forget an american skater taking every penalty shot against Russia, in Russia, in an Olympic hockey game and coming out on top then I feel sorry for you.  I am not a huge hockey fan but I follow the wings and had never heard of TJ Oshie before today.  I can promise you that I will never forget his name.  


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Something that T.J. Oshie said, quoted by Fox Sports, rather underscores why I have always thought it was at least amusing to listen to some athletes describe what was going on in their mind in the moment:

"I was just thinking of something else I could do, trying to keep him guessing," said Oshie, the St. Louis Blues forward. "Had to go back to the same move a couple times, but I was glad it ended when it did. I was running out of moves there."

It was good enough though - he seemed to rattle the goalie just enough. 

Canada loves S…

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What today's game told me was that the gold medal could very easily come down to a single goal.  That's all that seperates U.S., Sweden, the Ruskies and the good guys.


Scares the hell out of me