True Blue Grit

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Someone asks him (Paterno) did he know about Jerry.  And he nails that facial expression of incompetence, ostritch-in-the-sand, semi-senility all at once.   Hopefully though, this special will keep alive the evil that was done at Penn State so people won't forget.  


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 Unfortunately, I'm sure they are going to "white-wash" it. Casting him in the light of having to make some sort of moral choice between the kids and reputation of the university or some horse hockey like that. So everyone feels sympathetic towards Paterno, when they should be vilifying him.


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"The film lays out the elements of the story and leaves you to make your own judgment," director Levinson said. "There are times when you may feel one way, and times when you may feel a totally different way, and I think that's what makes the piece so compelling."


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Pretty sure I won't watch, but I genuinely hope it paints a highly accurate picture and becomes massively popular, even winning an Oscar or two, so it haunts Penn State fans forever like the actual events likely haunt the victims.


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Fuck PSU. Fuck MSU. Fuck any other schools that turn a blind eye to hurting kids, it’s our main responsibility as adults, and I, like everyone else am disgusted by their actions.


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that it's not like we got a ton of material to figure out how the Sandusky thing really affected him or how he affected it, how the story really played out. We know bits and pieces and some facts that have been conceded, but you gotta fill in a lot of blanks.

Paterno and his family were so keen on reputation protection and he died not too long after the stuff came out. There never was a Paterno mea culpa, dude didn't write a book about it, didn't provide his honest view and memory of things to writers or journalists.

So you're just gonna get an outside view on Paterno. But if you're gonna make a movie about a person, you should know more about they really ticked, what drove their choices in the key parts of the story etc. Without that it's just not gonna have a lot of depth.

The Fan in Fargo

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Making a movie on this makes me sick. I kind of hope they have a scene with Paterno in huge distress after getting his ass kicked my Michigan in their first meeting in 93. Or was it 94? I was in the second grade. Hard to remember.