Hats off to Northwestern!

Submitted by elhead on March 18th, 2017 at 7:50 PM

Hosed repeatedly by the refs, even tho they didn't win provided a maximum exposure job on Gonzaga. Good look for the B1G! (But next time - WIN THE DAMNED GAME!!)



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The NCAA said officials erred Saturday night by not calling basket interference and goaltending by a Gonzaga player late in the top-seeded Bulldogs' 79-73 second-round NCAA tournament victory over No. 8 seed Northwestern in Salt Lake City.

The Wildcats had trimmed a 22-point deficit to five and had the ball when Gonzaga's Zach Collins reached up through the basket to reject Dererk Pardon's shot with 4:54 left in the game. There was no call, and Northwestern coach Chris Collins, jawing with the officials all day, ran onto the court and was slapped with a technical foul.


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Agreed. An adult, even an 18y/o, I'm right there with you, but this kid probably got his first zit the other day, he's finally working on growing a few seasoned curlies, he can't figure out what the hell seems so different about Susie in his homeroom all of a sudden, his body's just a mess of stupid hormones, and you're gonna bust his balls because he gets emotional watching his team is getting jobbed by the refs?

You shoulda had a camera in my living room after the state game last year. Now THAT was some meme-worthy irrationality.


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For those who coach basketball, you got to use this game as a teaching lesson on how to make comebacks. Gonzaga was dominating Northwestern. But Zaga took their foot off the gas peddle while Northwestern played harder. Gonzaga missed some free throws and Northwestern got hot and before you knew it, Gonzaga looked shell shocked which resulted in some poor turnovers and bad shots


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Horrible missed goaltending that was compounded by Collins absolutely going berserk, which was inexcusable.

As a side note, CBS repeatedly cutting back to the Northwestern kid, who was barely in control of his emotions himself, was absurd.

Mitch Cumstein

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Meh. There are 32 teams left. The zags were up 38-20 at the half. Sure NW had a great half and got back in it. I'm not sure EXPOZ'D!!!! Is the way I see it. Maybe the refs were exposed.


March 18th, 2017 at 8:12 PM ^

But it did show you how you beat Gonzaga. Once the Zags get a big lead, they coast. It hasn't hurt them because most teams roll over a play dead, but Northwestern came out in the second half playing balls to the wall, and got hot which got Gonzaga off guard. Gonzaga hasn't seen huge momentum shifts like that. But outside of poor free throw shooting, Gonzaga can fix the issues they had from this game pretty quickly.


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I don't think they were exposed, but Gonzaga has not looked like a world beater this far. Both Kansas and UNC look like stronger #1s, and I'd Duke is probably just as good. This isn't a great Zags team, just one that didn't lose a couple of games during the year.


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I think most coaches get T-ed up doing what Collins did, but man, the dude was absolutely correct and had every reason in the hoops world to be pissed. I don't blame him for being pissed either. 

Yeah, Northwestern gave Gonzaga a good scare and didn't give up. I will hand them that. Not too bad for never being here before. 

The Fan in Fargo

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That would've been something had two #1 teams went down to the B1G and both being 8 seeds. How did Wisconsin get an 8 seed anyway? Damn I hate the bed shitting Badgers but I cant stand Villanova as well. How is that school a powerhouse year in and year out? I'll tell you how. Politics and bullshit, that's how.