Has Hoke Changed Everything?

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I don't mean for this post to take away from what a great job coach Beilein has done in rebuilding our program. He's taken us to a place in basketball that I can barely remember as a kid, but I've been thinking about this for awhile and I understand that they are only tangently connected, but it seems like Hoke changed everything.


Football is the heart and soul of our athletic program. When Hoke was hired, Michigan basketball was on a brutal game losing streak and was 1-5 in Big Ten play. When Hoke declared "This is Michigan, for God's sake" he seemed to give everyone, not just the football team, a boost of swagger. We went on to get to 9-9 and won a game in the tournament.


This year I've noticed that football and basketball seemed to be connected. Mitch McGary is spotted going nuts during the Western Michigan football game. Tim Hardaway is seen rushing the field after OSU. Denard and company are regulars in the Maize Rage. Beilein calls OSU "Ohio." I even think I remember an interview where one of the basketball guys kept saying "This is Michigan."     


Does anyone else have that feeling?



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for what they've done for their program. Beilein was hired to redirect and re-establish the MBB program and has piece by piece done so with some gritty tough, talented kids...I was not on board with the Hoke hire at first, really felt there were 'better options' and I'm glad to eat crow it tasted delicious sprinkled with some 11-2 BCS sugar on it.  That said I do believe the hype and hysteria of Hokemania has an impact globally on athletics. It brings an athletic department pride and clearly all these kids are tightly connected via social media, classroom, and attending/supporting each other on the field. The under the lights game was electric...beating ohio was a HUGE lift and confidence. I was on campus with the NT game in 89...for a few seasons following, anywhere we went people asked about the MBB team and it was a sense of pride for all of us. It was nice, and albeit perhaps didn't make anyone run faster or throw farther, it made you appreciate the fact you were a MICHIGAN MAN and what that really stood for. When the vultures as mentioned are digging up all the dirt they can find over stretching violations etc, that sucks. Both coaches have guided their young men into battle...each feeds off the electricity of each other and as the saying goes success breeds success there is no doubt.

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I think Beilein has been slowly building his program and making it competitive the other programs in the B10, but I think Hoke added that little bit of swagger.  Hoke is passionate about Michigan and I think Beilein has used that sense of optimism that Hoke brought with him to push his team to the new heights.  All the X's and O's don't matter if your team isn't confident in itself.  The BB and FB teams supporting each other does two things.  One it unites the student body and two success breeds success.  Do you think BB recruits weren't amaized to be at the Big House?  And FB recruits are probably just as amped at Crisler when  Maize Rage is in full swing.  The teams are using each others momentum to make each other better.  It's a great time to Go Blue!!!


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For whatever reason RR had shit luck here....Nothing went right for the dude (And yes, you do make ur own luck, so he is to blame as well.)

Hoke always wanted this job, his dream.  The universe has aligned such that a good guy with a big heart and a love for this school, its traditions, and the game of football is getting all the right breaks.

Love it.


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Well don't jinx the poor guy. I want him to win a couple of National Championships before his contract runs out/he decides to leave/he retires.

This is Michigan defined the athletic program as a cohesive force. I love it. Let's freaken stay united and blow every other team out of the water.