Has Foregoing The Draft Ever Worked Out?

Submitted by Enjoy Life on October 17th, 2009 at 8:05 PM

Serious Question: How many times has a QB foregoing the NFL draft ever worked out?

I remember when Manning (Peyton) returned in 1997. M won the National Championship and Woodson won the Heisman.

Then in 2007, Henne, Hart, and Long returned and .......

Of course, this year it's Sam Bradford.

Anyone know when this has turned out well?



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Braylon stayed for his senior year, won the Biletnikoff (and had his signature moment against MSU) and was drafted third overall.

LaMarr Woodley stayed for his senior year in '06, went on to win the Lombardi Award, and was a high draft pick.

Long was the #1 overall pick after his senior year, so I'm not sure how it didn't work out for him.

Brandon Graham could have left after the 3-9 disaster last year, but instead is a key component on a much better team and can go out on a high note.


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I would say Long for sure becasue the year before was when Joe Thomas Came out from Wisconsin and everyone was in love with him. he is a good tackle but Long was better unfortunately no one else would have saw it that way. I think by staying, even though he did not do it to improve his draft position, he helped himself.


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I'm not sure that Henne/Hart/Long is a great example. Henne and Hart were never serious threats to leave because the NFL wasn't big on either of them, and Long built himself into the #1 overall pick.

But yeah, I definitely see your point.


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Played safety for FSU and would have been a first if not high second round pick in the 2009 draft but was awarded the Rhodes Scholarship and in going to Oxford to get his M.A. in medical anthropology. He did not pass up the draft for another season and a chance for a championship and will also cost himself some signing money as his draft status will likely take a hit but it sounds like he will be alright. I know this is not exactly what the op was referring to but it is a great story. He was an excellent athlete and student who has postponed a NFL career for all the right reasons.


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most analyst had Myron going in the 2nd round, not the 1st. Either way he's sure to drop. It's nice to see someone that's strong enough to choose the path that's right for them, rather then just chase the big dollars.


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I'd say Peyton Manning worked out in the long run. Jake Long also seemed to work well since he was drafted first. Henne seems like his experience is going to pay him dividends as well. So I'm not so sure what's your angle on this, unless your going for college accolades only.

Enjoy Life

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Actually, I did limit it to QBs.

And, by "worked out" I wasn't clear (sorry) but what I meant was that the reason most QBs (and even other players) give to return to college is to accomplish something "great" not merely to spend another year in college and forgo millions of dollars in compensation.


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He forewent (forgoed? forgone?) the draft....can't argue with how that turned out. Playing the hot corner in the ALCS against the Halos right now...


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Henson Retired from baseball in 2004 to go back to football and most recently was cut from the Lions this past april. Pretty sure A Rod is holding down the hot corner for the Yanks tonight.

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GBMW and ERoc's douchnozzle attitude on Scout used to annoy the shit out of me, now I only read it when someone points out something stupid that they write. My avatar thing is just an immature way of mocking their e-blog. Especially the mailbag feature that seems to be either made up questions or just not even come close to answering the question they get.


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Ryan was a heisman candidate his junior year and projected to go in the middle of the first round. Instead he stuck around and led WSU to the Rose Bowl, where they almost upset No. 1 Michigan. By playing one more year, he won the Pac 10 and then got wrapped in the Peyton love fest which catapulted his worthless ass to a No. 2 overall draft spot and a big pay day without ever having to win an NFL game. I'd say it worked out pretty well for him!