Has Brian abandoned all basketball coverage?

Submitted by aaamichfan on January 8th, 2012 at 1:03 PM
UMhoops is a good site, but I usually like to read Brian's take on things. Figured now that football is over, he'd at least be doing game previews. Has he decided to permanently give it up?



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There is still .00000001% of the Sugar Bowl that hasn't been fully disected yet.  That will take about another week.  The Board will be 50% hoops by the time Sparty comes to town, and Brian will turn his focus pretty sqaurely on MBB by mid-february.  I think that the gutty outing in Bloomington and the thrashing of the Badgers probably opened some eyes up too.  Michigan's basketball team is serious and may contend for the conference title.  I think it will plenty of love from GoBlog coming up here shortly.


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You should support the UMhoops site for bball. MgoBlog doesn't have the be the only source for M news. UMhoops is the superior product anyways.


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It gets me my statistical information and Dylan usually does a good job showing through statistics how the game was played and what pushed one team over the top. The writing is extremely boring though with very little substance as you say. It's basically introduction to how game was played, paragraph for each of the four tempo-free stat breakdowns, then a short recap of each player who saw significant minutes.


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Now that football season is over there will also be a lot more UFRs—the plan is to have both the offense and defense done for today's game against Wisconsin. Not sure how long that will take, since I've never done a defensive one, let alone both, but my goal is to have those up by the end of the week.


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....would probably be a bad idea unless you can get it up within 2 days.  If you try to have it by the end of the week you are looking at two other games that they will have played by next Sat afternoon.

Can't really use a football timeline for a basketball idea IMO.

I would suggest a quicker metric to use to get them up quicker.  BBall is a 2-3 day newscycle not 7 days like fball.

Just my 2 cents.





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I wonder if that effort is mis-delegated.

I don't think basketball lends itself very well to UFR type plays.  How do you really UFR a transition game?  How do you UFR off-the-ball defense? 

I think it would be a better use of time to focus on quality previews and anectdotal game recaps.

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People also need to realize that Ace is essentially doing 80% of what Tim did (minus the press conferences) and 50% of what Tom did (which grows every week with more connections for Ace). It's tough to cover Bball like what Dylan does because there are so many games. Dylan does a great job so support him by all means, but we shouldn't expect a lot of Hockey and Bball previews because of the small staff who is focused on what most of us care the most about:  football.


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The offseason usually shows an uptick in basketball stuff. No inside info here, but I'm guessing we'll see more basketball stuff in the coming weeks.


January 8th, 2012 at 4:04 PM ^

As per usual coverage ramps up once football is clear. There will be weekend recap posts for hockey and bball Monday and more regular notes columns.

The previews are of limited use, IMO, with UMHoops putting out essentially what we'd write, but if people want them we can start them up.


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Since this is a more generalized basketball thread, and not the game open thread, I have some basketball questions.

What' happening with Horford?  I know he has an injury, but does anyone have insight as to the severity of it?  When we can expect him back?  With the way he played against UCLA I can't help but wonder if he could have been the difference needed against Indiana.  In a week we start a pretty brutal 3 week stretch and it would be nice to have him.

And what's going on with Brundidge?  I expected more production out of him.  Is he having difficulty picking up the system?  I know Beilein says it ususally takes a year, and some are just faster.  Is he progressing or is there a risk that Staukas leapfrogs him and takes the minutes that free up from Novak and Stu graduating?  Or maybe Vogrich finally plays worthwhile minutes.  Oddly Vogrich seems to be regressing.


January 8th, 2012 at 4:35 PM ^

Horford has a stress fracture in his foot.  I don't think the prognosis is very positive right now.  There are rumblings about him possibly needing a medical redshirt.

It looks like Brundidge just isn't ready for action right now.  He seems like a tweener at the guard positions and might not be in the best shape.