Has Anyone Ever Asked This Question? Who called Hackett?

Submitted by 303john on January 8th, 2015 at 1:09 PM

How did Schlissel come up with Hackett? I am sure as heck glad he did.. 


It does make you wonder how this all went down? I have heard that back in Sept that Jim had agreed to come. Did Jack Harbaugh start the ball rolling with Moeller and Carr? 


If this has been discussed I apologize.. 



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My working theory is that Hackett was the guy who reached out on U-M's behalf and more or less pledged Schlissel/the Regents that he could deliver Jim if hired.




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This is the only Michigan athletics thing I have ever had a personal connection on, but the day before he accepted the job, my sister-in-law was in New York with some Amway bigwigs, and she found herself eating lunch with Hackett as part of the excursion.

Her boss told her as they were walking to the restaurant that Jim was the CEO of Steelcase, and had an important decision to make soon, but didn't elaborate. It didn't come up over lunch.

So my theory is he was approached and took some time to think it over, rather than he approached Schlissel.

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That could be.  In any event I believe he had been in contact with the Harbaughs (he played when Jack was a coach here) for some time before his official appointment, and that was what set him apart from other AD candidates.  I think the decision to make a run at Harbaugh was made first and then Hackett hired.




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Same boat.

I remember thinking how far out of the loop I was by waiting the whole weekend after the site update to register for the new post-Haloscan world.

Should only be another 20 years or so before I can cast a vote.


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I feel like there were a lot of Henson defenders throughout the process and they felt vindicated when a lot of his information turned out to be true. I'm pretty neutral about the guy and just address his claims with skepticism (like pretty much anyone), but there has been quite the pro-Henson vs anti-Henson battle going on the past few months.


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I think there are two unofficial rules about MgoPoints.  #1 is "Don't talk about your own MGoPoints."  #2 is "The surest way to get negged is to complain about being negged."

Paying attention to every negative vote is the MGoBlog version of micromanaging.  It is probably better to save your energy for having fun.  

Another hint for a relatively new member: you may want to get the "lay of the land" before you start walking around blindfolded.


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I like to call them neg-stalkers.  I've had a few of them, one of which would go as far as to often comment on whatever I had posted about the disagreement we previously had in the past, even if the thread I was on was completely unrelated.

It got really old, and really creepy, real quick.


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All the downvoting is ridiculous. I don't get the point at all, especially when this is a legitimate question. Downvoting should be reserved for inflammatory posts, trolling, and double or triple posts where it's obvious the OP didn't look at the board before posting. I'm also for downvoting posts that are unreadable. Also, all this downvoting has led posters to apologize for posting stuff - I'm sorry if this was posted already, etc. This because there's so much random grief given around here. Sheesh, it's a football blog. 


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I agree that has become established form and unwritten rule on the blog and I'm fine following that. But a lot of people downvote an OP for no apparent reason. Aren't downvotes used more to discourage certain types of posts, and shouldn't the down button be used judiciously? If I see the thread downvoted, I can sometimes predict who had the itchy downvote finger because he uses it a lot.