Hart/Purdue vs. Smith/BYU

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Pretty Simple - which Miraculous "He's not down? What?!" touchdown run do you prefer?

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Both players show incredible balance somehow maintaining their feet through a mess, both had people going "He's still up?", both broke another tackle on their way to the end zone. So which one is your favorite? In looking at these, I watched a lot of Mike Hart runs, and I have to say that while I LOVE the agression Smith runs with - I think Hart's balance was equal or better than Smith, and there's just something about the way Hart could teleport three feet to the side and make a sure tackler completely whiff that few people ever see. I'm biased from watching all these highlights, but I still give the edge to Hart.



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Michigan. He was the best running back in his decade.  

That being said, Smith's single run was incredible and inspiring at the same time. I would imagine it raised the bar for his teammates.  Awesome.


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Smith. Watching him break into the open field was incredible and then him just beating up on a defender for a solid 20 yards was even better. The crowd went 100% nuts.


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The Smith run. It's easy to see on replay how Mike Hart managed to stay up. It was impressive, but not of the "what? wait, what?" variety.

During the Smith run, my exact thoughts -- in order -- were "Oh, good, he's pushing the pile forward for a first down....wait, what??? Oh my god! Holy shit! AHHHHHH!!!!!!"

I have watched the Smith reply 15 times before I saw how he was able to get through, and I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around it.


Give me Hart's career over Smith's for now....but the Smith run was the most ridiculous teleportation act I've ever seen.


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I'd say Smith mainly because of the moment of the game. His touchdown run broke the game open and put Michigan up 21-0, and suddenly Michigan was blowing out BYU.


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I was watching the Seahawks vs Saints playoff game live when Marshawn Lynch did his original beast mode run. I had the same feeling of awe when I saw Smith pop out of that pile--I knew he was going to score, even when the safety caught up to him at the 30 yard line. In my head I was like "now comes the part where Smith says 'get off me bitch' and flings some fool to the ground." The Hart run was impressive, but that Smith run was up there with the Legg goal and the Woodson INT.

rob f

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I'm still not sure I believe what I'm seeing, even after seeing the video and gif numerous times.

One of the all-time great plays I've ever seen at The Big House.

Mike Hart had the better overall body of work, though. Hart just had the most incredible sense of balance of any Michigan RB I've watched.