Hart Loves Auburn Visit

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There's an article on Rivals that goes over Hart's visit to Auburn.  Apparently he absolutely loved it and says it was a 9 out of 10.  The only thing that could've made it a ten, according to him, is if he would've committed.  Some things he cited as being so great is the joy and enthusiasm of the fans, the players and how those are representative of SEC football.  He's now done taking visits and says his decision could come at any time...

Link to article: http://michigan.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1128437


Yes I am THAT guy

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Yeah i believe you are correct sir. I live in ATL now, deep in the heart of SEC/ACC country. A large number of people here are Big 10 fans. I know some Wiscy, lil brother, Penn state, but mostly Ohio state and Michigan fans here in ATL.  The south is very aware of the big 2 in the big 10. Auburn fans are scattered through the south but mostly in Alabama like you said. People in Alabama and anyone outside the confines of the greater ATL are strait rednecks.


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That's great and all, but we are talking about the state of Florida, not Alabama.  If Hart were an Alabama kid, I'd be a lot more concerned.  If it comes down to Michigan and Alabama, he will pick Michigan. 

Besides, if you want to talk about coaches on the hot seat, many Auburn fans were, and still are, incredulous that their school hired a guy who failed at Iowa State.


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I'll be very surprised if he commits to us. I've believed for a while now that if he was going to confirm Sam's gut feeling he would have done so already, especially considering all the visits he's had here. I wouldn't discount the factor of distance in this instance should he choose Auburn.


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In watching Dyer, it almost looks like he has gotten too muscle bound or something.   He seems almost stiff.   Good back but not as shifty, fast or fluid as Dee.    I don't believe Dee would be all that intimidated by the prospect of competing with Dyer.  

Unless Dee told the interviewer what he wanted to hear (which I doubt) or unless that Rivals article is inaccurate (which is possible though not probable), I am concerned about Dee committing to us now.   The info conveyed in that article does not bode well for us.  


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Dee has always been honest and stand up about where things stand, that much is for sure.

The fact that he did not at least publicly commit to them after that atmosphere last night says his head is on straight and he knows what he wants.

You gotta love the fact that he stuck to his guns and took the 2 most important officials he said would happen.

Whatever his choice you can only wish the kid well and hope he has a great career at the school of his choosing.


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He has taken way to many unofficials up here, you dont drop that kinda money for plane tickets that many times if your not very interested and sincere about said school.

Kid is debating between the 2 schools he likes the best, I have no doubt he doesn't want to hurt either coach, but again he has been completely up front about where things stand and there is no reason to think he has played either school.


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FWIW, before he even took the Auburn visit he said a decision will be coming very soon.  The fact the title of the Rivals article says "decision looming" was already known before he even visited Auburn.


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While we knew a decision was coming soon, it was mostly b/c he is graduating early and will enroll at his school of choice in January.  But it has also been known that he was going to wait until after he visited Alabama and Michigan again as well.  And from reading his comments in the article, a decision should be coming in the next week or two.


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Auburn's best chance at landind him was last night and he didn't commit.I think after a couple days Dee Hart will have us at the top where we have been for a while.I also was rooting for clemson to win,dam did they choke! Also do you think he would go to HA HA'S Rival?


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Dee is just doing his due diligence. I believe he is a silent commit to Michigan, but it is dependent upon the job security of Rich Rod. If there are concerns about RR's job, he wants to know that he will go somewhere where there is a stable coaching situation. 

I do not harbor any ill will toward Dee for doing what he is doing, in fact, I think it only shows his intelligence. If I were in the same situation, I would look at every program that I thought I might attend (even if Michigan was my number one choice). I still believe that in the end he will choose the Maize and Blue.

We need to just keep supporting the team and the staff we have now and good things will continue to happen. That includes recruiting.


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Did he say that Auburn leads after this visit?  No?  Then I don't think there's been a material change and we're still in good position.  Stop freaking out people.


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Hart committing, or not committing is going to be enormous, but not just because of his personal talent. I think many of the recruits that are watching our season closely will see his commitment as a validation of our improvement and jump on the train as well.


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Michigan or Auburn? Always amazes me how random a recruit's top colleges can be. It would be one thing if the kid were from Alabama. Auburn is a semi- traditional power, I guess. Beyond that, though, Michigan and Auburn have nothing in common. It barely has a library.



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Would not freak out about this. People saying that they now think he won't go to Michigan because of his comments need to go back a few months and read his comments from his visits to Michigan and other schools.


He's been planning on making a decision "relatively soon" for a while a now. He's still got time even with a December graduation.

Michigan was the leader before this visit and there was no quote which said they still weren;t.

I'd be willing to bet the "9 out of 10" and "10 out of 10" comments went something like this:

Interviewer: How would you rate the visit, 1 through 10?

Hart: It was a really good visit, 9 out of 10

Interviewer: What would have made it a 10 out of 10?

Hart: Well, I would have given it a 10 out of 10 if I had commited.


Again, just speculation on my part, but that's how these things tend to go. It's no DHart saying he wanted to commit or that he's going to, he basically was stating what his scale was - he's not going to give a school a 10 out 10 unless he commited. At least that's how I read it.


Still pretty confident.


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