Harbaughs Roundtable

Submitted by Yostbound and Down on January 24th, 2015 at 12:17 PM

Stumbled across this NFL films documentary/discussion between the three oldest Harbaugh coaches (sorry Jay) and Tom Crean (meh). Not sure when it first aired although clearly while Jim was at Stanford, but it's fun seeing how the brothers interact, the reverence they show for Jack, etc. Jim's "I must win!" vs. John's "I must compete!" is an interesting distinction. 

Anyway, it's a good watch. It's on Youku, China's YouTube, so hopefully the embed works fine: link to the site directly is here

EDIT: There's a countdown on the video once you click play but the embed should work fine after that.



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Speaking of old Harbaugh vids, if you watch the Jim v. John Superbowl pressers, you'll learn that 1) John would be willing to work under Jim and that 2) such a thing almost happened at Stanford.

In other words, pray that the Ravens pull a Tomsula sometime in the near future. We can roll Harbaugh x 4 around here.


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I remember this actually, and it was originally recorded and broadcast in 2009, but it was great to see again as it is highly entertaining, especially the interplay between the Harbaughs. The late great Steve Sabol is sitting at the head of the table, I believe. 


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It is pretty easy to see how much his time at Michigan molded him... This would have a been a good thing to show all of the haters before it Happened.

Tom Crean still creeps me out.


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Thanks for sharing.  I'm still looking for the Real Sports feature when they interviewed the family before the Super Bowl & they were in PA.  Hopefully someone can find it!


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Awesome, thanks for sharing!

I know the story about Jim helping out Jack with recruiting, but that's a pretty powerful story about how he helped Jack out of that rut.  Very cool.


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I LOVED that film. I got a catch in my throat at the very end, seeing how proud Jack was that Jim & John chose to go into their father's profession, being a coach. Thanks much for sharing this link.