Harbaugh tweaks Carroll on cheating.

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"Because if you don't, if you cheat to win, then you've already lost, according to Bo Schembechler. And Bo Schembechler is about next to the word of God as you can get in my mind. It's not the word of God, but it's close.''


Shit just got real in the NFC West, yo.





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It's not like he turned down the UM job to take another college coaching position. He had his sights set on the NFL. Hard to hate the guy for pursuing the career path that he wanted. Plus, can't really fault the guy for having shitty in-laws. That'll happen.

That said, he is a loud mouth ass hole who can be a headache, but is also a damn fine football coach.


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I don't understand this logic of being pissed at the guy because he took a job that he wanted rather than the one you wanted him to take. NFL coaching jobs are very different from college coaching jobs. It makes perfect sense (to me, at least) that the guy wanted to coach in the NFL and took an NFL coaching position.

There's plenty of reasons to not like Harbaugh, but the fact that he took the Niners job seems like a really petty one.


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We don't want a head coach here at Michigan who doesn't regard this job as the culmination of his career.  Had Jim taken this job, he would've always been looking to take another step to the NFL and that is bad for us.  Harbaugh as head coach would've resulted in years of off-season speculation as to this next career destination, which would've affected recruiting, and would've driven all of us mad with anxiety.  The stability that Hoke brings to the program is infinitely more prefereable.


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If nothing else, Pete Carroll's reply to all this was more or less something that Pete Carroll might say at a podium (LINK): 

''We've kind of dealt with this to set into motion a really clear mindset to take care of business and treat this situation that is around the league very seriously. I don't know about commenting about anybody else's team, but as far as we're concerned we feel like we've addressed it directly.''

So, a few suspensions into this, Carroll seems to be ready to spearhead some sort of reform perhaps...maybe, if it comes to that. I am not entirely sure. 


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Harbaugh quoting Bo. Classic.

Not like he threw his school under the bus or anything. Notice how that was AFTER Bo passed, he made those idiotic comments.

Mike Hart and Jamie Morris were dead on with their comments on him back in 2007.

Would be very happy if he never showed up in Ann Arbor again.


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I think this whole thing has been a testament to the effectiveness of the banhammer. You're much more civil in your new form, for which you deserve at least some commendation for recognizing your old shtick wasn't going over so well. I'm sure we'll continue to disagree on most everything, but if you can maintain this civility, I look forward to a good debate.