Harbaugh on Speight: "I don't rule it out completely"

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From the Landof10.com:


“Wilton is going to be a graduate transfer. Wilton graduates in May, and he’s weighing some of his options. I think he’s first taking a look and seeing what else is out there, who’s in need of a starting quarterback. But he hasn’t closed the door on coming back.”



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Pretty sure what Magnus posted was the answer to the origin question.

Also if I remember the news channel did broadcast that which is funny not because casual racism, but that they did not see the obvious troll job and will read anything.

Sorry if you're offended but I hope you never laugh at any Polish jokes, cuz I'd feel bad.


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Not to get into any kind of PC discussion, but your comment brings to mind an interesting incident ftom my undergrad days: I spent my first few years at UM in Bursley and my hall was mostly populated with nerdy engineers (myself included). Two of the guys down the hall had plastered their door with screenshots from the 1989 Zero Wing game (the "all your base are belong to us" meme - the various videos are on Google/youtube and worth a view if not familiar). This was 2001-ish and when DAAP and BAMN were very active on campus (maybe still are). They had been going door to door getting petition signatures for something and one of them came across these guys' door and took umbrage. I only heard eyewitness accounts later, but apparently the person knocked on the door and one of the guys was in, then she proceeded to berate the guy for his racist door post and disrespect. I'm not sure about his tone in handling it (sarcastic, angry, or serious), but he basically replied that this company (Japanese game maker) had produced this version for English-speaking audiences and did a horrible job on the translation. He pointed out that the ridicule is directed at the fact that this was such a poor job done by (well paid) professionals and nothing to do with the ethnicity of the originators. I'm not sure how she took it, but I think his argument was valid. My point in retelling this is that not everything labeled as "racist" actually is and that claim should be applied more judiciously.


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I get what they are trying to say, I just think the way they chose to make the point is a great example of casual racism. The whole basis of why that video even exists is pretty damning in itself, and that has nothing to do with being PC or however you want to explain it away. Not being racist isn't being PC, it's being a decent human being. When I see that video, that's what it reminds me of, because that's why it exists.

I guess it's awesome that it makes some secondary point that the some people are gullible and will read or print anything (har har), but marginalizing an actual issue to make a pithy point is an excellent example of what I'm talking about.

And to the guy that says to observe the difference between something directed towards Asians and something completely unrelated - that's the whole gist of covert or casual racism. As if it's okay because you aren't making fun of Asians directly - you are using them to make fun of something else.

Too deep for a message board - I get it. I usually never delve into social issues here, and will go back to not doing so, but man, does it make me view a large marjority here with a different lens.

All good, off the soapbox, back to the usual.

Go Blue!


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It's just light verbal humor. And (because I sadly have to explicitly invoke my ethnicity to be heard by certain people with regard to points of analysis that should stand irrespective of my identity nowadays) I say that as a Korean American.

With the Asiana Airlines crash, the joke was grossly inappropriate in the context of news reportage surrounding the loss of human life (I still privately laughed despite myself when I heard the news, especially when I read that an Asian American journalist was consulted on pronunciation). This is a post on a sportsball issue of no societal import that isn't even about an Asian or Asian American athlete. Please observe the difference.


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So, badandboujee, by saying "ho lee fuk," do you think that maybe the reason for Wilton Speight's indecision about whether or not he'll be returning to Michigan might have something to so with his having seen . . . 
A werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand
Walking through the streets of Soho in the rain,
Looking for the place called Lee Ho Fook's
To get a big dish of beef chow mein?


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Speight did tweet "No bowl game bc enrolling in Jan. Couldn't  wait til after game leaving 1 week to decide. Love y'all, go blue!." So it's not like he hasn't picked a team yet becuase he didn't graduate yet. I don't know where Speight could go where he can skip all of spring ball and come in and start. Probably the MAC, at best? 


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time finding a school that will take him. There is not a ton of interest in him, at the level he is looking. If he wants to start he needs to go to a Non P5 school or even 1AA.  He's pretty much done here. If he really had a chance to play he would be at Spring practice, if for no other reason to stay sharp for a school he would transfer to.


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Hope this is only done out of an abundance of caution (and not because Harbaugh has a bad feeling about the Shea transfer, or because the present competition is uninspiring).

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So you could be right, but the MGoblog roster suggests 87 scholarship players which I believe means 2. Also not an english expert but I believe 2 is in fact multiple. While 2 is not abnormal attrition, it isn’t gauranteed. My only point is that I doubt at this point it is solely Speight’s choice. I suspect Harbaugh has something to say about it.


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The reporting all along has reported that Harbaugh was open to Speight coming back but that Speight was looking for a starting job and didn't expect to get it here.  So you think Harbaugh is being disingenuous and stringing Speight along until he gets a definite answer from the NCAA or makes sure everyone is healthy?  Give me a break.

blue in dc

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I think he means exactly what he is saying. In December, Speight would have been given a 5th year no doubt about it. At this point, I can’t believe it is not a mutual decision. If natural attrition does not get us down to 84 and Harbaugh has already offered other 5th year seniors an option to come back, I would not be surprised if Speight is shit out of luck. There is nothing disingenious about being open to something and then deciding against it.

The Fugitive

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The top programs don't want his services and he doesn't want to go to a mediocre program. I find it hard to believe that there isn't one D1 team that is totally cool with the QBs on their roster. But more likely is that his health is spooking teams off.