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EASTON, PA (March 18, 2015) - Lauren’s First and Goal Foundation is honored to announce that Jim Harbaugh, head football coach at the University of Michigan, will be the featured guest speaker at the 12th Annual Lauren's First and Goal Football Camp on Sunday, June 7 at Lafayette College. Harbaugh will be joined at the camp by his entire Michigan Wolverines’ coaching staff.

More tour dates to be added later.



This camp is said to be the largest one day camp in the country.


Harbaugh off to his next satellite camp.

Wolverine Devotee

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Need one in Barrow, Alaska at their blue turfed stadium.

The Last Frontier is loaded with gold propects.

In 1900, Head coach Gustave Ferbert left Michigan two years after winning the program's first conference title to go prospecting for gold in Alaska and he hit it big.


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Looks like Harbaugh is going to take full advantage of this loophole while it exists.  With Michigan suddenly setting up half a dozen camps around the country I can't imagine this will be allowed for long.  The SEC/PAC12/Big12 are not going to like the idea of the teams from the talent poor states of the midwest coming and encroaching on their turf.  Hopefully Michigan can build the relationships this year with the sophomores and freshmen to land a few after this is no longer allowed.


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Australia: Recruit some of those rugby players, who play football with no pads.

China: Recruit some of those Yao Ming kind of guys for wide receiver.  Can you say "Lob into the end zone?"

Brazil: Recruit some of those Brazilian girls in teeny bikinis to be cheerleaders.

Victor Hale II

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I wonder if he'd really feel a need other than trying to avoid the appearance of not keeping up. I mean, he gets pretty much get any players he wants from in-state, and he's got multiple national title credibility (very recent titles, too) for when he needs to cast a nationwide recruiting net.

Either way, Jimmy clearly isn't messing around. Should be an entertaining off-season, albeit a long one.


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what Harbaugh is doing, I think you are very mistaken. Complacency leads to regression in many situations. Michigan saw this happen. We did nothing as Tressel and Meyer came in and we paid severely for it.