Harbaugh rumor...

Submitted by michiganfanforlife on December 17th, 2014 at 3:43 PM

My parents live about 20 minutes north of Ann Arbor, and I just talked to them. Apparently one of their friends is a Real Estate agent that has very recently been showing some extremely high end houses to a "Mrs. Harbaugh."  I am still not going to be convinced until it's a done deal, but the stars seem to be aligning at this point... (crosses fingers and prays...)

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segue to the theme song of this search: The Happening. With apologies to the Supremes 1967 No. 1 hit, we take parody liberties and present  our version of The Happening.


Hey Jim take a look at us, we can see your reality

Cause when we needed a coach, we urged UM to shake you from your 49er world,

One day our search woke up, suddenly just woke up to it's happening

We're hoping you're gonna find it better to leave your NFL future behind

Cause when you get a long distance call from your old school

You can only ignore it  for so long before you realize the happening


One day you're team is up, then you turn around

You find your coaching world is upside down

It happened to us, and now its happening to you

You were sure, no doubt secure, until the Niners took a 7-7 detour

So, now we're riding high on the prospect of biding our time


Because the insiders are betting on the happening, Suddenly It's Happening

We saw our program fall apart, our dreams crushed by Bo's death and  mediocrity

Cause when we lost our guide, we went from Lloyd, to RR and Fergodsakes Brady in the

blink of an eye

When that happens, something inside calls for a guaranteeed Michjgan Man to stem the tide

Because we've seen our program divide


It's not all dreams, smiling Denard and Sugar Bowl bliss,

Our passion was stirred by your fearless mentor and now it can happen with you


Ooh, and then we pushed to make it happen

Ooh, and then we were told we were crazy to think it could happen

Ooh, and then we waited to make sure it might happen

Ooh, and now the insiders are betting it could happen


Is this real, is it fake, is the push for your hiring a mistake

Cause if we lose the coach we thought was ours

For certain, we'll start hurting

Yeah, you may not come and break our pretty baloon

And we'll wake up and realize it's not happening


So sure, but not so secure, we'll seek your hire until an NFL detour 

Cause when a program's sole desire is Bo's old qb

You don't lose sight of what you can't take care of until it's really happening







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This is far too similar to the "my boy works at Willow Run and just saw Jim Harbaugh" rumor that one of buddies told me in 2011.  Jesus I hope it's true though.