Harbaugh . . . really??

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Looks like Hoke was for sure the right guy for the job as Harbaugh looked like a complete tool after the game.



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He was just pretty excited, I mean like I said in another post, we don't know what really went down during the handshake, all we know is he didn't do the worlds best handshake, went to go celebrate a win over an unbeaten team with his team, and then Schwartz started chasing him like a madman. I just think jumping to conclusions over Harbaugh celebrating is a bit premature


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but why run all the way over to the opponent's side of the field, skipping and fistpumping like a primping douchebag from Jersey? Unless of course you want to end up picking up your teeth with a broken hand, which almost happened to Jimbo by the way.

Face it. Jim Harbaugh is a complete, royal and unrepentent douchebag. Period.


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In the postgame JS said he went for the handshake and was greeted by an obscenity.  In the video above it looks like JH says "Fuck Yeah!" as he slaps hands with Schwartz.  JS either heard "Fuck You!" or just didn't like the "Fuck Yeah!"  Either way Harbaugh is a colossal tool.

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Harbaugh was an ass when he was at UM.

Harbaugh was an ass when he was at SD and got a DUI.

Harbaugh was an ass at Stanford.

Harbaugh is an ass now.

Why is anyone surprised? Just because some guy went to Michigan, doesn't mean that he's not an asshole.



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They both look bad there, but Schwartz looks a lot worse. Saying "fuck you" is one thing (is probably said a lot, he just got caught), but you don't RUN AFTER another coach.

Unless Harbaugh showed him a naked picture of his wife, I don't know what could have possibly justified that.


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Jim Harbaugh has done some pretty douchey things.

-Today's handshake.

-The "we beat their asses comment"

-The Pete Carrol incident

-The "faggot" incident

-The time he was a guest on his brother's sideline and was running his mouth and cussing out the refs

It's a pattern of jackassery at this point. 

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Harbaugh must have such a reputation in the coaching profession.  He pops off on Pete Carroll, and now on Jim Schwartz.  I really hope that we find out exactly what Harbaugh said.

This is going to be such a great fucking story for Michael Rosenberg to write.  Nobody on the whole planet campaigned harder for Harbaugh to get the Michigan job.  There was the suckup profile he did for Sports Illustrated.  There were the columns.  There was the prediction, hours before he had to admit that Harbaugh didn't want the Michigan job or wasn't asked, that Harbaugh would in fact accept the Michigan job if offered.

And now this, wherein Rosenberg will have to explain his Harbaugh-love to a whole city of angry Lions fans.  Fantastic stuff.  Couldn't possibly have been a better end to an ugly weekend.

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Naturally, this is just Exhibit Q in the pile of evidence in In Re: Jim Harbaugh - Asshole.  And since Rosenberg's been Harbaugh's biggest booster from Day One, this is just a perfect time to call attention to it.

Here's the year-old SI.com love-letter from Rosenberg to the Harbaughs:


No doubt intended at the time to be part of the Harbaugh/Michigan Job Application that Rosenberg was putting together for Jim.  (Whether Jim wanted it or not.)


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I'm not even mad that you somehow connected this tiff to Rosenberg. I'm amazed. Congratulations. 

If you have any insight into how the Free Press/Michael Rosenberg are behind Pop Evil, William Gholston trying to decaptiate Denard, the rising cost of education, the stagnation of income for the middle class over the last 30 years, the impending collapse of the euro, or 9/11, I'm all ears.

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to decapitate Denard.

I've got a print edition of today's paper.  The helmet-twisting is not mentioned.  Not once.  Of Course there is Drew Sharpton, declaring that Denard Robinson has been "again... exposed... as a one-dimensional player" and that Michigan had been exposed as a fraud."  And declaring that MSU had not been "deliberately cheap" in the game.


Did Michigan State deliberately take cheap shots against Michigan QB Denard Robinson?

The Spartans were deliberately aggressive. They weren't deliberately cheap. You have to hit someone as elusive as Robinson very hard, even if it's occasionally a split-second late because if you're passive, he'll escape and all of a sudden, there's a 50-yard gain. There are aggressive penalties and there are lazy penalties. There were only a couple of lazy, undisciplined lapses. The Spartans had 13 penalties for 124 yards, six of them were for personal fouls and three of them were for roughing the quarterback. Michigan might complain about the excessively rough treatment Robinson received, but that's the price paid when you're relying on a runner first and a passer second. 

(That's all I am saying about that here, since it is a direct response to you. We will otherwise be taking this thread off the topic of Harbaugh.)


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I love Michigan, I was just told today by a State fan from Coldwater that I'm the biggest Michigan fan they've ever seen in Indiana. But, damn I'm not a supporter of our fan base... complete whiners.


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First this was a non-issue.

Then it was all, "WHAT AN ASS, GLAD FOR HOKE"







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Harbaugh said it was on him, that he shook his hand too hard.  Both coaches are enthusiastic. Im sure both coaches will get plenty of questions on it today. 

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Harbaugh has such a great record on answering questions... ;-)

Really, I am looking forward to getting every detail on precisely what Harbaugh said and how he said it.  Jim Schwartz may be as emotional as Harbaugh, but I do think he's got some more self-control, and I do like the way Schwartz explains himself.  If Harbaugh says that he's guilty of just shaking Schwartz's hand too hard, and Schwartz says that Harbough said "$#!&," it should make for a pretty funny Tuesday presser with Harbaugh.  There were certainly enough other people to hear what was said.  Any lip-readers out there?  Because it's all on HD video!


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Harbaugh can get excited. That's fine. But all he has to do is go calm down, shake Schwartz's  hand, say good game, and then he can go back to celebrating. Harbaugh shaking his hand like that was wrong, Schwartz chasing him down was wrong.

That being said, this is another example of Harbaugh being an ass. That's just who he is I guess.


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By now we know that Harbaugh is an excitable character at best. He was like that at Michigan as a player, int he NFL as a player, in the coaching ranks in college, and now in the NFL. He was celebrating with his players. Their 5-1 and thats a HUGE accomplishment when you consider how bad the 49ers have been the past few years. They just beat another eastern time zone team on the road (three this year in 4 weeks), and a team that everyone has been talking about that was 5-0. He's excited, big deal.

Was he being a douchebag - no, just being a bit too excited. Silly, yes, childlike, perhaps. As for Schwartz - really??? What, did he attend the Mark Dantonio school for being a sore loser. He started the whole nonsense and then wanted to get physical? You're team just lost, fighting Jim Harbaugh won't change the scoreboard.

Jim Harbaugh didn't coach Michigan because he didn't want to. So lets not try and change history. We have a fine coach, a fine team, a fine quarterback ... lets move on. Lions are 5-1, no need for their coach to do something stupid. 


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One thing about Harbaugh is he'll do things his way. I just saw the halftime report on CBS. He was explicit in saying he had nothing to apologize for.  That's him. He only cares about pleasing his team, his team's fans, and himself.   If he's on your side you love him. I'll venture a guess that if he did the same thing yesterday to Dantonio after a Michigan win, we'd mostly approve or at least claim the other side was overreacting.

We all know he would have done a hell of a job here too. I gotta believe that some of the grumpy old man type judgments of his antics today carries an element of red ass that he didn't come coach here. 

I think he's a jerk too. I am glad he didn't come here.  I still love him and he was a trancendent player.  But he's also sorta like that professional chest puffer Dantonio. You wanna shut him up and humble him? Beat him on gameday. Otherwise he's gonna smile like a goofball and celebrate like Dantonio is doing defending that thug team of his.

We didn't win. The Lions didn't win. Now we suffer the indignity that only jerks can create.


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I'm not "chapped" that Harbaugh didn't come here.  The one biggest promoter of Jim Harbaugh is, as I have already noted, one Michael Rosenberg.

I'm not a Lions fan.  I'm not a 49'ers fan.  I'm not an NFL fan or a Harbaugh fan.  I've never even been much of a Harbaugh hater, either.  I was just offended at the way that Rosenberg was so shamelessly promoting him for a Michigan job that wasn't vacant.  A job wherein Rosenberg was trying to create a vacancy, at terrible cost to our football program and national prestige.

And now, we have Rosenberg's boy Harbaugh in almost precisely the same position as William Gholston's postgame stunt with Coach Hoke yesterday.  I can't wait to see how Rosenberg threads that needle of praise and condemnation.  This is just so rich.

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And said something to him and ran off.  It looked like a provocation, so after the game, the reporters assembled in the locker room asked Gholston about it.  And Gholston gave the screwiest most laughable answer imaginable.  He said that he wanted to "thank" Hoke.  And then, realizing what a screwy answer he had given, Gholston ran off on some bogus tangent saying that Hoke had turned the Michigan program around (yeah right) and that he had done the same things at Ball State and San Diego State.  (William Gholtson; coaching historian.)  And that it was so nice for Gholston because he just likes the competition.

So after 60 minutes of quasi-criminal mayhem, Gholston wants to, uh, thank Brady Hoke for his contributions to competitive NCAA football?

Some people think Gholston is dumb.  He may be, but I don't quite see it that way.  I see Gholston as having a peculiar sociopathic cleverness, as demonstrated in his postgame comments.  Like the guy who runs a street gang, leading ten other thugs.  It takes a certain criminal cleverness. 


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I only saw the highlights above, but man does Harbaugh rub me the wrong way.  Yeah, you are now 5-1.  Way to act like the F'ing Super Bowl out there.  I love what he did for UM and will always respect him, but like Braylon he's been kind of an @ss since he left UM, and this certainly wasn't something to crow about.  I don't mind the enthusiasm, but ripping up your shirt and chest-bumping your guys in front of the other coach is just tacky and a little embarrassing considering this is week 6. 

Ah well, hopefully this turns into a nice little rivalry, since Detroit is certainly going to be good for the next couple of years.


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Well, I thought he was an ass ever since he called out the academics at UM and how they catered to the athletes, ignoring the fact that I'm sure there are a couple of kids at Stanford who got in because they were elite athletes, not elite students.  Also, it's your alma mater - why do that?  Also, his drunk driving arrest, his homosexual quip, his calling out of Pete Carroll and general ass-hatery at Stanford, etc.  Yeah, the guy might be a great coach (we'll see how good he is as the season progresses, but that 49ers team was pretty stocked when he showed up), but my distaste for him as a person has existed way longer than his spurning of the UM job - an offer I wasn't crazy about when it happened.


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How about harbaugh was a bit excited and was kind of an ass (I didn't notice while watching it live him saying an obsenity to him).  But Schwartz is an even bigger ass to run back up to Harbaugh bump him and get all up in his face like it's some play ground fucking game.  


Harbaugh Jack-assery is about a 5/10

Schwartz Jack-assery = 9/10 (didn't throw a punch so I guess good for him)


I just can't imagine Harbaugh going up to him and saying "FUCK YOU BITCH" shakes hand.  Maybe the obsenity was: 





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There are too many posts to go through all of them, so if im repeating i appologize. Dave Brandon was right when he said " All that glitters isnt gold". Ive always, IMO thought Mr. Harbaugh was the reference. Im glad Brandon made the smart decision, and not the one alot (including me) of the fanbase wanted.

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I dont know what he said but I have no issue with the way he acted....he didnt act like any other coach that was excited about winning a close game against a really good team!  Was he a little over excited? Yea, but that happens and when you are mad that you lost its not a surprise that Schwartz took it the way he did!