Harbaugh putting players first

Submitted by Brolo El Cuñado on November 16th, 2017 at 8:47 AM

ESPN Article on players reaction to Goodell's contract.

One quote from NaVorro Bowman caught my eye: "Those things really bother me because this business wouldn’t operate without the players. I’ve been in this league for eight years and the only coach that I really seen understand that and abide by that has been Jim Harbaugh, when it comes to putting the players first.

Good to see this, as players have a lot of respect for Harbaugh.





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Listening to his pod cast, watching him,and after hearing numerous testimonials, I think it's evident that he really is a great guy. I'm glad he is here.


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Also, what is great is Coach Jim is setting up M for the future knowingly or not just like Bo with a stream of coaches set to follow him at M for the next 20 years.  Bo had Mo, Lloyd, Jim will be there for a long time to come we hope, but after him many guys with his training will follow.

Go Blue.


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Coach is always putting the Team first, but the well being of each player is essential to be able to do that. He may not agree with a player and have a different viewpoint on a specific subject (non football included) but he always tires to see things from the players perspective. Truly the best coach we could ask for.

Bigly yuge

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Jim was a player himself so I think he realized very quickly in his coaching career how players should be treated. So glad Jim is our coach. I can’t wait to see what his next three years bring.


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...I admire how he protects his players from outside criticism.  He is very careful about what he says in press conferences about a player who has had a bad game.  JH will cite what the player did well and he may talk about what needs to be improved, but he he is very reluctant to say anything negative about a particular player.  Now, I have no idea about the player-coach interactions in the film room or on the practice field.  I would bet he's not hesitant to state his expectations, point out exactly what was done wrong, and to also show the right way to do it. 


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Players know right where they stand with him, and he has an open door policy to them - anytime, anything.

So you're free to not like him, but can you explain why?  I know a lot of people don't, but the reasons they give are usually ridiculous.  Not saying your's are, but what are those reasons?  Care to share, and to have an open mind for rebuttals?


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Look at the mass exodus of players leaving/retiring after Harbaugh left the 49ers. Remember Vernon Davis crying when he scored in the playoffs Harbaugh's first year? He's a players coach and practices what he preaches.


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Not surprised how players feel about JH. JH has a lot of respect around AA and everyone stays out of his lane. I just don't see how he will go back to NFL with each incident that is being reported about NFL commissioner and owners.


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Goodell is basically guaranteeing that the players will demand lifetime health insurance in the next round of labor negotiations--I hope they get it.

Hardware Sushi

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Good for Harbaugh but the thing that sticks out to me is how stupid so many of those players sound. At least Brady didn't sound like a fucking idiot. What Goodell makes doesn't have any impact on the players (short of him being the commissioner) and I get annoyed with sports journalists for perpetuating some of this stuff.

The Commissioner works for the owners, not the players. The players would take $50m if they could get it, too.


November 16th, 2017 at 5:36 PM ^

The players work harder and are more important to the game than a commissioner. People like you who want to make blanket statements with no evidence about the athletes who are the reason we come to sports blogs sound more stupid. Yes, the boss’s salary is important to players when that man dictates fines, etc., that directly impact their jobs.

The distribution of wealth matters in any damn economic system.

The Oracle

November 16th, 2017 at 8:44 PM ^

If I were an owner, I'd never be on board with giving Goodell that totally ridiculous level of compensation. He's not vital to the league. In fact, with the challenges currently facing the NFL, I'd be looking for someone with a lot more talent. Goodell has screwed up nearly every high profile situation he's been faced with over the last few years.