Harbaugh Presser annoyed w/ Angelique

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Harbaugh a little more testy this week in his presser!!  This dude is laser focused. Love it.

angelique question comes around 11 minute mark



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Thank you!  This narrative that MSU's recent success has everything to do with Dantonio taking the rivalry more seriously than we do is beyond old.  MSU's success the past decade boils down to Mark Dantonio being a better football coach than John L Smith and Bobby Williams coupled with Michigan making multiple bad moves in choosing successors to Lloyd Carr.  Period.


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This is such a tired talking point. Why can't people look at these with a little context.

  • Harbaugh should be 2-1 against MSU (save the flukiest play of all-time)
    • Outplayed a better team in 2015
    • Hamblasted them in 2016
    • John O'Korn and The Great Deluge in 2017
  • Harbaugh could easily be 2-1 against OSU, as well
    • Destroyed in 2015
    • Let Samuels out from a 7-yard loss and a long FG to tie in OT in 2016
    • Fantastic game plan, incompetent QB play in 2017

To say that the team or the coaching staff haven't been prepared for either rival is insanity. 



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Then why did Shea at the beginning of the season, after the Nd loss, say that they need to start preparing and treating every game with the intensity they do for OSU?

just saying. 

I know OSU is THE GAME, but Michigan has to beat MSU and take back the state first.

and until this year was the first time I have heard any player say that they hate MSU (bush). All the time you hear they hate OSU from many different players.


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Harbaugh saved a bunch of Peppers stuff for State in ‘15.  We kicked their ass in ‘16.  Last year, shit happened.  Shit is known to happen from time to time.  Harbaugh and the players know this game means more and they prep accordingly.  You can bet that Harbaugh has installed packages for both MSU and OSU and has practiced them all year.  I’m guessing that Harbaugh has put all the diamond stuff and the McCaffrey double pass stuff on film to run to twist State up and run some surprising variations off of those looks on Saturday.


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I went thru this on my post yesterday. Since Dantonio has been there the better team at the end of the season has won every game. MSU has no secret magic. We have sucked and they were good for most of those years. We could lose this weekend but we're the better team. Vegas agrees. Just relax and watch the game and stop being chicken little.


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^^^^ That. It's not wrinkles and trickery, it's that we have generally been less good at footballing than them, and they've gotten some lucky bounces. Got negged (not that it matters since the HUEL wizards can't seem to figure out how to make points work) for my 2-14 comment, but that's reality- we haven't been at that level consistently for well over a decade. You have to be a very good team to consistently beat very good teams. No magic or trickeration there.

Chalky White

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I remember after the loss last year someone mentioned how disappointed they were to lose because they knew how bad coach Harbaugh wanted to win that game. It doesn't surprise me that they would be extra pissed off this year when you consider they should be going for the 4th win in a row over this team. 


Also, now that replays of press conferences and Twitter exist, it's amazing how little information Chengelis actually has. It used to be whenever she was interviewed, she gave out information I didn't already know. Now, whenever she is on the radio, I turn the station because it's a waste of time. Even with message boards and social media, when someone like Steve Clarke, Brian, etc go on WTKA, I don't feel like they are telling me stuff that I already know.

Harbaugh's Lef…

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I like Angelique but he just said on the Gary question he wasn't talking about any injuries and she follows it up with a question about Ben Mason's (non) injury which was fully discussed before in another thread as he played on a good percentage of snaps, though he never touched the ball.

901 P

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And if I read the transcript correctly she tried to clarify that her question about Mason wasn't really an injury one--she noted that he seemed to play less (or have a smaller role), and she wondered if that was game strategy or injury. I guess without that question she couldn't know if the topic was off limits or not. At that point Harbaugh said that he also didn't want to answer game-plan questions. 

Section 1.8

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I don't care for the headline for this post.

Angelique asked the questions that are the most important; they are the ones that I know would be the first ones I would ask, if it were a situation where questions were designed to elicit the most important information.  Harbaugh just doesn't want to answer.

You might argue that Angelique should never have asked, there being a good likelihood that Harbaugh would not answer.  But I don't accept that formulation.  It is her job, to ask.

I was not much impressed that Harbaugh was 'annoyed' by Angelique.  He was annoyed by the question.  I really wish he weren't so annoyed; it makes me feel (with no other evidence) that it is a rhetorically sore subject with Harbaugh because it is a physically sore subject with Gary and Mason and a couple of others.



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Angelique always asks the most pointed questions that, in my opinion, are questionable in intent. She has been interviewing him for 4 years, but she continues to ask the questions that he should not answer. He will not give up injury status (it's counterproductive to strategy and timelines for certain injuries are difficult to predict). He will not give up scheme. There is no magic in the process; it's just keep grinding to get better each day. She asks very similar questions every week, and I have seen him get frustrated with her in the past. 

Furthermore, she asks the players pointed questions as well, which I don't think is that appropriate. These guys are learning how to do interviews, and should not be manipulated by the reporters. I think in addition to gathering information and doing her due diligence, she should portray the team/players with some respect (which she does for the most part). 

901 P

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I don't understand the general hostility toward Chengelis on this thread. For one thing, it is her job to ask these questions. Obviously people read her stories and tweets based on her reporting, so the fan base is interested in these topics. And while coaches will often brush off these questions, sometimes they elicit useful or interesting information--someone mentioned below that Harbaugh did reveal something about play-calling duties. 

And perhaps I'm reading too much into some of the comments, but it also seems like some people think that Harbaugh shouldn't have to go in front of the press and answer any pesky questions. I have a problem with that--we know that there is a major problem in college athletics with programs that are immune to oversight. Having reporters scrutinize a program is one check on potential abuses. In this case Chengelis is asking about injuries, which obviously is not part of any kind of systematic abuse in the program. But when we start to discount the role of these reporters and argue that the coach and the program shouldn't have to face tough questions I worry a little bit about the precedents we are creating. I know that's probably really alarmist, but it makes me reluctant to criticize a journalist for asking unpopular questions. 

\rant over


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At the end of the day, they are just playing roles.  Chengelis is playing the role of the pesky journalist who is pushing the coach's buttons and Harbaugh is playing the role of the exasperated coach who has far better things to do.  "Testy press conferences" are now part of football protocol just as "press conference dust ups" are part of boxing/UFC protocol.  Both Chengelis and Harbaugh performed well and got the required "awkward moment" between coach and reporter.


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Yep. He is just not in the mood and as a reporter you have to know when to ask what. I know they have limited time and questions to ask. Sometimes he has to be loosened up a bit. This is rivalry week and he is not going to answer. So find a different way to get the information as opposed to repeating the same thing over and over again. 


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This is the silliness of pathologically ignorant partisan fans. Jim Harbaugh holds no responsibility to the viewing public...it doesn't matter if they know this or not. His responsibilities here are all about the team. Y'all can whimper and whine about this reality all you wish...and yes there are relative but minor exceptions to my point. Nevertheless, Jim Harbaugh has a profoundly deep and correct understanding of the athletic endeavor...and whether or not the viewing public gets up to speed or not is not his problem...though he is actually doing a tremendous job of trying to shed some light on the subject. Just pay attention-maybe you will learn something.

Kilgore Trout

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He definitely has a responsibility to the viewing public. Without even getting into the whole public employee thing, the fact that the viewing public is interested and entertained by his product is the only thing that allows him to make an astronomical salary. If he was paid on the inherent value he brought to the football team and the football team only, he would be paid something similar to a school teacher. I like Harbaugh, but all of these coaches should have a basic understanding that their entire lifestyle is enabled by the fact that fans are interested and entertained by what they do.