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Although I have to say, the level and nature of my sarcasm is perfectly described by the expression on that dog...

+1.  I am afraid that I am going to be thinking about that picture for the rest of this afternoon.


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Ha!  I saw this thread and immediately opened it to see your (blazefire) response.  I argued yesterday that posts about Harbaugh in general should be welcomed, and not everything about him was a comment about why he should coach at Michigan.  However, this is the exact type of post you were talking about, so I laughed out loud when I read your comment.  I am on your side today.


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and their isn't a bigger, more arrogrant a-hole in the history of the universe.  If today's social media zeitgeist had been around when JH played at UM, I can pretty much guarantee he would have been kicked off the team and expelled for the stuff he did to women on a regular basis.


Oh how times have changed...


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I remember when he blew past me at a kegger to proposition my girlfriend with little regard to me or her. When she turned him down, he actually seemed surprised, like, "How dare you not succumb to my powers; I'm Jim Frickin Harbaugh." 

It was my first brush with self entitlement. How cool it would be to experience this for just a few seconds...


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...  back when he played for the Colts.  They held summer camp at my hometown university (Anderson University) and the team frequented the local watering holes. Harbaugh was quite the ladies man to the local gals that worked the bars and restaurants. 

To the OP's point, yes, I believe he is planting seeds for the future- be it 1-, 2- or 10-years down the road.  Harbaugh wants to come back to Michigan plain and simple. 

Sextus Empiricus

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I found that some of the artists I brought in were jerks despite their incredible talent.  I lost my luster for the music industry but I still love Jazz (even theirs - though yes it tempers my enthusiasm.)

I grew up around Jim Harbaugh as a kid (I'm not his friend.)  I don't like him, but I respect what Stanford has done under his coaching.  Football is football - and the kind of football Stanford is playing...sign me up.

I'm glad to hear the media is policing Denard's private life.  I'm happier not to hear this.  This does not rise above hearsay - which is the blogosphere standard.

yossarians tree

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was a pretty notorious a-hole on campus. A friend of mine took a swing at him in South Quad one night. Now, he might very well have grown up a lot since then.

But frankly we must acknowledge there a lot of a-holes among the ranks of U of M faithful. Like the assfuck who called the radio yesterday and called Rich Rod a "hillbilly" and blah-blah-blah "power football" and blah-blah-blah "Bo is turning over in his grave."  I wanted to reach through the radio and rip that clown's throat out. Give the guy a chance!

Times have changed. Bo built the supersonic jet but by the time Lloyd was done it had crashed to the ground. Anyone remember Appy State?


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oh you must have heard my uncle. j/k

At a family gathering this past summer I got into a verbal confrontation defending Rich with my 60 year old uncle who played center for Central who is a die hard Bo fan. For him to tell me that Bo is turning in his grave (funny how the Rich haters all say this line) was arrogant to its core. 


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If it wasn't so frustrating to listen to these dickholes I would be doubled over with laughter at the irony of someone calling Rodriguez a hillbilly while endorsing a coach who has to spit out an enormous wad of Skoal before putting on his headset on the sidelines.


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Couldn't agree more about how frustrating it is to hear people pine for "the good old days". For me the less spectacular, but better, example of how decayed the program's foundations had become is Oregon in 2007. Oregon came to Michigan unranked with a supposedly suspect defense. Michigan had experienced talent on both offense and defense, some of it NFL-caliber. Oregon did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. The final score was 39-7 but I'm convinced that Oregon could have scored 50-plus points if they had wanted to do so. Their first-half drive chart:


12:53 1 03:07 MICH 45 8 39 Field Goal Good
05:19 1 00:39 ORE 11 2 89 Passing Touchdown
03:33 1 03:22 ORE 23 11 45 Field Goal Missed
12:44 2 02:11 ORE 25 11 75 Rushing Touchdown
07:06 2 03:25 ORE 20 9 80 Rushing Touchdown
03:11 2 00:08 ORE 39 1 61 Passing Touchdown
00:24 2 00:24 ORE 8 1 -2 End of Half

That game, to me, cemented home how far Michigan truly was away from playing elite-level football.


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Don't forget by the end of the game, jonathan stewart was quoted as saying he was looking at the defensive linemen and trying to figure out which one was going to give up next. That Oregon game was also the worst home defeat in about 40 years (i think that's the timeframe). It was almost worse than the horror.


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For me, Oregon was worse that the App. St. game. Putting aside the I-A v. I-AA divisional distinction, and App St. was probably something like the 50th-75th best team in the country. Maybe higher, maybe lower, but the point is that they were a legitimate team that Michigan overlooked, executed poorly against, then rallied and still could have won at the end. A bad, bad loss, but not historically bad if one removes the divisional bias. Oregon, on the other hand, left absolutely no room for argument that Michigan was still playing on anything that resembled an elite level. Oregon was just so much smarter, so much faster, so much quicker, and in such better condition, physically;  for the first time in my time being devoted to Michigan football, I looked at another program and thought: "They're doing things in a fundamentally better way than Michigan is, across the board, schematically, identifying and developing players, etc. It was awful. I honor and cherish the program's history, but want nothing to do going forward with an organizational regime linked to that history.  


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That sucked. I had the most obnoxious and drunk Oregon students next to me that game, kept falling on top of me and screaming/goading everyone around them. It was the closest I've come to fighting at a Michigan game, I pushed one of them two rows down at which point he traded seats with one of his buddies. That guy wasn't too bad though.

Cbus 91Wolverine

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I loved him when he guaranteed the win in The Game my sophomore year, but Jimmy has more skeletons in his closet than the garage sale from Pirates of the Carribean.  I agree that the age of phone pics and Facebook would be problematic at best.  Guy loves strippers and is on his third or fourth wife, which works for him.  I don't see it working for Mr. Brandon.  We have a coach the same age - 46.  I'd love to see them both with their current employers battling it out for Rose Bowls and MNTs for the next 15 - 20 years.


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Please detail for me all of the guys that have been suspended or thrown off the team for banging someone else's girlfriend. To quote the cinematic classic "Wayne's World II"

Wayne: My girlfriend's in there!

Security: A lot of guys' girlfriends are in there.

And making vague references to a guy's actions towards women that could fall anywhere between "He hit on my girlfriend" to, well, use your imagination, is extremely douche-y, if not borderline slanderous.