Harbaugh outlasts Meyer - the tribe has spoken

Submitted by Indy Pete - Go Blue on December 5th, 2018 at 8:35 AM

Harbaugh outlasted Meyer.  He never has to apologize for this.  If haters try to come at you saying Harbaugh never beat Meyer - remember that Meyer did not have the cojones or physical strength to last a 10 year war.  He quit at 4 years - perhaps seeing that ultimately going 4-6 would literally kill him.  Harbaugh has integrity and the advantage of not having his health being destroyed by a guilty conscience resulting from repetitive public lies. Harbaugh outlasted Meyer, Meyer didn't have what it takes to have a 10 year war. Meyer has a legacy of lies, deceit, corruption and winning at all costs. I am thinking and hoping that Harbaugh will have a different legacy when all is said and done...



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Harbaugh will have the better legacy when all the dust settles in my opinion. 


Obviously not head head to head, but Michigan will always reign supreme over Osu. 

The Maize Halo

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Get out of here.  Urban never lost to us at OSU.  This is post is just sad. I don't care what made him leave. The fact is, they just care much, much more than we do when it comes to putting an entire state's energy and soul into winning The Game.


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And it works.

Within the first 30 seconds of his announcement press conference, Day said that priority #1 was to beat Michigan.

And we all know what Tressel said when he started.

They make it a priority and then act accordingly.

There might be a lesson in there somewhere . . . 


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The lesson being that having a team full of 5* players is a good way to win a bunch of games?  With the level of talent they have, getting crushed by Purdue was coaching malpractice, and cost them a playoff appearance.

Also, it’s not a coincidence that ethically challenged coaches find it easier to recruit.  Things are easier when you aren’t hindered by bothersome things like rules.

The Maize Halo

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The lesson being that even if the rosters were reversed and we had the "team full of 5* players", OSU would still have won at least 2-3 of the games, because their culture raises the importance of "The Game" to a spiritual level that ours simply does not.

I'm not saying we are in the wrong for not doing this; rather, just pointing out that beating Michigan seems to  be the entire basis for life for some people in Ohio. That just doesn't happen here on such a widespread level.


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and in the end, I am fine with the idea that a culture of cooler poopers is SO incredibly focused on one team, their complete existence hinges on it. Meyer inherited a depth of talent, and it ran it's course just like it did in Miami. He's a football locust. I want to defeat osu as much as anyone, but I'd never sacrifice the integrity of the program in favor of it. Whereas most buckeyes will sell their souls for it. It's a game played by teens and 20 somethings...life goes on.


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Do Purdue and Iowa put beating OSU on a spiritual level in their programs? No? Well then how did they win games the past two seasons?

The program culture thing we ascribe to MSU and OSU success is total BS, retconned to explain the unexplainable. Not only is it wrong, it's insulting to the players in the program who work unimaginably hard 365 days a year to play for Michigan. You're basically saying if they just thought a little bit harder about the rivals, wins would follow. It doesn't work that way.

Blue in PA

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Just like after he left the Gators, the stories will drip out gradually and the dirt will come out from under the rug.


Anyone close enough to Zach Smith that they can take him out for a few drinks?


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The ESPN summary of Meyer's OSU career mentioned the controversy and the subtext seemed to be "Hey Urban Meyer faked health issues AGAIN in order to get away from his corrupt vile nature." 

The 30 for 30s are always "Look what a phenom the person was, but they [did crack/ were dumber than a brick/ had a gambling problem]."     

When they do Meyer's 30 for 30 it's going to be Aaron Hernandez, Zach Smith, and college co-eds followed by his Redd Foxx impersonation.

Meyer is/was a great coach, but he pusses out when the going gets tough.  (Saban and despite this years game Harbaugh.)


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See my take on it is that he didn't "pussy out", but he quit because he is pissed the administration didn't back him with the Zack Smith stuff. I don't think, to this day, that he believes he did anything wrong. He wants them to regret not backing him, and he secretly hopes Ryan Day falls flat on his face. His illness/injury is his way of getting sympathy from the fans and media. I could be wrong, but that's my opinion. 


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To be honest.  I don't think Urban quit.   He was fired, but OSU tried to walk the line so that one of their best coaches could walk away and continue to be celebrated instead of shunned.   They brought back Tressel a few times and I think they regret that they couldn't celebrate the Vest more.  Between Woody Hayes, Tressel and now Meyer they've had a lot of practice with disgraced coaches.


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There was some jackwagon douche on Twitter this morning saying his fantasy was OSU was down 21 in the Rose Bowl and Meyer collapses on the sideline from a ruptured aneurysm.

I'm not saying this post is that bad but it's certainly closer to the twitter guy hoping for sideline death than I think the OP might have intended.

Let's be better than the fanbase we hold up as the worst in the country ok?  Look - the facts are he did go 7-0 against Michigan with OSU and Harbaugh never beat him.  Should've yes...but didnt.  And the facts are he did go 82-9 (amazing) and won an National Championship during his time there.  And those facts make me sad.

Do I think he's pissed at OSU?  Yes.  Do i think the events of this summer played a HUGE part in what happened yesterday?  Hell yes.  Am I sad for one minute it's happening?  Fuck NO.

But let's not become them and especially not as a fan base.  Not now...not EVER.



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I'm not happy he's leaving.   I think a lot of the fan base wanted him to keep letting his misdeeds catch up to him.  Yes he's a HOF coach, but can he beat Michigan if OSU's recruiting takes a dip?  Probably not.  He's a smart guy who can see the writing on the wall and gets out while the getting is good.   I'm excited for him to take the ND job in two years.   Harbaugh's going to get another shot at him.

The Chancre

December 5th, 2018 at 10:33 AM ^

Mgrowold: "Let's not become them"

Uh, too late. In yet another case of Michigan Smug, the urging of football fans not to become like other football fans is devastatingly arrogant. This is a board of insults, holier-than-thou, and savaging anyone who disagrees with the majority take on any issue.

Even when the thing is not really working (Did ANYONE think that after four years, Michigan would be steadfast mired in mediocrity, second-rate bowl games, losing every year to OSU and the national media laughing at UM?), the rminimizing and rationalizing, and the still rampant "We're pretty much better than everyone else" reaches epidemic levels of sad hypocrisy.


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Let the Meyer talk go. As a coach, he has nothing left to prove. He went 7-0 against Michigan and beat Harbaugh 4 times. Half of his games against Harbaugh were embarrassing blowouts. He won a national title and several Big Ten titles. I’m happy to see Meyer go because it increases Michigan’s chances of winning against OSU. The idea that he is weak or soft for not dominating Michigan longer is silly. 


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But according to the previous post, Harbaugh is going to the Packers, and since Meyer isn't retiring until after the Rose Bowl, technically we don't know this yet...