Harbaugh: no update on Gary, Bushell-Beatty, Black

Submitted by tim4landg on October 29th, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Doesn't look like this has been posted yet, maybe because Harbaugh declined to comment. But hell, it's a chance for my first post, so I'm reasoning even a no comment by the coach is news.

If you want to save clicking through, Harbaugh declined to give updates on the status of Gary, Bushell-Beatty or Black. Our coach is our coach.




October 29th, 2018 at 2:08 PM ^

Black played last week before the weather happened. Only for a snap and then a timeout was called before the play, but he played. I would think he'd be good to go 2 weeks later.

Gary we know. Supposed 4-6 week recovery, this is week 5. He may be back, maybe not. Either way it shouldn't be overly concerning.

JBB no real update but people said he was jumping around celebrating post MSU. And it's been 2 weeks. I would think he's good to go.


October 29th, 2018 at 2:11 PM ^

My prediction...JBB is back, Black is playing on a very limited basis but snaps will grow as season wears on, and Gary won't come back until OSU and will be limited snaps even then.


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I think the severity of his injury prevents him from being 100%.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but he was only out there one play.  He hasn't really done anything other than enter a game to show he's ready to contribute in the way he'd need to in order to be "full go".  Even without injury IMO a football player can't get into game shape that quickly.  

Perkis-Size Me

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My guess is he just doesn't want to give PSU anything to work with, much like the past few weeks with UW and MSU. 

Would love to have Gary back this week, and I hope he is back, but I have to say that Uche and Paye have really stepped up in his absence. The one silver lining in Gary's injury is that coming into next year, after he undoubtedly declares, Paye and Uche are already going to have a ton of experience under their belts. And production to go with it. I think Uche has 5 sacks in the last 3-4 games, and against some pretty good teams. 

As for JBB, my guess is he'll be ready to go this Saturday. As for Tarik, this is right around the time most everyone expected he'd be back. My guess is he'll see some limited reps this Saturday, and then he'll have the IU and Rutgers games to really get his sea legs back under him before OSU. 


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Why would anyone even ask him?

1. Jim isnt going to tell the media

2. Its better to surprise PSU anyway

3. We still hVe almost a full week where Nything can happen.


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One of these weeks they're going to ask Harbaugh about injuries and he's going to provide a complete medical breakdown of every roster player including x-rays and blood work results where applicable.  I mean, I have to assume he will one of these days... why else would they keep asking him?


October 29th, 2018 at 2:45 PM ^

The Positives:

1. Tarik Black dressed up and actually played a snap or two against MSU.

2. JBB walked off the field on his own.

3. Gary's mom reassured the fan base.

4. Two weeks to heal up before PSU.


The Negatives:

1. None that I can think of...


Go Blue!!!


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Feels like yesterday that black was just hurt and the world was ending.... Somehow everything was okay and we managed to do more than just survive. 

Next year our wide receiver unit will be LETHAL. Probably the best in the country 


October 29th, 2018 at 3:14 PM ^

So based on the insanely favorable response i got to my speculation regarding momma Gary's tweet last week I do believe I'll refrain from commenting here.



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Lots of football left to be played especially if UM makes it to the B10 championship then on to the CFP.  I can see Gary coming back and playing again after the PSU game - fingers crossed he is back for PSU though.   If Gary puts in a few solid games before OSU and has a monster game against OSU, then his draft status will go up.