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August 16th, 2016 at 10:39 PM ^

Its made up entirely of him talking about how awesome his show is when its just him talking, and people without real jobs talking trash to degenerates in other towns.

The only times I've liked his show are when Jay Mohr, or the Sklar Brothers hosted it.

Speaking of which, i think Jay Mohr has the most entertaining sports talk show on radio.


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whole board hates Rome. I can't figure it out. I think he has a good show and is consistently funny. He is a very good interviewer and gets top tier guests. This looks like an honest take to me. We may disagree with him and that's fine, but it is not like he was just dressing Harbaugh down, he was complimentary at times even. Harbaugh is not going to raise this much hell in the college football world and remain above reproach. He can also be really abrasive with the media and Rome probably has first hand experience from being in the Bay Area. I don't see this as a "hit job," but more of a reporter feeling a certain way about something and calling it how he sees it. We don't need to call the Wambulance for this one.

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And that's my biggest beef.
He went on a very long rant right before JH was hired, mocking UM fans saying we were like the geek in high school who got up the nerve to ask the prettiest girl to the dance, and then be all excited because we actually asked even though there was no way she would ever say yes.


August 17th, 2016 at 7:01 AM ^

He's nowhere near a reporter. Talking head with an opinion but by no means a reporter or journalist. I can't even imagine reading this site with the in depth content and then going to listen to someone like Jim Rome spew feelings and nonsense all over the place.


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I read the article and do not really see what the big deal is. Seems like a rehash of ideas people have been talking/posting/thinking about since it was rumored Harbaugh might come to Michigan.


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MGoDillon I don't want to shock you, but you've been in a coma for 10 years! To catch you up to speed, Michigan didn't play football for the last 10 years we just stopped after that pretty good 06 team, we have our first black president, and there are things called Twitter, snapchat and Instagram that you're gonna need some time to learn about. Also do NOT watch any news channel, everything is fine.

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There are two major sports radio stations in LA (ESPN and Fox Sports) and he's not on either of them. If CBS has a sports radio station in Los Angeles, they're a very small player. They don't carry any of the major sports teams (ESPN covers USC, Lakers, Rams and Angels and Fox covers Dodgers, Clippers and UCLA) and they don't advertise.


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When i still lived in the Detroit area 7 years ago i would occasionally inadvertently listen to his radio show and everytime i did i had no idea what the guy was talking about, it was like a different language full of inside jokes, word salads and new words introduced to the English language.