Harbaugh hits GQ magazine (Brian quoted numerous times)

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A really good summary of the past 9 months in Michigan football.  It's been wild, and the ride is just starting. Shoutout to Brian for his mention in the magazine:


"It doesn't make any sense, but it suddenly felt like everything was gonna be all right,” says Brian Cook, the founder and editor of MGoBlog. That after the roughest season in decades, "the football team was going to be okay. But also that my baby was going to be okay. It was a far more powerful feeling than it should be for something like football. Having this guy who just walks in the room and it’s like the sun—he has all this energy, and he wants to give it to you.” Much of the faith was derived from the fact that people saw in Coach Harbaugh an embodiment of everything they'd been sold about the university and the football program since they, like Cook, were kids. “Right away, in that very first presser, he makes a reference that’s a fallback to Bo. And Michigan is still hung up on Bo, will always be hung up on Bo, in a way that he’s even more outsized than I think you would expect.” What they saw in Jim, in other words, was the second coming of Bo.
"It's like simultaneous Sandlot and Rollerball," Cook says.
If it were Jim Harbaugh who developed the enlightened view on football's future—“What he says now about football,” Cook says, “is that it’s worth it”—who began preaching on its behalf instead of merely leaving it to advocates on the outside of the game looking in, it might have outsize influence.



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Harbaugh. Nobody can get enough of him. If he wins big his first year, he will continue to dominate the media. I am so glad we got him and still in disbelief. Let us bring pain to UTES. Go Blue!


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If Michigan had hired any other coach with a pro style offense, I would still be livid.  Harbaugh is one of two modern coaches who has proven he can succeed on a high level in both college and the NFL, the other being Pete Carroll.  And Harbaugh has done it without buying players like Carroll or like Saban does at Bama.  

Consequently, I am as excited as I have been about Michigan football in a long time.

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First line of the article:

The Big House, when empty, rises on all sides in limestone gray, like the machine-carved rock walls of a Midwestern quarry;

Limestone? That sounds more like the Horseshoe than the Big House.


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From the article "(Michigan won ten of its eleven national titles before 1949.)"

While that is true...It is soooo tiring to read asshats like this writer (Sparty much?) bring that up...as if to dismiss Michigan's ranking as the winningist program ever as being non-significant.

There is somethign to be said about consistency.   Consistent Winning and being a bitch to play against.

From 1969-2007 when Lloyd retired...Michigan was #1 in wins and #1 in winning percentage.  Not Ohio State, not Nebraska, not Alabama... MICHIGAN.

Yet these dumbass writers seem to think that a program like USC or LSU would be greater because they have had more recent national titles (most of them mythical by the way).


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Michigan finished #2 in the final AP/UPI polls in 1985 but they were the best team in college football that year. The hangover game against a 4-3 Illini team that ended 3-3 killed thier chances with the guys who look at records with hardly a glance at a teams season in context. Oklahoma won the title at 11-1 but 11-1-1 Michigan played by far the toughest schedule that year. A  few publications that looked more fully at the season than coaches or sportswriters placed them #1. I was a 19 year old sophomore that year and that final ranking hurt me as much as anything that happened in the last 7 years.


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This is a great piece, super well written, great quotes from all our favs. And it also manages to bring up something that maybe we don't want to be hearing this week, especially - the fact that this game is most likely, at least, destined for change over time. I kind of doubt that Harbaugh would be the messiah that this guy would have him be, and for now will continue with my guilty pleasures...


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That was a great piece, thx OP for posting.


Our coach is a force of nature.


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While this is eerily similar to the article that actually printed in GQ, this one is actually different.  The original unfortunately does not quote Brian, but does still quote JBB.