Harbaugh on The Herd - Round 2

Submitted by Cali Wolverine on February 5th, 2016 at 1:42 PM
Get ready...Coach Harbaugh will be on The Herd with Colin Cowherd in a few minutes on iheart radio. Should be fun?! EDIT: Total love fest. New bromance. Herd apologized for the disaster that took place last time over the phone interview. Colin sang praises of Michigan and kissed Harbaugh's ass since he was sitting across from him. It was awesome.



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Anecdote ----- I was in college at the time, we were up late drinking & watching a Braves/Padres baseball game from San Diego on ESPN.  ESPN broke into the game promoting "BREAKING NEWS involving Saints Quarterback Jim Everett, stay tuned for more details on SportsCenter after the game!!!!"

Of course, they had us hooked.  We stayed through the game then saw the fight that had occcurred over on ESPN's "other station."  It was great promotion for ESPN2, which had just started a couple months previous and was in barely any households at that time.

I do think that "fight" was a put-on, but it's still hilarious.  


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This video.  Jesus.  It's like clown porn.  No matter how many times I see it, I can't wait for the next opportunity to see it again.

On a side note, I always hoped they showed the angle of Rome in the fetal position sucking his thumb.


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I've always thought that was staged.  For an enraged man, Everett seems to be going through the motions during the "fight" at the end.

It was a great publicity stunt for Rome and ESPN2.




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It's true.  Cowherd asked a couple odd questions ("is Michigan a buy?" or something to that effect was a bit odd and threw Harbaugh for a loop) but Harbaugh just didn't want to have anything to do with it, so why even do it?!


Oh NO he didn't..Neg him!


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Cowherd was being his snarky, pompous self and Harbaugh owned him.  For the weeks and months that followed, Cowherd leveraged that interaction on his show and during recruiting -- the tree climbing and sleepovers -- he began to get behind Harbaugh and Michigan.

No shock that today's interview would be nothing more than kissing up.


Love Harbaugh and how he owns the assclowns in the media.


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I'm referring to the first interview ...and things like 'buying or selling' straight out of the ESPN book of words ..

He was glib and snide and Harbaugh overly sincere and deliberate which caught cowherd off guard. Now all these months later he's sucking up to Coach.

Love it.


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Harbaugh simply thought Cowherd was asking stupid questions--some of which were personal and had practically nothing to do with football ("are you always intense?").  

Most coaches probably find stuff like this to be a necessary evil at best--for a guy who tries every single day to be better than he was the day before, wasting time on empty chit chat must be hell.  


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I just watched the entire first interview again.  Cowherd was welcoming, and even noticeably excited about the interview, Harbaugh was not on board.  Even the moment of "confrontation" came when Harbaugh cut him off and was like "is this like 20 questions or something that you play when you are a kid."  I think that Cowherd was more than willing before that to just let the interview suck and go on about his business but he really couldn't after that.  When Coach said "what can I do to make your interview better" Cowherd had to cut him, he had no choice.

Hail Harbo

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Coward had just spent the last five years or so bashing Michigan and hammered Harbaugh for the entire month of December prior to this interview.  He even went so far as to guarantee Harbaugh would never return to Ann Arbor much less as the HC of his alma mater.  Put in that context almost anything Cowturd would ask or say to Harbaugh is akin to putting a match to a fuze.

If Cowpie really wanted the first interview to work he could have and should have started it off with a crow eating mea culpa.


February 5th, 2016 at 2:14 PM ^

accepted the job like a week before the interview.  What "prep" was really necessary?  There were 750 questions that he could have asked and I am sure he could have managed 6 or 7 but he got stonewalled on the first two, one of which was just kind of a hello-how-ya-doin throw away question.


February 5th, 2016 at 2:28 PM ^

Not sure what your point is. I'm just posting what he actually said.

He said he didn't do prep and they both took blame for the first interview.. I have no clue how Cowherd should do his job. Seems like you have a better grasp of what it takes to make a good interview.


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actual information is conveyed in those interviews man.  Really, people tune into The Heard to get valuable in-depth "analysis" of sports?  You think they should have gotten into whether Derrick Green was going to be able to take the torch at running back or if Harbaugh was going to run an aggressive blitzing defense?  Come on.  Harbaugh was not happy about being on the show for whatever reason and it was pretty clear.  What questions would have been the right questions?

Mabel Pines

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First, I didn't think it was that bad.  Second, I didn't think Cowherds responses and questions were great.  He was the trained interviewer, he should have been able to save that.  Either way, that chump Cowherd is eating crow.  Remember the effect that the first interview was going to have on recruiting???  LOL, jerk.

Its me Dave

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Cowherd did absolutely nothing to feel out Harbaugh at the start of that infamous interview.  No intros, no "how ya doing", no "what's up.  Cowherd immediately launched right into questions with a rapid, tone deaf pace which Harbaugh obviously found offputting.

From what I've seen, Harbaugh first wants ot establish rapport, then maybe he'll loosen up and answer questions.  He might let you talk with him, but he'll never let you talk at him.

The Mad Hatter

February 5th, 2016 at 2:49 PM ^

Albeit in a somewhat different context, and you're exactly right.  Cowherd shit the bed right off the bat the last time around.

You always start off and interview by trying to make your subject feel relaxed and comfortable, then build up to the confrontation.  Also, asking open-ended questions and letting the subject riff on them for a while is a good way to go.

OC Alum91

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Cowheard was trying to build rapport, but started off on the wrong foot. He asked something like "when are you soft, when are you a cupcake.?" Then he asked "feels like big ten is a 'buy'"'--not a clear question. could be interpreted as "bye"-as in a bye week, not good competition. Harbaugh frequently responds to weird questions with silence. I think a lot of nonverbal communication was lost. Miscommunication due to phone interview. Cowherd like to butter up his guests, and he got flustered when Harbaugh didn't reaponf like his guests usually do. I think he gave up too quickly.


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At least Cowherd admitted that he was not prepared for his earlier interview with JH.  Still think the guy is a douche, but he called himself out on the carpet a bit, so props for that.

He has certainly jumped on the maize & blue bandwagon, whether he is welcome or not.