Harbaugh has opinions about Dantonio

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Some fire here.  Seems as if coach Harbaugh doesn't care much for Dantonio's shade.



@CoachJim4UM: Saw Coach D comments on continuing to "focus" on how "he" can beat Michigan. Congrats on turning around a 3-9 team, plagued with off field issues. Good for BIG to have him back.



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Two ranked teams that had objectively better seasons makes for a more interesting game than two teams that aren't ranked, doesn't have a Mike Leach coached team and features two teams that won a collective 3 games over team with winning records.


I meant better more interesting game from a neautral fan standpoint.  Michigan will probably get more viewers because we have a much larger fanbase and south carolina has a bigger fanbase than washington state, but if you ask any non-alum/fan of the teams involved they will tell you the msu/wsu is a more interesting game.


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that they were passed over by the Outback in favor of us. A bowl had the choice between two teams and didn't pick them despite being ranked, having the better record and winning the head-to-head.

It wouldn't matter if the bowl was played in Chernobyl.  If the Radiation Bowl picked someone else over them, they'd be upset (as any team probably would, but they should be used to it and understand those are consequences of playing for MSU).

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By "non-alum/fan" I assume you mean a neutral college football fan with no rooting interest for any of the four mentioned teams.  If that's the case, no way in hell are average fans more interested in Michigan State/Washington State just because they won one (1) more game than Michigan/South Carolina. 


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in terms of matchup of participants. It's two ranked, 9-3 teams.  For college football fans without any feelings about any of those four participants, their game would be more appealing to watch.  But since a lot more people have feelings about our program compared to MSU, more will watch our game, and that's why we're in the Outback bowl.


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those rankings next to team names are pretty powerful when people are flipping through channels or looking at the days games deciding what they want to watch.  There's a reason the networks include them.  It's a quantifiable bump.  Neutral fans care more about and more more likely to watch games between ranked teams than non-ranked teams, all else equal.  No denying that.


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"All is equal"? What does that even mean when absolutely nothing else can be equal?
The casual fan will always watch Michigan play over a ranked Northern Illinois team because they know Michigan, and subconsciously want to see them win/lose. They watch Northern Illinois because they're the only game on, hence those bowls being played on December 28th. Michigan St is Northern Illinois.

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Let's look at MSU:

Exciting offense/defense or any star players on any side of the ball? No, no and no.

Interesting coach? Nope.

Tradition? Not outside EL. And the last ten years (notwithstanding last year's 3-9) puts them with folks like Oregon or Boise St. That's not exactly appointment television.

They have a 9-3 record. Nobody gives a shit about Michigan State. Except Michigan State.


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If Dantonio didn’t always sound like a whiny bitch, maybe he could actually have a better burn. Until then, he will always sound like a petulant child pissed off about not getting enough attention. The reality is, this is what he signed up for and this is how it will always be. It doesn’t matter how they perform, Michigan will always be a bigger story. If he wants beating Michigan to be his biggest achievement, then he’s at the perfect spot. He should leave if he wants to get out of Michigan’s shadow, but he won’t. He will go down as MSU’s greatest coach in their history and no one outside of east Lansing will care. I would say I feel bad for him because he is a great coach, but he always sounds like such a whiny bitch, so I really don’t care too much about it


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but pop goes any gamemanship. Michigan didn't have a choice about where it was going and quite frankly, bowl games are all about attendance and ratings.

So, Michigan gets the ABC lead-in game to the playoff games and Michigan State gets a nice stay in San Diego for the holidays Dantonio can focus on whatever he wants in relation to not getiting a New Years game, but MSU's win over Michigan in a monsoon by a 14-10 margin is hardly breathtaking nationally.

Guess what, MSU doesn't draw as well as Michigan and doesn't resonate with viewers nationally and therefore will always get whatever it gets based on choice by others. This isn't arrogance, it's a common sense decision based on numbers over time.

Michigan-Ohio State was the all-time highest rated college football game ever on FOX and then MSU played Rutgers and hoped tp kleep some residual audience for that crap matchup.

Guess what, Dantonio aside, and MSU's recent success over Michigan aside, Dantonio has still not won anything on a national level. Until he does, I guess focusing on Michigan is the closest achievement to winning on that scale.

But the truth is, Michigan has earned its popularity and MSU, not so much. So there you have it, the real BURN in the back and forth on getting a New Yeqr's Day game.


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Normally I may agree about not responding to petty comments. However, Dantonio is a smug prick who goes out of his way to try and take little shots at Michigan whenever possible. I am glad Harbaugh let him have it. And he is 100% right. We hear nothing but Harbaugh being a failure from the outside because he only went 8-4 this year while still trying to get his program established. Meanwhile, Dantonio just went 3-9 in his 10th season and has had off-field issues the whole time he's been there. Screw him.


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Would have also loved to hear him say something like "now if MD can just beat the 'empy' out of those seats, the bowls would be able to expect fans to actually show up."

If you don't like your bowl selection as a fanbase, go to your own damn home games and show that you'll, you know, actually go through the effort of going to a game.  That place only fills up for rivalry games.  


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I don’t think I’m a concern troll but maybe I am because I don’t see how saying if we had a better qb we would’ve won is a good argument. I agree with the fluke punt and monsoon but better players is a poor reason.

Has Dantonio responded? If not, I hope he doesn’t think he’s taking the high road. That’s hard to do after throwing the first punch...although it was a little poke, which is his style.